9-Year-Old’s Quick Thinking Saves Her Family’s Lives


Her Warnings

Their own little girl had already voiced her concerns. She had warned them that she didn’t think it was safe. Still, her parents had brought it inside the house, fobbing off the warnings and thinking it would be okay.

The concerned 9-year-old went to her room, annoyed that her parents weren’t taking it seriously. But when she came back downstairs, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Everyone was on the floor, and they weren’t moving.

Rough Times


When Marcelina Brandao got married and started a family, she knew there would be rough patches to go through. But she never expected to struggle this much.

Thankfully, she and her husband weathered the storms together, eventually pulling through and building a nice life in the suburbs for themselves. They bought a beautiful house and had two wonderful children. Little did they know, their daughter would save all of their lives one day.


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Jayline Barbosa Brandao, Marcelina’s daughter, was the perfect child. She excelled at school, had a generous and kind heart, and seemed to be set for a successful life in the future.

Whenever anyone in the family needed cheering up, Jayline was there with her positive attitude and bright smile. She seemed to have limitless energy – perhaps it was because she was only 9 years old, or maybe that was just who she was. Nevertheless, it was Jayline’s fighting spirit that would change the fate of her family.

She Looked Up To Her Sister


Jayline’s little sister, Maya, worshipped her big sister. The two girls were close and loved each other despite the age gap. They played together whenever they had a chance, and Maya knew that Jayline would always be there for her.

Jayline was Maya’s confidant, idol, inspiration, and best friend. Whenever the little girl had a problem, she knew she could count on her big sister. Jayline taught Maya many things, but neither suspected that, soon, she’d give her little sister the lesson of her young life.


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When a strong storm tore through the U.S. east coast and left the area in shambles, the Brandao family was heavily affected. They struggled to fix the damage the storm had wreaked upon their house and their lives.

They pulled together to repair everything they had worked so hard for, but their hope was fading. The disaster also caused them severe emotional damage. They needed something to give them one last boost, and they needed it now.

Worse Than Anyone Thought

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The powerful storm had laid waste to their neighborhood. They desperately tried to get their lives on track but recovering from such emotional and physical loss was taking a toll. The father hated feeling so powerless, and he’d give anything to brighten his family’s lives again.

The only one in the family who seemed to power through the ordeal was Jayline. She was the only one who could still bring a smile to her loved ones’ faces. Her father worried about his family and knew he had to do something fast.

No Electricity


The storm ripped through the power cables, leaving the Brandao family and many other residents without electricity for days. Thankfully, they managed to borrow a generator to supply some electricity.

Although the generator wasn’t big enough to power the entire home, it immediately lifted everyone’s spirits because it meant that they could have a few luxuries – like warm baths, heat, and a few warm meals. They finally felt safe for the first time in days. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long.

Harsh Reality

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At first, the Brandao family used the generator sparingly for just a few minutes at a time and only when they really needed it. But, eventually, they had to face reality. The generator was unbearably loud. The kids couldn’t concentrate on their homework or sleep when the generator was on.

The family decided to sacrifice the few comforts they had for some peace and quiet. Everyone agreed, so they shut it off and tried to cope with no electricity until the power lines were restored. In the end, they all agreed that all that mattered was that they were together.

They Brought It Inside

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The generator wasn’t theirs, so the Brandao family had a responsibility to make sure the expensive piece of equipment was safe from theft and the elements. Although the storm had blown over, the weather was still bitterly cold and wet.

They didn’t feel comfortable leaving it outside, even though it was close to their home. So, Mr. Brandao unplugged the machine and brought it inside. Little did he know, he had just made a fatal mistake.


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Marcelina felt the effects first. She began to feel lightheaded, and nauseous, and her head began to pound. But, because Marcelina had suffered from headaches all her life, she chalked it all down to a cluster of migraines. But then, she passed out. Her husband found her in the lounge, where the family had been spending most of their time huddled together.

Seeing his wife on the floor, he panicked. He began to yell. Jayline and Maya were in their bedroom playing, completely oblivious to what was happening below. Jayline heard her father’s panicked yells and her blood turned to ice.

Passed Out


Jayline hurried to where her parents were but by the time she arrived, both of them were unconscious from the carbon monoxide emanating from the generator, even though it was turned off.

The little girl was terrified. She had no idea what had happened, and worst of all, she had no idea that she was in danger as well.

Trying To Call For Help

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Then the 9-year-old girl quickly looked for a phone to try and call for help. She had eventually found her father’s phone, but it was locked. She couldn’t call.

Time was running out, and the girl was beginning to panic. Then she came up with a brilliant idea while her parents were still lying unconscious on the floor.

Brilliant Idea

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In that time of extreme stress, Jayline managed to keep her composure and come up with a plan that would save everyone.

Jayline unlocked her father’s phone by using his face and then called the emergency services. The 9-year-old girl’s quick thinking and brilliant actions were the things that saved the entire family that day. It was pretty amazing.

Her Sister

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While waiting for help to arrive, Jayline didn’t lose sight of what was important. She quickly took her sister and ran to one of the neighbors, asking for help. When the neighbor heard about what happened, she quickly ran into the house and called 911 again to ensure help was coming.

It only took minutes, and help arrived. As a precaution, Jayline, her little sister, and their parents were all taken to the hospital to be evaluated and treated. Only Jayline’s parents were affected, but, in the end, help arrived just in time to minimize damage.

Going Viral

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When Marcelina found out about her daughter’s bravery, she couldn’t praise her enough and even shared their story on social media. As news outlets shared the family’s experience, The National Weather Service used this as an opportunity to remind us all of the importance of homes having working carbon monoxide detectors. They also said that backup generators should be placed at least 20 feet away from doors, windows, and vents. In addition to helpful safety tips, as word continued to spread of Jayline’s bravery, she was rightfully being called a hero.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.