Farrah Abraham: 5 Misconceptions About Me

It hasn’t been all glitz and glam for Farrah Abraham. Now 22 years old and an aspiring model and actress, Farrah first appeared on TV when she was only 16 as part of the MTV show “16 & Pregnant” and its spin-off “Teen Mom.” Although the final season of the show aired in June of last year, Farrah has continued to make tabloid headlines appearing in numerous websites and magazine covers. Farrah also has a book and album both titled “My Teenage Dream Ended” and has a reality TV show in the works that will show her focusing on not only her 4-year-old daughter Sophia, but her career in the culinary arts.

Despite all the positives, the following are the most common misconceptions Farrah sees the media make about her life.

5 I’m Mean

Reality Tea

“Again, I think this is by the negative stories made up in tabloids but everyone is allowed to defend themselves. I have my counselor to keep me in check regarding my emotions and I have very good self-control, and overall I like to be a positive nice person. To me being mean gets you nowhere.”

4 I Make Up Stories for Tabloids

“I have no need to be in the news as all reports are misconstrued and negative, so reporters make up stories for tabloids not me. One of the worst tabloids I read was a cover of OK! saying I’m pregnant after I had a surgery.”

3 My Parents Are Close to Me

“My parents are close to me, no matter how much I try in my relationship with them, my parents are the reason why we are not closer as a family. There is much more with my relationship with my parents than what is shown in media—years of more issues.”

2 I’m a Porn Star

“I’m a porn star, because I had sex with a boyfriend and taped it and then got the upper hand in a fight and sold rights to Vivid, rather than giving everyone a free show. I only wanted to make one video for myself, and I never need to make another one again.”

1 I’m a Bad Mother

“Given [the viewers] have seen struggling times on MTV’s Teen Mom and negative tabloids. I ignore them because comments I see are based off of lies, as well I try to keep positive on my social media. For myself, I personally do counseling regularly to stay realistic about life.”



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