Top 5 Ways to Rock Fashion Week Style on a Budget

What does your ensemble say about you? We express ourselves with what we wear, and our style communicates something about us to the rest of the world. And with Fashion Week set to showcase spring trends in February, fashionistas everywhere are figuring out how to incorporate new fads into their wardrobe without spending high-fashion cash.

Four major fashion weeks, known as the “Big 4” will take place in New York, ParisLondon and Milan. We looked into what kinds of designs are hitting the runway and how to mimic those chic looks without breaking the bank. High-fashion designers have started to tailor their beautiful creations with every body type in mind: tall, short, curvy, thin. Anyone can take the fabrics, concepts and colors that are making the biggest splash this spring, make them their own and look great doing it!

Here are the top five ways to rock Fashion Week style on a budget.


5.) Dashing in Dark Denim

Designers such as Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein and Tom Ford are gaga for dark denim. Take a cue from the experts and incorporate dark denim into your wardrobe without the couture price tag. Go old-school with a button-fly flare or new-school with a basic mid-rise skinny at stores like Modcloth. The possibilities are endless, and from jackets to jeans to skirts, dark wash denim seems to be a hit, both on the runway and down the street. You can easily make the style your own by shredding jeans or mixing and matching to better showcase your own personal style. The possibilities seem endless …