20+ Failed Products That Made Us Wonder What These Companies Were Thinking

Every so often there is a product that comes out on the market that promises to change or revolutionize a certain market. Every industry falls prey to it, whether it’s a new tech gadget that promises to change the game or a new food or beverage that is going to blow your taste buds away. Ultimately, your product is only as good as the consumer deems it to be, and a quick look through the history of failed products shows many instances where just that happens. Some are cringe-worthy and some will make you say LOL WTF. Others are simply ahead of their time.

Let’s see if you remember any of these failed products!

33.) Wow! FatFree Chips

failed products frito lay wow chips

If there’s one thing that Frito got right with the launch of these Wow! Chips, it’s the guaranteed reaction to eating these chips, and we’re not talking about the taste. In the 1990s, the diet craze swept up the food market. Food and beverage companies launched “low-fat” and “fat-free” products to appeal to consumers’ diet craze, and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t.

While these chips were delicious, it didn’t last long when consumers started to complain about the true wow factor of these chips: the intense stomach pain that came after eating them and how they caused “abdominal cramps and loose stools.” Shortly after, it was revealed that the chips contain an additive that replaced fat called olestra. The product was eventually rebranded without the explosive factor of olestra.