8 Awesome Fail Videos That Will Make You LMAO

Why is it when someone gets hurt or fails we just can’t seem to look away? Car accidents, arguing couples or someone missing the mark are our bread and butter. In these cases, our best selves take the back seat. We crave entertainment in the form of other people failing. The beauty is, we don’t have to wait to watch these feats of destruction – countless fail videos of people doing stupid sh*t on the internet are ready for our entertainment.

Warning: Do not watch these at work or in a quiet space. You will have a hard time restraining your giggles.


1.) Boy Vs. Massive Soccer Ball

Quality father-son time often includes learning a new sport, sometimes for both parties. Although giant inflatable soccer will likely not be added to the Olympics anytime soon, it sure looks like a whole lot of fun. Of course, when learning a new sport, getting a bit dirty and being prepared for a few injuries are to be expected. This is what happened during a friendly game of soccer. It started with the dad standing next to a giant, inflatable soccer ball. As his toddler approached the ball, Dad gave it a kick and the soccer ball – and toddler – went flying. You’re sure to get a kick out of this video.


2.) Shar Pei Vs. Couch

This fail video is sure to crack pet owners up everywhere! Meet Kubo, a shar pei with folds for days who is looking to have a cuddle with his owner on the couch. Sadly for him – yet entertaining for us – he misses the jump and ends up falling to the ground. Kubo looks so confident in his jump, but at the midway point, he seems to realize he’s not going to make it. As the video is in slow-motion, you can see as his folds wiggle around – it’s hypnotizing. If you’re looking to check out more videos of this cute pup, follow him on his Instagram page: @kubothesharpei. The good news is that he didn’t seem to be injured after his failed stunt.


3.) Thieving Lady Vs. Gravity

There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing justice being served, amirite? In this vid, you’ll see a UPS van deliver packages to a porch. Fast-forward a few moments, and a car pulls up at the same house. A woman gets out of the passenger’s side and approaches the front porch attempting to steal the newly delivered packages. Little did she know that she would walk right into the hands of instant karma. This lady with sticky fingers falls to the ground and is clearly in a lot of pain. After the driver of the getaway car realizes that she cannot get up on her own, he eventually comes to help her. After carrying her across the yard and into the car he returns to the scene of the crime. Sadly, he didn’t get the karma hint, and he steals the package anyway.


4.) Bowling Ball Vs. Sprinkler

As far as fail videos go, this one gets a 10 out of 10. Typically when facing off against your mates in a game of bowling, your aim is to get the most points. This is done by choosing the right ball, having a good stance and firing your ball down the lane toward the pins. So long as it goes down the center – and not into the gutter – you’ll get at least a few points. And, if you get them all down you’ll get a strike, but, sometimes, throwing the ball doesn’t always go as planned, especially in this case. Call the fire department quick, because this teen’s bowling skills are on fire. Luckily, the sprinkler was set off to help put it out. Anyone have a spare ball? Or ceiling?