Ex-Husband Puts Ex-Wife’s Card On Bills, Has No Idea Who’s Watching


Her Sweet Revenge

He was under the impression that he got off scot-free. He cut all contact with his wife without going through the appropriate divorce processes, met a younger woman, and rented a house with her. He was sure that he left without a trace.

To add insult to injury, he had been using his wife’s money for nearly a year now. He was blissfully unaware that she had been waiting for him and that she was ready to exact her vengeance.


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One cannot escape their past. It always seems to catch up with you, no matter what you do. Moving to somewhere faraway and concealing your identity seems like the perfect getaway plan.

However, the consequences of your actions will find a way to catch up with you, and when they do, they uproot your entire life.

Excitement At Work

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A Reddit user who works in a call center for one of the country’s leading telecommunications firms witnessed the incident. He manages the center’s billing queue.

Never in a million years could this user foresee that something so exciting would happen at his mundane job.

Out Of The Ordinary

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His job consisted of listening to customer complaints and questions. Day in and day out, he would sit and listen to customers talk about their billing issues and nothing eventful really happened.

He had no idea he would become embroiled in a dramatic tale of betrayal and vengeance. And it was all caught on camera.

A Normal Start

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Things started as usual. He began his day with a woman calling regarding an unknown charge for $49 for a wireless access point.

She was perplexed as she did not conduct any busy with the company. And the customer support representative’s reaction puzzled her even more.

Unknown Charges

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The customer support representative informed her that she had started using that company’s TV services approximately a month ago and that she had signed a three-year agreement for TV and Internet services.

What the woman was hearing astounded her. She stated that she resided in a small community where that company’s services were not even accessible. So the customer support representative did a bit more digging until he discovered the truth.

No Contact

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Some stranger had used the woman’s account to acquire those items! But who would do such a thing? The woman began sobbing and recounted the whole incident immediately after the customer support employee broke the news to her.

The only person who had her banking details was her husband, so he was the only one who could have done this. However, she has not had any contact with him for months now, putting her in a particularly awful situation.

Without A Trace

Your Marriage

He just upped and left day without a note or any means of contacting him. She and her children had to fend for themselves while he ran off with a younger woman.

Nobody knew where he was living now because there had been no legal divorce or separation procedures. His friends and relatives kept silent, making it impossible to contact him. He had completely abandoned her. That wasn’t the end of it.

He Was Moved

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To make matters worse, he had been using her money to pay for TV and Internet services. He withdrew the majority of the funds from their joint account, but it appeared that he wanted more.

The woman’s story touched the customer support representative. So, after some consideration, he devised a resolution and a retaliation plan for her. And this is exactly what he said.

Helping Her Out

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He informed her that he could take away his authorization to her account, restrict his TV and Internet services to the absolute minimum, and have them redirected to her house.

He also had information about the address where her spouse was residing, and from where he was obtaining the services so he could help her out even more. And the woman quickly understood what was necessary to do.


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She and her lawyer could definitely use that information. Now they could find where he was staying, get a hold of him and finally make him pay for all his wrongdoings.

So she gladfully wrote down the address that the customer service agent gave her and accepted his offer to modify the Internet and TV subscription. And one might think that this was the end of the story. But it wasn’t.

What Happened?

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Days later, some footage became public: it showed some man going to a customer service spot of the same company that has been mentioned in this story.

He had some complaints, and apparently, he wasn’t getting his way with them. He got argumentative, visibly upset, and, finally, aggressive.

He Trashed The Whole Store

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The video shows the man trashing the whole store and trying to assault the customer service agent who was there to listen to his complaints. However, he’s quickly handled by security and kicked out of the store.

And when this story was researched by the media, they found out something: the man’s complaints were about some canceled TV and Internet subscription, a vindictive ex-wife, and the company’s policy on data privacy.

Was That Him?

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Was this the runaway husband from the other story? Was it the man who had left his wife and children, hidden with a secret lover, and milked his wife’s resources?

We will probably never know the answer to that question. The Reddit user who posted the lady’s story, that is, the first customer service agent, never gave away her surname. So that question will probably always remain unanswered.

Maybe There’s More?

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But it’s tempting to suppose that this was the man the lady complained about on her phone call and that he finally received a lesson in humility.

But maybe we should hear his side of the story. What do you think? Maybe there was more to this story than what the lady said and what the customer service agent shared on Reddit?