Everything that you want to know about the, The Bachelor

Everything that you want to know about, The Bachelor, is here! We have details about the show and information on the newest Bachelor.

There isn’t anyone who doesn’t know about the show, The Bachelor. If you don’t know, what rock have you been living under? The Bachelor is a legal adult now. Yes, 18 years old already!

Every season there is a new, young, hot bachelor looking for love. During the show, he goes on dates and gets to know the young ladies that have come to win his heart. Then, he eliminates ladies that he doesn’t connect with by denying them a red rose. Each show is its own sort of steamy, drama that you can’t even make up.

Season 1

Season One seems like it was just yesterday. The fist season of The Bachelor was in March of 2002. Since then, there has been a handful of spinoffs, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise are a couple.

The First Bachelor

Stanford graduate, Alex Michel, was the first bachelor. He has kept a low-profile since the show. He didn’t propose to Amanda Marsh who did get the final rose. He rumored now to be married with kids.

Picking the Bachelor

When choosing the bachelor, the audience has to have some like of connection with him. He needs to be able to lead the show and be looking for love. Lastly, he has to be good looking!


There are many reasons why contestants get rejected from the show. Some reasons they may be rejected is because of personality, psychological and medical reasons. The top reason for rejection is for having an STD!

The Contract

All contestants sign a contract before going on the show. It allows the producers to portray them any way that they wish. It even allows the show to reveal any embarrassing or shocking facts about them that they know. It doesn’t matter if it is in a positive or negative image.

I Quit!

Most of the cast have to quit their jobs to go onto the show. Since they have to be gone for 2 months with no contact, most business won’t let them take that much time off. The contestants hope to find a new job after the filming of the show.


Two weeks before the show, the contestants are told if they made the cut. They are told to pack everything in two suitcases only. This is very difficult considering that if they are connecting to the bachelor, they can be there for the whole two months of filming!

Dress Code

A former bachelor has revealed that there was a dress code for all contestants. No clothing was allowed with stripes, checker patterns, large patterns, all white, or any brand showing. It’s known that crazy fabrics will look bad on camera and will throw off the filming.


Did you know that only the bachelor gets paid to be on the show. There is a rumor going around that the highest paid on the show was $250,000.

Bachelor Pad Location

The Bachelor films in a beautiful town in California called, Agoura Hills. It is just North of Malibu and West of Burbank. The mansion was last on the market in 2008 for over 12 million dollars!

The Mansion

There is a real family who lives in The Bachelor mansion. They move out every time that they film the show. We’ve heard that it is now on Airbnb! Go check it out if you want to stay the night!

The Mansion Driveway

Why does the mansion’s driveway always look so shiny and pretty you ask? The crew is always spraying it down with water! The wet driveway created the romantic setting that they want.

First Impressions

When the contestants get to meet the bachelor for the first time, they want to make a great first impression. If the girls can’t think of a gimmicky way to meet the bachelor, the producers will make one up for them. One girl pretended to be obsessed with, “50 Shades of Grey,” because she couldn’t come up with a good gimmick.


It’s amazing how the bachelor can remember all 25 girls names right? Well, the truth is that he can’t!  A producer stays by his side most of the time with flashcards. The flashcards have pictures of each girl to help with the names.

Bunk Beds

Did you know that the contestants all sleep in bunk beds? In some rooms there can be as many as 6 beds, 12 girls to a room! The girls hate it and have to live out of their suitcases. Could you just imagine all of those ladies in one room?

Bachelor Chef

I hope that someone in the mansion knows how to cook. When the contestants are all together in the house, they must prepare their own meals. Whomever wants to cook dinner that day, gets to cook for everyone!


Every girl gets her own wardrobe for the show, right? WRONG! Only during the season premiere and the final two episodes do the contestants get assistance with hair and makeup. Everyone is on their own for looking their best. The bachelor gets a stylist of course!

Hair Dye

Since the ladies can’t leave the mansion while filming, they have to maintain their hair color themselves. They request store bought hair color and dye their hair themselves. One contestant said that she would just pull out her grey hairs because it was easier!

What to do, what to do?

When the girls aren’t trying to win the heart of the bachelor, there is a lot of snacking and drinking going on. Their favorite past time is painting their nails, multiple times a day! No books, television or radio is allowed.

Limited Drinking

The ladies love to drink. The alcohol enhances the drama and emotions. There has always been a drinking rule of only 2 drinks per hour though. Many of the cast make sure not to miss those two drinks every hour.

Privacy Please!

In the house, you are technically never alone. There is no privacy except for in the bathroom. When the girls needed a break from filming, they go into the bathroom and hide.

On-Camera Interviews

There are many on-camera interviews throughout the show. Some are recorded days later after the event. It has been reported that the girls have to put on their dirty clothes that they haven’t washed to record an interview about a previous day.

So Many Names!

In the beginning of the season, the bachelor gives out so many roses. There are so many contestants that he needs to take breaks in between handing out roses. During the breaks he gets help to remember the girls names.

The First Rose Ceremony

Did you know that the first rose ceremony can last for almost 12 hours? There has been shows where the contestants start filming at 7 PM and don’t stop until 6 AM! The women just keep drinking and try to fight off sleep while waiting to see if they will be getting a rose.

The Villain

Do you ever wonder why that one annoying girl is still on the show? Producers have been known to keep a cast member on the show for extra material. Even though the bachelor isn’t interested in her, it is good for ratings to have a villain.

Dinner Date

There are a lot of dinner dates on the show, but no eating is allowed! Nobody gets to eat on the show. The dinner dates are staged and the cast eats off camera, usually by themselves before or after filming.

Final Four

The producers can almost predict the final four by the end of the first night. The first girl who comes out of the limo is almost a guarantee to the final four. The producer asks the bachelor which four that he would like to get to know better and that is how the next show is directed.

Hometown Dates

When the bachelor has narrowed it down to the final four, he gets to go to their hometown. If the family of the hometown dates aren’t comfortable with taping at their real homes, the borrow one. They can use a friend or family members or the production team rents a space for a meeting.

The Fantasy Suites

The bachelor gets to invite three girls to the fantasy suit close to the end of the show. The filming of the fantasy suites are not consecutive. They are usually filmed a couple weeks apart from each other. The show will show them back-to-back though which makes you think that he just hops into bed with each girl every night!

Happily Married

First come the rose, then the ring and finally the wedding right? There are only 12 couples that have survived the show and are now happily married. The bachelorette’s have had better luck picking a spouse, whereas The bachelors have only had three.

Recording The Wedding

If you allow the show to record your wedding, the couple can earn an additional six-figure paycheck! In addition, the show will help pay for the wedding. They are usually over the top beautiful and expensive.

The Ring

If you do get engaged and can keep the engagement last for more than 2 years, then the girl gets to keep the ring! The show technically owns the ring up until the two year mark. This helps prevent the girls to selling the ring after any breakup.

No Proposal

Sadly love isn’t always found on The Bachelor. There has been seasons that don’t end in a marriage proposal. The bachelor and final contestants just go on their way. Usually, the producers will take the final girl and have her be next on The Bachelorette.

The New Bachelor

The current bachelor is Matt James. He is a 29 year old real-estate broker and social media influencer. He is making history being the first black male bachelor of the show.


Matt played briefly in the NFL. He played for the New Orleans Saints and the North Carolina Panthers. Unfortunately, he got cut from both teams.


Matt’s best friend is Tyler Cameron who was the runner-up on season fifteen of, The Bachelorette. Tyler and Matt have created a lovely bromance. The two are best friends who met as teammates for the Wake Forest University Football Team.

His Charity

Matt is passionate for his charity, ABC Food Tours. The charity gives food tours for free to inner-city kids in NYC. It allows children in underserved communities to experiences they may not have otherwise had access to.

North Carolina

Matt currently lives in New YorkCity. He grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina though. Matt started his football career playing in NC for his local high school team.

Staying Fit


Matt is very athletic. He enjoys running, playing football, surfing, snowboarding and so much more. He usually is seen on Instagram doing these things with his buddy Tyler.

Matt Loves His Mom


Matt loves his mom Patty James. He grew up with her and his older brother. His parents split when he was young and his father wasn’t in his life growing up.

If you want to watch The Bachelor this season, go to ABC and check out your local times. I wonder if Matt will find love this season?