Dad Finds Hidden Envelope In Daughter’s Used Car, Stops Cold When He Sees Name


The Perfect Car

He hoped to find a good used car for his sixteen-year-old daughter that would satisfy all her transportation needs.

He wanted to find her a car that was in decent condition. He wouldn’t mind fixing it up if the price was good enough. He stumbled upon a vehicle that was everything he was looking for. But he had no idea what was hidden within the glove compartment.

Everything He Ever Wanted

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David Isaacs was a resident in Columbus, Ohio, and he worked as a real estate agent. He was born and raised in Columbus, and he was proud of all he had achieved in his life.

He had a lovely wife and two daughters, an amazing job, and his dream house. David worked very hard to get where he was in life, and he was happy with how things were going.

A Great Daughter


David’s eldest daughter turned sixteen recently. She was an intelligent and sweet girl. David was really proud of the woman his daughter was growing into.

David wanted to get his daughter a special gift for her birthday. He was completely unaware of what was about to befall him and his family.

A Good Driver


David taught his daughter how to drive when she turned fifteen. She’d always sit next to him in the car, whether they were on holiday or just going to the grocery.

Hailey quickly picked up how to drive rather quickly, and when she turned sixteen, she drove like she had been driving for decades. She got her license on the first try, and a week later, he went out to buy her first car.

Her First Car


David ensured that he put aside a good amount of money to buy his daughter’s car. He wouldn’t mind purchasing her a car that needed a few repairs here and there.

He wanted her gift to be special, so he decided to change any part of the car to suit her taste a bit more. David sought to find her ideal car with his target in mind. It wouldn’t be long before he found it.

He Found It


David spent the next following weeks in contact with a car salesman who had the perfect car. It was a silver sedan that barely had a dent on it.

David could not believe his luck, so he immediately purchased the car. He paid for everything necessary and took the car home. If only he’d spent a little more time looking through the glove compartment first.

Cleaning The Car

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David pulled up in the driveway with the new car and inspected it to see if any repairs were needed. He was happy to find that the car was in perfect condition, aside from the occasional dent that could easily be fixed.

He cleaned the car from top to bottom and made sure that everything was perfect before Hailey arrived home. He was sitting in the passenger seat when he felt compelled to look in the glove compartment.

Something Hidden

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David checked every inch of the car, even the glove compartment. However, he could not shake the feeling that something was not right with it. He slid it open with a shrug, noting something he’d overlooked previously.

The compartment’s surface was covered in a rubber mat, which alluded to a concealed mystery. David took it in his hands and lifted it. His mouth dropped open when he saw what he had done.

A Letter

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He found an envelope underneath the rubber mat that said: New Car Owner, Important Info Inside.

David’s brows furrowed, and he questioned what could have been inside the envelope for the car’s previous owner to consider it important enough to conceal it where only those who frequented the vehicle would find it. He ripped the envelope open, straining his head to see what was inside.

Getting Answers

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David must have checked the glove compartment countless times before he stumbled upon the letter. He was perplexed. How could he have missed it! But that letter was there for an important reason, and he had to find out why.

David instantly unfolded the letter and sat down to begin perusing it. What was it about it that the owner went to such lengths to ensure it made it to the next owner?

He Reads It

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“To the person that gets this car,” the letter began friendly enough. “I just want to let you know what a special vehicle you’ve bought.”

“This car belonged to my mom, who passed away in a house fire alongside my six-year-old daughter and aunt. The last day my mom drove this car was the day she left us.” David’s heart broke, but he realized that he’d only read the first paragraph of the three paged letter.

Special Memories

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He leaned forward, settling in as he fully delved into the letter’s contents. “This car holds many special memories for me,” the letter continued, detailing how the last owner’s mom went out with the owner’s daughter to shop and get hair cuts before their untimely demise.

“My home and everything in it is gone,” the letter stated. “This car is all that I had left to touch.” If that was so, then why would the owner sell it?

A Sad Revelation

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“There was a mixup with the paperwork that caused our insurance to not pay for the car in time,” the letter revealed. “It’s very upsetting that I’ve lost my family, my home, and now I’m losing this last link I have to my mom and child.”

David let out a heavy gust of air he didn’t know he’d been holding in. As he continued to read the letter, he discovered more about the previous owner, learning an even more heartbreaking truth.

He Shares With His Family

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The previous owner wanted David and his family to be happy. They weren’t mad at him. They hoped the car would run for a hundred years and that David and his family would create countless memories in the vehicle.

When David finished reading the letter, his cheeks were wet with tears, and his heart had broken into a thousand pieces. He shared his findings with his family, to which Hailey suggested something that would render him speechless.

His Daughter To The Vehicle

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After reading the lengthy letter, Hailey suggested the family start a GoFundMe for the previous owner. She hoped they could find them and help them repurchase the car.

David shared his story on Facebook, and soon enough, it blew up, driving all traffic to Hailey’s cause. It wasn’t long before they amassed enough cash to get the car back to its previous owner while also getting Hailey another vehicle.