Top 5 European Cruises To Indulge In

Cruises are one of the top travel styles for people looking to completely unwind. There is nothing better than indulging in a stress-free trip with a set itinerary while visiting some of the most beautiful sights in the world. While cruises aren’t for everyone, its undeniable that it takes the stress out of planning a multiple-destination trip and is the easiest way to city hop. Due to the proximity of the countries on European cruises, it’s common to find itineraries that hit up to 7-8 countries in a 10 day period!

If you’re headed to Europe in 2018, then skip the stress of booking multiple hotels, trains and tours, and relieve your stress and go on an all-inclusive Europe tour. We’ve rounded five different popular cruise lines spanning across the different diverse parts of Europe. Each cruise is packed with a unique itinerary and excursions in each port city.

Check out these five European cruises and tell us which one you’d like to embark on below!

5.) Viking Cruises Along The River

european cruises viking ship on river

Viking Cruises

  • Leaving from: Paris or Prague
  • Starting at $3,714 per person

Europe is filled with many rivers that flow through various cities that make it perfect for a cruise. Viking River Cruises are one of the top European cruises for adults who are interested in learning about the history and culture of the destinations they are visiting. Get up close and personal with the customized itineraries designed to help you experience the local culture. Tours include history, art and architecture tours of each port, and the excursions are included in the price.

Viking’s Cities of Light Cruise is the perfect itinerary for a traveler looking to experience some of the most beautiful rivers and cities in Europe. The 12 day cruise passes through Paris, Luxembourg, and then hits seven different German cities, and finally ends inPrague. You’ll have a trip full of historical sites, quaint villages and architectural masterpieces in cities like Heidelberg and rivers like the Rhine.