5 Exciting Grad Gifts to Celebrate The End of Senioritis

The weather is warm, spring break is over and seniors are trucking through debilitating cases of senioritis. That can only mean one thing: Graduation season is upon us. It is only about the most important time for most young adults — but they might still be dealing with senioritis. Urban Dictionary defines it as a crippling disease that strikes high school seniors with laziness as its primary symptom. Don’t freak out if your kid, friend or favorite grad-to-be is suffering from lethargy. Graduation and awesome grad gifts will surely cure the symptoms.

Whether you know a high school student or college senior, it’s time to show them you care and help them outof their funk. It’s time to show them all of their hard work (did someone say all-nighters?) has not gone unnoticed. What better way than with primo grad gifts?

Top 5 has you covered, because we know one important key to grad gifting: soon-to-be 2018 grads want to be excited about finishing their studies; they are just a little tired from finals and last-minute cramming. That’s OK, though. We have the perfect grad gifts to cheer up any student.

We have compiled a list of excitement-inducing, life-giving, totally thrilling 2018 grad gifts. Say, “we’re proud of you” with gifts that will renew your loved one’s passion. Or, welcome them into the adult world with real grown-up presents ’cause grads want to be seen as “real adults.”

Here we go! Read on for our guide to grad gifts.

5.) Let Them Host Their Own Classy Adult Dinner Out

grad gifts

William Hereford

Believe it or not, you may still see your pre-grad as a sweet young’un, but they are ready to bust out of high school or college as full-fledged adults. This is everything they have been working toward. And it is up to you to welcome them into adult life with welcome arms (just keep the words “bills” and “work-life balance” out of earshot).

What better way than giving your beloved the gift of throwing their own fancy schmancy adult dinner party? Oh, la la, that does sound fancy. With Darden, it’s a piece of cake.The company focuses on starting celebrations off on the right foot with wonderful restaurant gift cards. Darden Gift Cards are good at Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52 and Olive Garden. Promotional offers are also available for grads. Score.

For a more personal touch, opt for a custom card, perhaps featuring a photo of your grad when they just started school to show how far they’ve come?

What better way to say congratulations than surrounded by friends and scrumptious food? We think it’s a foolproof plan for after-commencement fun.