Waiter Refuses To Serve Cop, Manager Steps In


Refusal Of Service

The officer stopped by the fast food window. He was exhausted after working for 13 hours, and all he wanted was a quick and easy meal. The young man manning that window gave him a quick glance before backing away and spouting something to the officer.

However, the officer couldn’t hear him as he had his window closed. The man eventually approached the officer, and he told him he couldn’t hear what he was saying. (eurohoops.net) After giving him a disapproving look, he said, “I ain’t serving no police,” and shut the window. The officer was speechless.

High School Sweethearts

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Scott Naff believed he was a lucky man. He met the woman of his dreams in high school, and they were still going strong. She supported his dreams of becoming a police officer and always encouraged him to follow his heart.

When she learned about what transpired at the fast food restaurant, her blood was boiling. Her husband put his life on the line every single day of his life, and to be repaid in such an unfair manner did not sit right with her.

He Was Well Liked

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The people in the community adored Scott Naff. He always lent a helping hand, and all the children wanted to grow up to be just like him.

He always did what was necessary, and he never broke any rules. Even though he had a prestigious status in the community, he never took advantage of it. However, despite all of that, he occasionally found himself the target of hostility.

What Was Important To Him

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A cop like Scott had been married almost as long as he worked. Both his marriage and job were important to him.

He and his wife, Cathy Naff, had an unbreakable connection, and they were both very supportive of each other. When she learned how the employee treated her husband because he was a cop, she realized that they needed to take action.

A Long Day


Scott had a difficult and long day at work. Recently, Scott needed to work longer hours, so he decided that he deserved his favorite meal after a long shift.

He had just finished his 13-hour shift when he drove to the fast food restaurant. He thought about what he was going to treat himself to, and he could barely hide his excitement. But he never imagined that his day would become a disaster.

Taken Aback

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Officer Scott was stunned, and he could not think of an appropriate response. He pulled up to the window to get his meal, but the employee he was being greeted by was having none of it.

The server didn’t want to give Scott his meal even though he had paid for it. What was happening? The policeman was speechless.

Visibly Upset


The young man who was meant to be serving Police Scott was clearly upset and appeared to be afraid of the officer. Has Scott ever had a bad experience with him? Was he previously arrested?

The worker initially remained silent. He only wanted to stay away from the officer at all costs. Nobody understood why he reacted the way he did. Scott started to feel concerned.

His Favorite Spot

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The fast food establishment belonged to Scott’s favorite chain of restaurants. And because it was on his route home from work, that specific place was the one he frequented the most.

But after that horrific encounter, he resolved never to go back there and to avoid the restaurant chain altogether. Never in his life did he experience treatment like this.

What Was The Problem?

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The uniform was the main problem. The officer noticed that the young worker was uneasy and irate because of his outfit. He was squirming and restless because he was unsure about how to behave in front of the government official.

He eventually exited the back, leaving Scott in his vehicle while he awaited his meal. He was perplexed and unsure of why no one was bringing him food.

His Announcement

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Scott was in his police car and wearing his badge. After paying for his meal, he moved on to the following window. The young man manning that window looked him a brief glance before turning around and whispering something to the officer.

Scott asked him to repeat what he said, and the man responded with, “I ain’t serving no police,” and shut the window. The man then announced to everyone in the restaurant, including the manager, that he would not assist the police officer. What made him do that?

The Manager Comes

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The employees stared at Scott, trying to figure out what they should do. After all, he had paid for his food, but no one wanted to give it to him. The manager did nothing to help the situation.

It’s amazing that people can act this way but even more shocking that the manager allowed him to continue with his antics. Scott knew at that point that he would never visit that Mcdonald’s again.

Getting His Food

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Finally, another guy brought the food to the cop without saying a single word. As Scott pulled around the building, a gentleman who was in the McDonald’s at the time approached his car and told him how he had never seen anything like this.

He said the distressed employee had told the manager that she could fire him, but he wasn’t going to “serve the police.”


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Scott’s wife shared the entire story on the internet. The post quickly spread on social media, causing outrage among thousands of people.

This was such an eye-opener for the family as to what the people who protect the citizens have to go through on a daily basis. They put their lives on the line for others each and every day, and they still get treated with disrespect.

Official Statement


The entire situation had reached even some local newspapers and media companies, prompting McDonald’s to issue a statement in response.

“At our restaurants, we are dedicated to serving all of our customers, including the police officers who protect and serve our communities,” the fast food chain said in the statement. “We are conducting a full investigation into this matter and will take appropriate actions.”


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Immediately after this happened, Scott emailed a complaint to corporate. Later that night, he received a standard email back thanking him for his concern. The cop then called the franchise owner, who said they would look into this.

They called Scott back five hours later and said they had let the young man go, but the manager said she knew nothing about this.