Enjoy Someone Else’s Humiliation: Top Photo Fails of All Time

A picture is worth a thousand words, but these pictures are worth a thousand laughs. Check out the funniest photo fails of all time.

As awesome as sound and video can be, a picture is still worth a thousand words. But when it comes to photo fails, those pictures can be worth a thousand laughs. If you despise the duck-lipped posturing that usually dominates photography, then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

It’s fun to see people fall on their faces. So we hope you enjoy our list of the Top 5 Photo Fails as much as we do. We will not accept failure. Unless we can laugh at it.

15. Weirdest Selfie Ever

weird selfie

The mirror and the angle of the photo mess with her face. Was she trying to be funny in this picture? Or did she do this as a mistake?

She shouldn’t post anywhere. Sadly, it’s out on the internet for everyone to see.

14. When You See It…

when you see it

Look all the way to the left. See it now?

She was really committing to this picture. Too bad their wedding photos have this memorable face everywhere.

13. Bad Angle

bad angle

This is a cute picture, but it’s taken at the wrong angle.

What a fail.

12. The Horse Wants Attention

horse wants attention

What was this horse doing? It was probably smiling for the camera, but the camera caught a goofy-looking face.

Do they need more attention?

11. Dress Monster

dress monster

This was supposed to be a nice wedding picture of the woman in the dress.

The kid had his own plans and ruined it all.

10. Basketball Fail

basketball fail

Imagine paying a lot of money for those courtside seats.

Try to sit farther away next time.

9. The Best Dance Move Ever

the best dance move ever

Sadly, it went terribly wrong. You should never step on your dress when you are barefoot. Also, never underestimate your balance.

Do you see the people in the back? They are laughing at her rather than helping!

8. Punch Gone Wrong

punch gone wrong

This punch went terribly wrong.

Her face looks weird and is moving in the wrong direction.

7. Photobomb Fail

photobomb fail

Photobombs are hilarious, but this guy in the back took it to a whole new level.

What a funny face!

6. When You Try And Take A Photo Like A Model

taking a photo like a model

Models are professionals.

If you try and act like them and you are in the water, this may happen.

5. Foodies Spotted

foodies spotted

If you are a foodie and love taking pictures, then this is maybe you.

They just really love food; don’t judge!

4. Panoramic Photo Gone Wrong

panoramic photo gone wrong

Apparently, he did not understand how to take a panoramic photo.

Now, this picture looks weirdly photoshopped or like ghosts are involved.

3. Dog Was Too Excited

dog got too excited

The puppy just wanted to play with the kids.

Then he fell, and this photo was taken. What a goofy puppy!

2. What Happened To His Legs?

what happened to his legs

The first picture is normal. Then his legs got all turned around by a Photoshop fail.

What is happening here?

1. Where Is The Love?

where is the love

One bird is too invested in this relationship.

The other bird wants to get out because they are too clingy.

These photos made us laugh. We hope you enjoyed them! Want more funny pictures? Click the next button to see the worst profile pictures ever.