Epic Meal Time: Our 5 Most Epic Meals

We got in touch with the swell fellows over at Epic Meal Time about doing a list of what they believed to be their top 5 most epic meal creations. As their reputation would suggest, they delivered the written equivalent of one of their EPIC culinary creations. Top5.com thanks @HarleyPlays, @tlemco, and @EpicMook for creating the following masterpiece.

“On EpicMealTime, we’ve done some pretty cool things with food. Actually, let me re-phrase that. We’ve done some of the wildest and most outrageous cooking s#!t that you can’t even wrap your primitive brain around. Having said that, there are some things that stand out a little more than others. Here’s a list of our Top Five Most Epic Meals.”

5 The Bacon Tree – 216,960 Calories / 40,350 grams of fat

“We like to use a bit of bacon when we make our meals. Ok, we like to use A LOT of bacon. For this episode, we decided to use ALL the bacon. Consisting of over a three thousand individual strips, it took the crew over six hours of cooking at four separate locations to accumulate enough bacon to dress the tree. We garnished this bad ass tree with tinsel made out of nuggets and double cheese burger ornaments, and topped with a white-chocolate pothead (our logo). The meal easily topped the 200,000 calorie mark. Needless to say, our Christmas sweaters were a little tighter after enjoying this one.”

4 Fast Food Lasagna – 71,488 Calories / 5,463 grams of fat

“Some things are just so simple that they’re brilliant. There wasn’t much to it, really. It was a bunch of fast food burgers, 45 to be exact, and we simply stuffed it into a large casserole dish and covered it with sauce, cheese and onion rings. What developed, however, was our most popular meal to date. It was so simple, yet so genius. People could even go make one for themselves, granted they had +$100 to spend on burgers. Unlike other meals, which require elaborate recipes and hours of preparation, this one was quick and easy and incredibly delicious. Why didn’t you think of that?!”

3 Deep Dish Fast Food Pizza – 10,420 Calories 572 grams of fat

“This one was the anniversary of our very first video release ever and the video that put us on the map, Fast Food Pizza. For our two year anniversary of creating culinary masterpieces, we decided to pay homage to the meal that started it all. The original, which featured a bevy of fast food items sprinkled atop a pizza, was cool, but it was time to evolve it. For this episode, we took all the same fast food items and stuffed them INSIDE the deep-dish pizza crust. We baked all those fast food ingredients inside the crust of a deep dish pizza and proceeded to dress this crust with the same ingredients as the first ever EMT episode, effectively creating ‘Fast Food Pizza-Ception.'”

2 84-Egg Sandwich – 48,138 calories / 3048 grams of fat

“In our time messing around in the kitchen, we’ve created some pretty epic things. It’s safe to say that nothing can really impress us or blow us away anymore when it comes to meals. In the case of the 84-Egg Sandwich, however, we were completely breathless. This was the first time we took making sandwiches to the next level. How can you make an egg sandwich epic? Stuff each side of the crust with 84 individual sandwiches… then make a sandwich out of that. When that sucker was cut open and the inside was revealed, we were all speechless. It was like someone was playing the harp and the gates of heaven were opening for us. To date, many still consider this our most impressive creation.”

1 Turbaconepicentipede – 802,420 calories / 68,920 grams of fat

“During our first year of production we decided to do something special for Thanksgiving, so we stuffed five different types of bird (quail, duck, hen, chicken and turkey) inside of a pig and wrapped the whole thing in bacon, thus creating the Turbaconepic. We then served it to our friends—everyone was thankful. That video ended up becoming our most popular release at the time and helped propel us to new levels of success. Therefore, it was important that we built on that for the following year’s Thanksgiving. Again, we invited over a bunch of friends (our newfound YouTube friends) and prepared a similar feast for them. Again, we stuffed five different birds inside of a pig and wrapped it in bacon. The only difference is, we proceeded to do that 9 more times for a total of 10 Turbaconepics attached top to bottom. The whole thing topped 800,000 calories, which still stands as our most to date. We may have to update this list once we cross the million-calorie barrier in the near future!”

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