Family Steals Entire Candy Bowl, Finds Out What Sign In Front Yard Means


A Pilfering Party

He watched their little hands dig into the bowel. Their little fingers groped at the free candy. They grabbed what they could. Pieces of candy and chocolate were falling on the floor.

The leader, who looked like an adult, was encouraging them to take everything. A little boy let out a wild howl as he ran away.

Another one stood on an opened Mars bar and left a stained trail of chaos behind on the porch.

His Days Are Over


Arthur Kingsley, a retired veteran, lived in a quaint house at the end of Elm Street, in an Ohio suburb. His years out in the field had weathered his body and his mind.

The other houses in the neighborhood seemed to shy away from him, casting shadows on the worn wooden fence that surrounded his property.

He was always in an angry mood and he scared the children away.

Who He Was


There were a few older people in the area who knew him and his wife, Bertha, who passed away ten years ago.

Locals spoke of him in hushed tones, referring to him as the “Grumpy Kingsley” who rarely exchanged pleasantries with the neighbors.

However, there was one night when the atmosphere around his house changed—a night that brought out the mischievous glint in his eyes.

In His Day


As a retired war veteran, 80-year-old Arthur spent most of his days in solitude, content with the echoes of his past and the quiet routine of his present. He wasn’t particularly friendly with his neighbors, earning a reputation as the grumpy old man of the neighborhood.

However, there was one night each year that brought a mischievous glint to his eyes – Halloween.

He made it the one night of the year that he would socialize with his neighbors.

The Best Holiday


Halloween had arrived, and Arthur decided to break his solitude for the sake of tradition. He placed a large bowl of candy on his porch, strategically positioned beneath the flickering glow of a dim lantern.

This year, he was determined to enjoy the festivities in his own way, without the intrusion of incessant doorbell rings.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, he settled into his favorite armchair, waiting in the dimly lit room. Who would be the first trick-or-treater?

Trick Or Treat


The first trick-or-treaters cautiously approached the porch, their laughter echoing through the chilly autumn air. A little witch with a broomstick tiptoed toward the candy bowl, her eyes wide with anticipation.

Arthur watched from the shadows, silently relishing the innocent joy on the children’s faces.

“Thank you, mister!” the little witch exclaimed, and Arthur grunted in response.

About The Night


As the night unfolded, more children visited his porch, each greeted with an aloof acknowledgment. However, the atmosphere was far from typical.

Arthur never opened his door. He watched the children through his window. The air crackled with an eerie tension, leaving the children casting wary glances over their shoulders.

What strange antics did the young night hold?

Passing His House


The night wore on, and the neighborhood grew quiet. Arthur, hidden in the shadows, heard the distant rustle of leaves and the occasional hoot of an owl.

Just when he thought the night was over, a group of older kids approached, their footsteps echoing through the deserted street.

Was this the Halloween festivity he was waiting for?

A Grim Figure


A tall figure, disguised as a ghoul, reached for the candy bowl. Arthur’s heart quickened as he observed them, feeling a sense of foreboding.

The ghoul turned toward the door, and Arthur could sense a mischievous smirk beneath the mask. Did he know that somebody was watching him?

Or did he feel guilty for taking so many chocolate bars?

Taking Notice


Arthur watched through the peephole. “Hey, old man, nice candy setup you got here,” the ghoul said, his voice dripping with arrogance.

Arthur’s eyes narrowed, but he remained silent. The group exchanged glances, daring each other to test the limits. One of them, a boy with a devilish grin, pointed at Arthur’s window.

“Let’s see if he’s watching,” he whispered, as the others giggled in agreement.

Prying Eyes


The tension in the air thickened as the ghoul approached the window, peering inside. Arthur held his breath, his eyes locked with the intruders. “Boo!” he said softly.

The boy’s face turned pale, and he stumbled backward, muttering something about the old man’s eyes.

Arthur had more than scared them off, he scarred them, as they ran off screaming into the night.

The First Prank


There wasn’t much time for him to catch his breath before the next group of daring devils came along. The group hastily grabbed handfuls of candy and fled into the night, leaving Arthur alone with his silent victory. He chuckled to himself, savoring the thrill of the prank.

As he gazed at the now-empty candy bowl, a sense of satisfaction washed over him.

Halloween was almost over but he wasn’t. He had another trick up his sleeve.

Feeling Young Again


The night had brought an unexpected camaraderie, even if only through shared glances and unspoken agreements. Arthur Kingsley, the grumpy old man, found solace in the simple joy of Halloween pranks.

The old man refilled his outside candy bowl with various kinds of special sweets. With a satisfied grin, he settled back into his armchair, content to watch the echoes of laughter fade into the night as the neighborhood returned to its slumber.

Little did Arthur know that his night was about to take a turn for the worst.

Far From Over


It was getting late, but the night was far from over for the old man. Arthur was well aware of his reputation around the neighborhood. Other than his wife, no one on his street truly knew him.

But his neighbors were about to meet a version of the man that they never knew existed.

You see, Arthur had a plan in mind for this very night, and he couldn’t wait any longer. As the hours ticked by, his anticipation only grew.

A Special Suprise 


There was a reason why Arthur only ever socialized with his neighbors over Halloween.

It was his favorite time of the year, and although he would never admit this aloud, he liked treating the neighborhood children.

But there was one part of Halloween that he despised, and that was the thieves who emptied his candy bowl when no one was looking. But this year, he had a special surprise planned just for them.

Opportunity Seekers 


As the night went on, Arthur’s stoic demeanor cracked a smile as he reveled in his plan.

He knew that at any moment, someone would step right into his trap, and he would be there, watching from the window.

It usually occurred once the majority of the trick-or-treaters called it a night. That was when the thieves came out, looking for an opportunity to steal the leftovers.

A Warning Sign


Arthur had always placed the bowl of candy right outside of his front door. He preferred the trick-or-treaters to help themselves, avoiding the annoyance of a continuous doorbell ring. But this usually meant that they got away with emptying the bowl into their bags. 

In previous years, he’d tried to stop this trend with a warning sign.

The sign clearly stated, “Please, only one piece of candy per CHILD.” But every year, someone would ignore his warning sign. This year, they wouldn’t get away with it. 

Make Them Pay


Arthur had spent the entire week planning his revenge. He was trying to do something nice and thoughtful for the neighborhood children, but every time, someone would take advantage of his generosity. 

He brought his cup of tea up to his lips as he sat in the dark, waiting for someone to overstep his boundaries.

This year, he was going to make them pay.

A Strange Sound


While Arthur ruminated on the past in his chair in the dark, he was in another world. Unfortunately for the old man, his hearing wasn’t as sharp as it used to be.

The old man was too lost in thought to be searching his surroundings.

Veiled in darkness, something was on the hunt tonight, and it wouldn’t take just one piece of candy.

A Creature In The Dark


Arthur sat in the darkness and stared out at the neighborhood as children ran by, screaming and having fun.

But he hadn’t expected something to come from behind him. His military training was long lost, and his senses were dulled by age.

The creature was getting closer, drawn by the darkness of his house. Most other people had their lights on to drive it away, but Arthur had no idea what was lurking nearby.

Coming Up From The Dark


The old man didn’t hear anything creeping up at first, but as it got closer, he finally heard it. His senses snapped back to reality as he wondered what had found him. 

He listened out for the sound, and there it was again. It was the sound of creaking on the floorboards above his head.

His old house was built with wooden floorboards – a blessing and a curse.

Hearing Everything


The old man could hear everything that happened in his house. That meant it wasn’t good for privacy, but that also meant that he noticed any intruders in his house.

Now that he knew there was an intruder, he went through the necessary steps to route it out.

The old man slowly got up off of his chair and headed for the drawer on his left – it was his first safety cache in case things went wrong.

Arming Himself


He pulled a necklace from around his neck – an old antiquated key hung from the chain. He slotted it into the locked drawer and heard a satisfying click.

He pulled the drawer open and grabbed the dark polymer object that was hidden within.

He now stood frozen in the darkness of his own home. He needed to find the light switch. He felt the wall as he walked, but he had no idea what was going to happen next.

Nothing Happened


Finally, his hand made contact with the switch, and he flicked it on. But nothing happened – his power was out. He was shrouded in darkness, and he only knew one way to get out.

He went back to the drawer, got out an old flashlight, and lit up his walls with it.

He knew he’d have to venture outside and leave both his candy bowl and his home vulnerable.

Going Outside


The old man approached his back door and slowly opened it. He looked out at the dark lawn as he crept towards his garage, where the breaker was. But that’s when he noticed that something was very wrong.

He saw that the garage door was slightly open. He hadn’t left it like that. He would have remembered.

He raised his firearm as he pulled the door up the remaining way and walked inside.

The Breaker


That’s when he noticed the chaos inside. His tools had been knocked onto the floor, and even a can of paint spilled. The breaker switch was also flipped off. He sighed to himself as he muttered, “Damn, kids.”

But the old man had no idea that it wasn’t just pranksters.

He walked back inside the house and now had some light. He investigated the rest of his house and found an open window, which he shut. He just thought it was a big prank – he was wrong.

A Scare


The man sat back down and continued to dwell in his thoughts while he waited for the next kid to arrive. But it wasn’t going to be a child. After five minutes, he saw a horrific sight.

Something jumped out in front of the porch and started grabbing the candy.

Arthur had no idea what it was. He ran out to confront it. That’s when he saw the fur. What kind of creature was it?

A Raccoon


He lit it up with his flashlight and saw the beady eyes and the pattern on its face. It was just a raccoon. He scared the animal off and sat back down. 

He thought about it for a while and realized that it must have been making the noises earlier. It was also what must have trashed his garage. But the night wasn’t over yet.

He still wanted to achieve his prank.

The People Of The Area


As the night fell, shadows danced across Arthur’s porch. He peered through the curtains, observing the polite children and their creative costumes. 

Some even greeted him with cheerful voices through the door. But then, he noticed a disturbance – a large group approaching, a mix of children and adults of all ages and sizes. It looked like a joined family.

Arthur knew they were trouble.

The Group


Arthur watched from his window, his eyes narrowing in on the large group of strangers. He didn’t recognize them, but he had a bad feeling in his gut.

The old man didn’t move from his seat as he watched them approach with cautious eyes.

He could tell from a mile away that they were troublemakers. Arthur tried to suppress a grin. Were they going to stop into his trap?



As the group drew closer, Arthur could hear their harsh whispers. Their footsteps were loud and obnoxious on his front porch, but they had no idea they were being watched.

Arthur tried to listen in on their conversation, but they were speaking in a foreign language.

What were they talking about? Were they planning to empty the bowl, just like every year before? Arthur couldn’t wait for someone to make such an awful mistake.

A Costly Lesson


Arthur placed his cup of tea down on the table beside him and rubbed his hands together. Every year, he had placed the bowl in the same spot, unsupervised.

He thought his neighbors could be trusted to follow his instructions, but he was wrong.

He despised their greedy behavior, but this time around, he was going to teach them a costly lesson.

Leaning Forward


The old man leaned forward in his seat and watched as one of the adults stepped up to the bowl first.

The woman looked around herself, checking to see if anyone was watching. She was unaware of the icy blue eyes following her every move.

Then, they stuck their hand into the bowl, grabbing a fistful of delicious treats. She had no idea what was about to happen to her.

Watching Closely


Arthur watched like a hawk from his window. He couldn’t believe that an adult woman had ignored his sign and did something so selfish.

The treats were meant for the neighborhood children, not their parents.

As she began eating the candy, Arthur noticed her eyes on the sign, but she didn’t seem to care whatsoever.

More Hungry Mouths


The sign seemed invisible to this unruly bunch.

They all stormed onto the porch, ignoring the implied limit of one candy per child. He watched as each of them stepped up to the bowl and grabbed multiple pieces of candy.

He couldn’t believe that they were being so selfish. But luckily, they wouldn’t get away with it. They deserved what was about to happen.

A Trick


Arthur couldn’t help but chuckle to himself as he watched their greedy hands disappear into the bowl. They were having the time of their lives, stuffing their faces and laughing about it.

Arthur couldn’t stop thinking that these people were about to experience a Halloween trick they would never forget.

He watched as they grabbed at the pieces of candy specifically prepared for them. But what did Arthur do to the candy bars?

Greedy Goblins


The group, oblivious to the impending surprise, ransacked the bowl, each hand greedily grabbing handfuls of sweets. Not only was it the children, but their parents were partaking too.

“Take it all,” one boy said as he stuffed his mouth while he filled his loot bag.

Arthur was appalled by their gluttonous behavior, but he knew that in just a moment, they would learn their lesson.

No Respect 


If only they had respected the old man’s sign, none of this would have happened.

Laughter and excited chatter filled the air as they snatched the entire bowl along with them.

Arthur’s amusement grew as he anticipated the shock that awaited them. They wouldn’t know what hit them. It was only a matter of time.

One Batch 


Arthur had always assumed that teenagers were responsible, but now, it was clear that the adults didn’t respect his rules either. He was disgusted.

He watched the bowl grow emptier by the second. He had spent nearly $100 on bags of candy, and now, he was watching one family devour the treats in record time.

But one batch was different from the rest.

The Unseen Consequence


Little did the greedy group know, Arthur had prepared a special batch of candies for just such an occasion. He arose from his seat and stared. After only a minute, the bowl was empty.

The children and their parents were laughing about their accomplishments as they began clearing off Arthur’s porch.

They were stuffing handfuls of candy corn and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups down their throats, unaware of what they had gotten themselves into.

A Reaction 


Arthur’s eyes never left them. He knew what was about to happen, and he wouldn’t miss it for anything.

As they triumphantly made their way down the street, indulging in their ill-gotten gains, an unexpected reaction began to unfold.

They didn’t know what was about to happen. Arthur had many tricks up his sleeve.



A rush of excitement pumped through Arthur’s veins. He hadn’t done anything like this in forever. Back in his younger years, he got up to all kinds of shenanigans. 

With age, he became more tame. But now, it was Halloween, and if they were going to take advantage of his treats, they would have to deal with his tricks.

He watched with a grin as chaos erupted before his very eyes. 

A Prankster At Heart


Arthur was a prankster at heart, and he remembered that he and his friends were the kings of pranks back in his day.

None of them were cruel but they found funny ways to get a good laugh out of people.

It was never his intention to harm anyone. Ever since his wife passed on, all he wanted was to bring back some laughter in his life again.

The Last Laugh 


For years, Arthur had let his neighbors walk all over him.

Once a year, he liked to do something nice for his street, but they always ended up ruining it for the old man. But this year would be different. 

Arthur was going to get the last laugh no matter what. He had come up with the perfect plan to get back at his neighbors. 

Loved Halloween


Halloween was the one holiday he loved, and he knew that he could get a kick out of the neighborhood kids falling victim to his pranks.

Every year, he spent months thinking about what he was going to do.

It was nothing evil, but he wanted to make sure that his pranks were good nonetheless.

Something Different


This year, he had thought of something very different, and he hoped that he would be able to pull it off.

Hopefully, he would be able to get everything he needed for the prank.

Throughout the years, he had observed how some kids would be very selfish and took more candy than they were supposed to, especially from the bowls he would put out.

They Didn’t Know Him


It irked him, and he wished that they would have a bit more courtesy and manners for other trick-or-treaters.

Well, this year, he was going to change that.

The group who had just visited his house and plundered the bowl of candy didn’t know who they had gone up against. Arthur sat back and waited.

The Second Prank


Inside, he watched from the safety of his living room as the thieving group triumphantly paraded down the street. However, their mirthful celebration was short-lived.

Unbeknownst to them, Arthur had rigged the candy bowl with a harmless yet startling surprise.

Were the trick-or-treaters in danger? What was going to happen to them next?

Spooky Hands


Suddenly, a cacophony of laughter erupted from the group as they realized their hands were covered in a harmless but perplexing substance – glow-in-the-dark paint. The once jubilant atmosphere turned into a chaotic mix of confusion and amusement.

The glow-in-the-dark hands created an unintentional Halloween spectacle, drawing attention from neighbors and passersby.

They screamed as they ran down the street as though they were hired to perform a special spooky act.

The Unexpected Show


The glow-in-the-dark hands left streaks of luminescence in the night, transforming the unruly group into unintentional performers in a bizarre Halloween spectacle. The neighborhood initially shrouded in silence, erupted in laughter and applause.

As the group scampered away, their cries echoed through the streets, each step leaving a glowing trail behind them. Arthur couldn’t help but chuckle at the unexpected turn of events.

It was a prank gone right, and he reveled in the sight of the colorful chaos he had orchestrated.

The Talk Of The Town


The incident became the talk of the town for days. The once arrogant group of candy thieves was now humbled by the consequences of their greed. >

Arthur’s reputation as the grumpy old man took an unexpected turn, and the community saw him in a new light – a mischievous prankster with a lesson to teach.

Children now approached his house with a mix of excitement and caution, unsure of what tricks awaited them. The glow-in-the-dark hands incident became a cautionary tale, a legend passed down from one Halloween to the next.

A Community United


In an ironic twist, Arthur found himself at the center of a newly formed camaraderie. The glow-in-the-dark prank had brought the community together, fostering a sense of unity and shared laughter.

Neighbors who once avoided him now greeted him with smiles, appreciating the cleverness of his annual antics.

Arthur, still chuckling at the memory, continued to watch the Halloween festivities from his porch, surrounded by a newfound warmth and connection with the people he had once regarded as strangers.

Not Causing Harm


Little did the unruly group know that Arthur’s intention was not to cause harm but to impart a lesson about greed and the consequences of taking more than one deserved. 

The price they paid was not just the laughter of the town but a lasting reminder that Halloween pranks could carry unexpected repercussions.

Hopefully, they had learned their lesson.



As the night settled into a quiet calm, Arthur reflected on the events.

The glow-in-the-dark hands had faded, but the glow of newfound community spirit remained, illuminating the once-dim corners of his solitary life.

Arthur was proud that his prank had actually worked on them and left an indelible mark on the people of the community.



Arthur, hidden in the shadows, couldn’t contain his laughter. He felt a sense of satisfaction as the group dispersed, their glow-in-the-dark hands waving frantically.

A few members of the group glanced back at Arthur’s house with a mix of embarrassment and amusement.

Arthur quickly closed his curtain and let out a humongous guffaw, he hadn’t laughed like that in years.

Well Done Old Man


One particularly bold teenager approached Arthur’s porch, wiping the glow-in-the-dark paint from his hands onto his costume. “Nice one, old man!” he called out, a smirk on his face.

Surprisingly, Arthur found himself nodding in acknowledgment, a subtle grin breaking through his gruff exterior.

But he remained silent, he didn’t want to spoil the element of surprise.

Halloween Hacks


As Halloween night settled back into silence, Arthur felt a warmth in his chest. Perhaps, in the midst of his reclusive habits, he had found a way to connect with the community, even if it was through mischievous pranks.

He had a feeling that the children could tell that he wasn’t a mean old man at heart, he had a sense of humor.

It just took some digging to get it out of him.

Making The Best Of It


Arthur spent his days in solitude at his home on Elm Street. He wasn’t known for being friendly with the neighbors, and most considered him a grumpy old man.

Despite his prickly exterior, Arthur had a soft spot for one particular night – Halloween. It was the only time of the year when he allowed his mischievous side to surface.

“Who knows if I’ll be here next year,” he said as he restocked his candy bowl with his special homemade sweets.

For The Thrill Of It


This Halloween, Arthur decided to embrace the spirit of the holiday by participating in the tradition of handing out candy. However, true to his nature, he wasn’t keen on entertaining the constant doorbell ringing.

Instead, he strategically placed a bowl of candy on his porch, inviting the trick-or-treaters to help themselves.

But he had laced the chocolate bars with something inedible.

The Line Never Ends


As the night unfolded, Arthur observed the steady stream of polite trick-or-treaters from the comfort of his living room. Children in various costumes giggled and expressed their gratitude through the door, creating a festive atmosphere that Arthur secretly enjoyed.

Yet, his night took an unexpected turn when he noticed a large group approaching his porch, a mix of children and adults.

They were going to be the ones who experienced the wrath of his Halloween pranks.

They Didn’t Read The Sign


Ignoring the sign explicitly stating, “Please only one piece of candy per CHILD,” the unruly family seized the entire bowl, greedily snatching every piece of candy in sight.

Arthur chuckled to himself, for he had prepared a trick that would teach these candy bandits a lesson.

They were about to get more than a chocolatey mouthful when they took their first bite.

A Secret Weapon


Arthur was a trained military soldier. Having honed his skills in the art of deception during his military days, Arthur had inserted a few fake chocolate bars into the mix.

These deceptive treats contained hidden surprises – pieces of tin foil that mimicked the texture of chocolate. He knew that only those with a keen eye or a bit of bad luck would discover the prank.

After a bit of chewing and a tired jaw, the person would realize that they were eating foil.

Playing Pranks


That night, Arthur went to bed with a satisfied grin, envisioning the shock and surprise on the faces of the candy thieves.

The next morning, however, he discovered that his house had been TP-ed by the disgruntled family seeking revenge.

Unfazed, Arthur chuckled at the sight, knowing that his security cameras had captured the entire act. Would he find out who they were?

A Community Noticed


The next morning, he discovered a small thank-you note and a fresh bowl of candy on his doorstep, a sign that his grumpy old heart might have softened just a bit.

With a sense of triumph, he reviewed the footage, watching as the mischievous culprits unknowingly implicated themselves.

Arthur, the master of pranks, had turned the tables, leaving the vandals with more than a few tricks up their sleeves.

Now They Know Who I Am


As he cleaned up the toilet paper strewn across his lawn, Arthur couldn’t help but marvel at the poetic justice he had served.

He had made friends through the spirit of Halloween.

His Halloween had been an unexpected adventure, filled with laughs, surprises, and a lesson for those who dared to cross the grumpy old veteran on Elm Street. What would the next holiday hold?

The Unexpected Bond


In the days that followed, the once unruly family transformed into frequent visitors on Elm Street. They came not to prank or steal but to share a laugh and indulge in the camaraderie that had blossomed from that eventful Halloween night.

Arthur, still maintaining his gruff exterior, secretly enjoyed the newfound company. The bond formed through laughter proved stronger than any initial disagreements.

The community, once divided, is now united under the banner of shared experiences and Halloween shenanigans.

A Change of Heart


As Thanksgiving approached, Arthur found himself reflecting on the unexpected turn of events. The family who had once TP-ed his house was now inviting him to share a meal.

Perhaps, he mused, the glow-in-the-dark prank had not only illuminated their hands but also their hearts.

It seemed that Arthur had unintentionally pulled off the greatest Halloween trick of all – turning adversaries into friends.

A Feast of Friendship


On Thanksgiving Day, Arthur hesitantly stepped out of his comfort zone and joined the once-mischievous family for a feast. Laughter echoed through the room as they shared stories of Halloween antics and pranks gone awry.

The aroma of a home-cooked meal filled the air, blending with the warmth of newfound friendship.

Arthur realized that, in his pursuit of Halloween merriment, he had stumbled upon something far more valuable – a sense of belonging he hadn’t known he was missing.

A Season of Change


As the holiday season unfolded, Arthur’s house on Elm Street became a beacon of joy rather than a symbol of isolation. The glow-in-the-dark prank had not only brought laughter but also a transformation in Arthur’s life.

The once-grumpy veteran found himself embracing the spirit of the season, participating in community events, and even donning a Santa hat for the neighborhood Christmas party.

The change in Arthur radiated throughout the community, fostering a sense of unity that transcended the boundaries of age and background.

Looking Back


As the year came to a close, Arthur Kingsley looked back on the events that had unfolded. What started as a simple Halloween prank had evolved into a journey of self-discovery, friendship, and the true meaning of community.

The lesson he had unknowingly taught that fateful night was not just about pranks and consequences but about the power of laughter and connection.

Elm Street, once quiet and aloof, had become a place where the echoes of shared joy resonated through the seasons, proving that sometimes, the greatest lessons come wrapped in unexpected packages.