Enjoy Someone Else’s Humiliation: Top 5 Photo Fails of All Time

As awesome as sound and video can be, a picture is still worth a thousand words. But when it comes to fails, those pictures can be worth a thousand laughs. If you despise the duck-lipped posturing that usually dominates photography (especially in the social media age), then you know exactly what we’re talking about. It’s fun to see people fall on their faces (yes, sometimes literally). So we hope you enjoy our list of the Top 5 Photo Fails as much as we do. Because we will not accept failure. Unless we can laugh at it.

5 Jesus Saves!

Image credit: Imgur.com

If you wanted to base your faith on something, a gigantic limestone Jesus””all magnanimous and such””would do in a pinch. If you wanted to base jump off of something, the same divinity would prove a poor decision. Well, at least he got punished for his sacrilege, it would seem. But I’d like to be on the rescue team that tried to save him when this skydiver looked at them and said, “But you don’t understand: I’ve already been saved.”

4 The Wallflower

Image credit: Graphicshunt

Everyone knows what it’s like to feel left out; not everyone has that moment preserved on the internet and broadcasted around the world. But the unbridled bacchanalia unraveling before him seems to add some extra venom to the bite of loneliness. We only have one thing we can think to say to this poor wallflower: LOOOOOOOSER! Oh, well, I guess he can always drown his sorrows in that diet cola he’s holding.

3 The Nutcracker

Image credit: Glitters20

This is what happens when you try to befriend feminists. More importantly, this the treatment anyone going to a ska show deserves (we should all send that young lady a fruit basket for preventing future ska babies””or skabies, as they’re commonly referred to). Another thing to note is how this fool is clearly trying to dance like Paula Abdul or Will Smith a la Fresh Prince, but he’s dressed for a ska or punk show. Not a good time to mix genres, bro.

2 Wardrobe Malfunction

Image credit: Failfun.blogspot.com

Let me guess: You can smell what his rocks are cooking? And my guess would be a combination of “˜roid-sweat, hair spray, and butter sauce? As if wrestling weren’t already homoerotic enough, these guys look like they’re ready to explore alternate definitions of a pile driver. And their leather boots don’t really help their case. Much as you want to cringe at the awkwardness of this fail, you also kind of want to be in the audience, to see who makes the next move”¦

1 Re-Enactment Gold

Image credit: FreeLolJokes

There’s nothing funny about rape. Except thiths all-time fail of fails. “œHave you seen this man?”Only every night for the past five years on my television set. Can you imagine his voice as he described the suspect and started to trail off after, “œMay be seen wearing a red tie”¦”His facial expression is pretty hilarious, too, as if he just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar (no pun intended, seriously). Let’s hope they catch him before he spoils another broadcast with his lewd and lascivious behavior.

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