Events of September 7 in History: Events that Changed the World

Explore the top five pivotal events of September 7, encompassing major political shifts to iconic achievements in arts. Discover the depth and influence these events have had on shaping our world.

Across the annals of history, September 7 emerges as a date adorned with remarkable events that have etched an indelible mark in diverse domains. From groundbreaking proclamations to influential births, this day stands testament to the eclectic tapestry of human achievements and trials. Join us as we embark on an exploration of the top five events that transpired on September 7, unraveling their profound significance.

1. Brazil Proclaims Independence from Portugal (September 7, 1822)

Pedro I fearlessly declared Brazil’s independence from Portuguese rule, shouting “Independence or Death!” on the momentous day. This marked the birth of a sovereign nation by the Ipiranga River. It ushered in a new epoch of governance and cultural metamorphosis in South America.

2. Google Incorporation (September 7, 1998)

Larry Page and Sergey Brin revolutionized technology with the creation of Google on September 7, 1998. Starting at Stanford University, Google quickly grew into a dominant global force, reshaping how we access information. Within two decades, Google became an all-powerful tech giant, redefining the digital landscape and our daily lives. Larry Page and Sergey Brin’s vision undeniably changed our technological experiences forever. Their transformative stride brought us Google, an integral part of our lives.

3. Birth of Queen Elizabeth I (September 7, 1533)

Queen Elizabeth I, a descendant of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, rose to power as England’s influential monarch. Her reign, the Elizabethan Era, witnessed flourishing arts, groundbreaking explorations, and the consolidation of the English Protestant Church.

4. Inauguration of Regularly Scheduled TV Programs in the U.S. (September 7, 1927)

On this historic day, Philo Farnsworth introduced the world to the first operational television system. This quantum leap in television sparked the beginning of regularly scheduled broadcasts in the United States. It was September 7, 1927, the dawn of a new entertainment era. Audiences worldwide were captivated by this groundbreaking innovation. The realm of television changed forever, captivating the globe with its mesmerizing broadcasts. Philo Farnsworth’s invention forever transformed the world of entertainment.

5. Treaty of Tordesillas Ratification (September 7, 1494)

Spain and Portugal, two maritime powers, ratified the Treaty of Tordesillas under a papal decree. This treaty demarcated an imaginary line, dividing the world between them. The West was granted to Spain, and the East to Portugal. The cultural and linguistic heritage of Latin America still reflects the remnants of this agreement.


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September 7 is a rich repository of historical events. From England’s halls of authority to California’s innovation centers, this day showcases human endeavors. Reflecting on these events of September 7 reveals our interconnected past, shaping our modern world.