Entitled Woman Tells Teen Selling Candy To Go Away, Man Has The Perfect Remark


Making Extra Pocket Money

Sixteen-year-old Damian Jones had just been minding his own business while he was trying to earn a little bit more pocket money. He was causing no harm to anyone in the vicinity.

Then, he was accosted by an unknown woman who started harassing him.

Damian, with his backpack full of candy boxes, stood near the busy street corner, hoping to catch the attention of passersby.

A Mind For Business


Damian had an entrepreneurial spirit. If he needed something, he always found a way to get it.

He knew that one day, he was going to have his own business.

At the tender age of 16, he believed he had a mind for business and had already drawn up a rough business plan for his future candy shop.

Run Out Of Money


However, right now, he had run out of allowance money, and his parents were very strict about how he spends his money. Unfortunately, Damian blew his money on the latest video game, and now, he needed money for a school fundraiser.

“Sorry, but you knew you had to put money away for the fundraiser. Instead, you chose to squander it on that video game.

I’m sorry, but you will have to make another plan,” his mother reprimanded him.

A Plan


Damian already had a plan in his mind as soon as his mother advised him to make another way of getting the money for the fundraiser. His mind was always working overtime.

He made a small loan from his best friend, Joey, promising him that he would pay him back as soon as he had the money.

Joey was skeptical at first, but in the end, Damian managed to convince him.

A Stall


With the $20 dollars he received from Joey, Damian was able to purchase some candy from a wholesaler. He grabbed an old table and fold-up chair from his parents’ garage and set out.

He had the perfect spot where he was going to set up his candy stall.

He knew exactly where the most foot traffic would be.

Someone Watching


However, Damian had no idea that his candy stall setup would be to the ire and annoyance of one particular person.

Ever since he had been coming to sell his candy at the same spot every day, the person was watching his every move.

Damian was in for a rude awakening. This person was about to make his life a living nightmare.

An Air Of Entitlement


It was a sunny day outside, and Damian stood on the sidewalk, ready to sell his goods. But then something happened.

An entitled woman, with an air of superiority, approached Damian and said, “Why are you selling candy here? You’re blocking the sidewalk. Go away!”

Damian, surprised by the sudden confrontation, stammered, “I’m just trying to sell candy for a school fundraiser.”

I Don’t Care


Ignoring Damian’s explanation, the woman continued, “I don’t care. This is a public space, and you shouldn’t be bothering people. Find another place.” A crowd began to gather, curious about the unfolding scene.

At that moment, Damian felt like he was in big trouble.

Why was this woman doing this to him? He wasn’t hurting anyone.



Before she could go into the shop, she gave Damian a stern warning, “If you’re not gone by the time I get out of this store, I’m calling the cops on you, mister!’

Damian grew very concerned. He didn’t want the authorities coming there.

But he also needed this money and couldn’t see why this woman was harassing him.

Standing His Ground


He decided to stand his ground. No one else had ever complained about him being there. It was just this woman.

Why was she so against him being there and selling the candy?

Something didn’t seem right to him. Damian tried to think of an explanation for the woman’s rude behavior towards him, but nothing came up.

A Glare


After 20 minutes, the woman finished her shopping, and as she walked out, she gave Damian a glare. But then, to his surprise, she walked away.

Maybe she had time to think about her rude behavior and decided to leave him alone. Or so he thought.

Damian was in for the shock of his life.



He had just finished selling some gummy bears to a friendly old lady when he looked up. Right there in front of him stood the woman with her arms crossed. She looked very angry.

Damian decided to be his charming self and lighten the mood.

“Hello again, ma’am. Could I interest you in some Hershey’s Kisses?” he asked with a bright smile on his face.

Are You Looking For Trouble?


But it did nothing to appease the woman. “Are you trying to be funny? Didn’t I tell you to pack this up and be gone by the time I exited the store? Are you looking for trouble, young man? Because you’re going to find it, I can promise you that,” the woman said.

Damian could see she was fuming with anger.

But he still hadn’t figured out what he had done wrong.

Losing Customers


She stood with folded arms and walked up and down, looking at Damian. It annoyed him because her presence was driving away his customers.

People sensed that there was trouble brewing and didn’t want to be part of it.

“Ma’am, if you don’t mind, please leave. You’re scaring away my customers with all your hollering. Like I said, I need this money for a school fundraiser,” Damian pleaded.

How Dare You?


When Damian said that, he only made the woman even more furious.

“Excuse me? How dare you speak to me like that? Do you know who I am? I will have you arrested in no time for soliciting without a permit. Hang on, let me get my phone,” the woman said while taking her phone out of her bag.

Damian knew that more trouble was coming now, and there was nothing he could do about it.

Calling The Police


The woman proceeded to dial 911 to report Damian. He could hear how she was exaggerating the whole situation. But it didn’t matter now. He knew the police probably wouldn’t even listen to his side of the story.

However, unbeknownst to them, someone was watching the entire encounter from across the street.

It was a man in his mid-30s, dressed in a sharp suit, who couldn’t ignore the injustice taking place.

Defending Himself


“You might as well pack up because the police are on their way, and they don’t take kindly to people soliciting without permits,” she warned him again.

But Damian was leaving without a fight. He knew he had rights, and he wanted to speak to the police, too.

He had the full right to defend himself.

Is There A Problem Here?


The man in the sharp suit, witnessing the escalating drama, briskly crossed the street and approached the unfolding scene.

He interjected, “Excuse me, ma’am, is there a problem here?”

The woman, taken aback by the interruption, responded with indignation, “Yes, there is! This young man is blocking the sidewalk and selling candy without a permit. I’ve called the police.”



The man in the sharp suit turned to Damian and asked, “Is that true?” Damian quickly explained the situation, emphasizing that he was fundraising for school and had no intention of causing trouble.

The man listened intently, his expression changing from curiosity to concern.

He could see how worried and nervous Damian was. He was about to change the whole situation.

Taking Charge


As the woman continued to argue her point, the man in the sharp suit pulled out his wallet and flashed a badge. “I’m an undercover officer. You need to calm down, ma’am,” he said sternly. The woman’s face turned pale, realizing she might have overstepped.

The officer turned his attention to Damian. “You have the right to be here, young man, as long as you’re not causing any disruptions. Carry on with your fundraiser.”

With that, the woman, now flustered, retreated, casting one last resentful glance at Damian.

Unexpected Support


Damian thanked the undercover officer, who introduced himself as Detective Anderson. “I happened to be passing by and noticed the commotion. Don’t let people like her discourage you,” the detective advised before blending back into the crowd.

Feeling a renewed sense of determination, Damian continued his candy sales.

However, the incident had attracted more attention, and soon, a local news crew arrived, intrigued by the clash on the sidewalk.

Media Frenzy


The news crew interviewed Damian, capturing his side of the story and showcasing the unjust treatment he received. The footage went viral, turning Damian into an overnight sensation.

Messages of support flooded in, not just from his local community but from people across the country who empathized with his plight.

However, the incident also sparked a fierce debate about the rights of individuals to engage in small-scale fundraising and the potential abuse of authority.

Legal Battle


Emboldened by the support he received, Damian decided to take legal action against the woman for harassment and false accusations. The case garnered even more media attention, turning into a high-profile legal battle.

Damian’s story became a symbol of standing up against injustice, with civil rights organizations rallying behind him.

The courtroom drama unfolded on national television, with the woman forced to defend her actions.

Twists and Turns


The trial took unexpected turns, revealing hidden agendas and ulterior motives. It turned out the woman had ties to a rival candy shop, and she saw Damian’s presence as a threat to her business.

The detective’s testimony further exposed the woman’s deceitful tactics.

This had now become much bigger than anyone had anticipated. Damian braced himself.



In the end, justice prevailed, and Damian won the case. The woman faced consequences for her actions, and Damian became not only a local hero but a symbol of resilience against those who misuse power.

The media frenzy transformed Damian’s candy stall into a thriving business. With the money he earned, he not only covered his school fundraiser but also fulfilled his dream of opening a small candy shop.

He also managed to pay back to his best friend, Joey and offered him a spot to work in the shop with him.

Damian’s Delights


The small candy shop, named “Damian’s Delights,” became a beloved fixture in the community. People from all walks of life came to support Damian, eager to taste the candies that had once caused such controversy.

The media attention also attracted the interest of entrepreneurs and investors.

Offers to franchise “Damian’s Delights” poured in, but Damian, true to his roots, decided to keep it a local business.

A Regular


With the newfound success, Damian didn’t forget the detective who had come to his rescue. Detective Anderson became a regular customer, and the two formed an unexpected friendship. Anderson shared stories of his own entrepreneurial dreams before joining the police force.

The legal victory against the entitled woman prompted Damian to advocate for the rights of young entrepreneurs.

He started participating in community events and speaking engagements, encouraging other teens to pursue their passions and stand up against unjust treatment.



As Damian continued to thrive, the community rallied behind him. The school that once held a fundraiser for which he needed money in the first place honored him for his resilience and achievements.

Despite the challenges he faced, Damian remained humble.

He continued to focus on his studies, balancing the responsibilities of running his candy shop and being a positive influence in the community.



The incident also sparked a change in local regulations. The city implemented measures to protect young entrepreneurs, ensuring they could pursue their dreams without unnecessary hindrances.

Damian was proud that he could have saved future entrepreneurs from any harassment.

It was everyone’s right to start up a small business without having to deal with people like the woman who had harassed him.

A Turning Point


Years later, Damian looked back on that sunny day when an entitled woman tried to shut down his candy stall.

It was a turning point that led to a series of unexpected events, ultimately shaping his future and leaving a lasting impact on the community.

As he stood in his bustling candy shop, surrounded by the sweet aroma of confections and the laughter of satisfied customers, Damian couldn’t help but appreciate the twists and turns that had brought him to this fulfilling moment in his life.