5 Exciting Grad Gifts to Celebrate The End of Senioritis

Graduation season is upon us, and it's one of the most important - and trying - times for any young adult. There's nothing like an epic graduation gift for some motivation! We compiled a list of exciting, life-giving, totally thrilling 2018 grad gifts that'll surely banish the symptoms of senioritis.

The weather is warm, spring break is over and seniors are trucking through debilitating cases of senioritis. That can only mean one thing: Graduation season is upon us. It is only about the most important time for most young adults — but they might still be dealing with senioritis. Urban Dictionary defines it as a crippling disease that strikes high school seniors with laziness as its primary symptom. Don’t freak out if your kid, friend or favorite grad-to-be is suffering from lethargy. Graduation and awesome grad gifts will surely cure the symptoms.

Whether you know a high school student or college senior, it’s time to show them you care and help them outof their funk. It’s time to show them all of their hard work (did someone say all-nighters?) has not gone unnoticed. What better way than with primo grad gifts?

Top 5 has you covered, because we know one important key to grad gifting: soon-to-be 2018 grads want to be excited about finishing their studies; they are just a little tired from finals and last-minute cramming. That’s OK, though. We have the perfect grad gifts to cheer up any student.

We have compiled a list of excitement-inducing, life-giving, totally thrilling 2018 grad gifts. Say, “we’re proud of you” with gifts that will renew your loved one’s passion. Or, welcome them into the adult world with real grown-up presents ’cause grads want to be seen as “real adults.”

Here we go! Read on for our guide to grad gifts.

5.) Let Them Host Their Own Classy Adult Dinner Out

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William Hereford

Believe it or not, you may still see your pre-grad as a sweet young’un, but they are ready to bust out of high school or college as full-fledged adults. This is everything they have been working toward. And it is up to you to welcome them into adult life with welcome arms (just keep the words “bills” and “work-life balance” out of earshot).

What better way than giving your beloved the gift of throwing their own fancy schmancy adult dinner party? Oh, la la, that does sound fancy. With Darden, it’s a piece of cake.The company focuses on starting celebrations off on the right foot with wonderful restaurant gift cards. Darden Gift Cards are good at Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52 and Olive Garden. Promotional offers are also available for grads. Score.

For a more personal touch, opt for a custom card, perhaps featuring a photo of your grad when they just started school to show how far they’ve come?

What better way to say congratulations than surrounded by friends and scrumptious food? We think it’s a foolproof plan for after-commencement fun.



4.) Help Them See The World with Extravagant Travel Gifts

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Personalization Mall

There are few people in the world who do not like to travel. Seeing the world and going on unscripted adventures is part of the human condition. And seniors aren’t exempt to catching the travel bug. In fact, their traveling bug might just be the most intense at their young age. Most likely, they have spent the last four years cramped in dorms or in their rooms studying and finishing last-minute essays.

Let your academic friends know it’s time for them to spread their wings outside of campus. The world is their oyster, and your traveling gift is all the more inspirational.

Personalization Mall has everything future jet setters need. Visit their site for everything travel-related. The site sells embroidered monogram travel cases, personalized travel mugs and customized 20” X 30” world posters with pins waiting to be tacked on new locations. Graduation deals will be available, so the only thing you really need to worry about is deciding between wall décor or monogrammed luxury cups …



3.) Give Your Hard Worker a Portfolio Website

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This is the ultimate gift for any high-achiever. If you know a student who is always two steps ahead with homework and quizzes and already has an internship in mind, a website is the best practical gift for the most practical student.

There is nothing more responsible or prepared than submitting job applications with a discreet (yet powerful) line that reads: “Please see my website for my portfolio.” BOOM. Adulthood level reached.

iPage is a budget-friendly site for web hosting and purchasing domains. Want to hear the best news? iPage is having apromotion as I write this. For a “one-size-fits-all hosting plan that will meet your online needs,” you pay only $1 per month. It offers everything needed to build a website, including a drag-and-drop builder for intuitive design, WordPress 1-click installer, customizable email address with your grad’s chosen domain, and customer support.

This push is the most efficient way to get your grad closer to his or her dream job.



2.) Give Your Girl Grad The Gift of Good Sleep

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You remember the days of dorm-life living, don’t you? The 99 cent noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The crammed living quarters that never felt like home. It’s hard making campus feel like home, especially when so many young and possibly LOUD roomies are inescapable. Combine these elements and never-ending assignments, and what to you get? A sleep-deprived senior!

This is why the “gift of sleep” is all the more practical. Trust us, any college grad is dying to catch up on some zzzs. Soma, known for women’s underthings, is here to make sure nighttime comes easy. Grads can finally find peace at night — but more so with your grad gift. Soma has a sleep therapy pajama line for ladies that is heavenly, light and comfortable.



1.) Bestow Tickets To Their Favorite Artist’s Concert

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Okay, so this most likely won’t be any graduate’s final all-night party, but grads will have to buckle down relatively soon after commencement. High school seniors will have this summer to celebrate before college begins, and college grads will have to enter the workforce as soon as possible. It’s up to you to make sure your loved one gets a chance to let loose before productivity ensues.

One great way to excite your senior is to take them out to see Beyoncé & Jay Z! Or how about Justin Timberlake? If your student prefers more classic music, there is always Elton John, too. Visit Ticket Liquidator for exciting concerts anyone will lose their mind over. Right now, there is a promotion going on that you don’t want to miss. Get $10 off orders $350 or more by using the code: “TLSPRING” – hurry, this offer ends May 31.

Which of these grad gifts tickled your fancy most? Tell us below which one you’ll be giving … or would’ve loved to be given! And if you’re considering travel as a gift, check out these trending destinations for 2018!