Everything To Know About American Tea Room

You ever wanted to know about the American Team Room? If so, we have you covered with ton of tremendous information on the terrific tea company.

American Tea Room is a high-end tea company that sells top of the line tea in Southern California. While the company originally started in Beverly Hills 14 years ago, they have since opened another store in Los Angeles and one in Newport Beach. They also have plans of expanding across the country and overseas.

However, this company does more than sell 157 premium teas. Ali Khurrum (store manager) and Eman Wosoughkia (regional training and development manager) sat down with me over tea to explain what the company is really about.



So what differentiates this company from the others?


For most tea company’s, the small details oftentimes get overlooked. But for American Tea Room, they stress detail the most. The “detail” in tea refers to many things including the fermentation process: the location, duration, quality, and smell.


Their tea is 90% certified organic and all natural. By the end of the year, they hope to be 100% organic. They go to great lengths to find the best teas from all over the world; including Japan, India, America, and others.



One of the most impressive teas they sell is the Hekisui Matcha, which is and has been the Emperor of Japan’s private reserve for over 400 years. Very few other companies around the world sell it because of how expensive it is. But to American Tea Room, they value the quality of the tea and recognize the exquisite flavor.


Yet, another extremely high quality tea they carry is Pu er: a type of fermented tea that usually sits in caves for 5 generations to get a nice, earthy flavor.



Apart from their impressive tea collection, American Tea Room values their customers and the relationships formed through the company. One of the big things that ATR stresses is family. Upon entering the store, the relaxing and inviting ambiance in American Tea Room immediately puts you at ease.


From the friendly workers to the melodious music playing throughout the store, you get the overwhelming sense of comfort. They hire a lot of locals at each location that enables the building of a community in each store. Co-workers are friends who genuinely enjoy spending time with each other.


“Everyone is family oriented, we are all friends, we are working but we’re having fun. Everyone is very open and we have a good time”


American Tea Room really wants people to understand that you don’t need to be in a rush to get a drink. This laid-back approach is ingrained in their business model and is surely part of the reason for the company’s success. Every store has various ‘regulars’ who come into the store daily and bask in the ambiance.


Going into any one of the stores is an experience waiting to happen. So whether your looking for somewhere to study/work, a trendy hangout spot, or simply a place to get your caffeine fix, American Tea Room is definitely the place for you. Customers are highly encouraged to try any tea they want, so as to ensure customer satisfaction. So make use of your time at the store and enjoy the premium tea!