Farmer Thinks Hen Has Laid Eggs, Comes Closer And Sees What She’s Protecting

This farmer knew his animals quite well because what he discovered wasn’t by chance, it was by his connection to his animals.


A farmer is usually quite in touch with his animals as well as his crops. This farmer knew his animals quite well because what he discovered wasn’t by chance.

It was by his connection to his animals.


Thinking about a farm, one usually thinks about chickens, goats, sheep, and possibly a couple of pigs and lots of dogs.

This farmer came across something amazingly interesting when a hen was acting peculiar.


A chicken isn’t the most cuddly animal, but they sure are friendly and when you have food for them even more so.

These independent birds that lay delicious eggs can also surprise you, as you are about to find out.


This particular hen, who is the farm rebel and always manages to escape to follow the farmer around on his afternoon chores, started to act differently.

How did the chicken’s behavior suddenly change? And why?


It was strange to the farmer that the hen had decided to sit in a different place to its usual spot. But he didn’t take much note of that.

He also then noticed that the hen was sitting frozen in the same place for the entire day.


The particular hen couldn’t lay her own eggs, so it was unusual for her to sit in one place if she wasn’t incubating eggs.

Then what exactly was it that this hen was doing? She was incubating something.


The farmer thought he would take a closer look. When he got close enough to see what was going on he couldn’t believe what he saw.

One of the nearby cats had given birth, and what the farmer found astonished him. What did the hen have?


The hen was guarding several baby kittens. The hen was being a good mother, she was just keeping them warm and safe while the mother was away.

It’s incredibly sweet how animals can go out of their way for each other.