Everybody Loves Halle: 5 Facts You May Not Know About Halle Berry

If there's one thing that America can agree on, it's that Halle Berry is pretty damn great. She's a talented actress, she always seems personable and happy
If there’s one thing that America can agree on, it’s that Halle Berry is pretty damn great. She’s a talented actress, she always seems personable and happy, and she’s pretty easy on the eyes, too. Still looking amazing at 46 years old, news broke recently that Halle is pregnant with her second child. At her age, having a child could be a daunting task, but come on … this is Halle Berry. She’ll handle it like a champ, barely show and then get back to her pre-baby body in three hours, because that’s how she rolls.

5 She’s Been Married Twice

Okay, so if there’s one thing Halle Berry may not be so great at, it’s being a part of lasting relationships. She was married to baseball star David Justice for four years in the ‘90s, then she married jazz musician Eric Benet for four years in the early 2000s. After her second divorce she had a five-year relationship and her first child with model Gabriel Aubry, but the two split in 2010. Now dating actor Olivier Martinez since 2010, there’s no telling how much longer he has, but let’s just say if the track record is any indicator, it’s not looking good.

4 She Ruled High School

Growing up in the predominantly white suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, Halle found herself the victim of discrimination at a young age. By the time she got to high school, though, she used those experiences as motivation to leave all of her classmates in her spectacular dust. Attending high school in Bedford, Ohio, Halle was editor of the school newspaper, head cheerleader and class president. She even once saved the school from burning down! Well, not really, but you get the point. She did a lot.

3 She has a $500,000 Rack

The 2001 action movie “Swordfish” was pretty forgettable unless, of course, you were a teenage boy at the time. The film starred Hugh Jackman as an expert hacker (totally believable that a dude who looks like that would be a computer nerd) who is sucked into a world of crime and deceit by John Travolta (and his creepy hair). But enough about that, Halle Berry played a supporting role, and what a supporting role it was; she was reportedly paid a bonus of half a million dollars for an ever-so-brief topless scene.

2 She Almost Went into Broadcasting

For a short time after high school, Halle attended Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland and studied broadcast journalism. This pursuit didn’t last long once she decided to devote herself to acting, but it’s fun to think of a young Halle Berry sitting in the middle of a class full of schlubby, drooling Cleveland guys who devoted two days a week to their Community College pursuit of being the next great announcer for the Cleveland Browns.

1 She Was a Beauty Queen

Okay, so it’s not exactly shocking news that this well-spoken, intelligent, charming, gorgeous woman killed it on the pageant circuit, but it’s still worth mentioning. As a teenager, Halle was named Miss Teen Ohio and Miss Teen America, and in 1985 she was the first runner-up in the Miss USA Pageant. She may not have won, but second place in Miss USA is nothing to sneeze at. It’s just one bullet away from taking office.