10 Engagement Ring Holders Guaranteed to Make Them Say Yes!

Love is in the air, and Cupid’s arrow is ready to strike. As Valentine’s Day creeps up, people around the world are getting ready to ask that special someone, “Will you marry me?” The rock you offer deserves to be held by the best – and doesn’t your boo deserve that as well?

If you’re looking for a surefire way to get a “yes,” these engagement ring holders are sure to tip the odds in your favor.


1.)  Vintage Box

engagement ring

Does your future life partner enjoy antiques? If so, present your ring to that special someone by surrounding it with glass walls. This stunning engagement ring holder would give Cinderella’s glass slippers a run for their money – and will act as the perfect vessel for your perfect ring. The gorgeous vintage box is finished off with copper edging to add an elegant yet retro feel. The pillow in the center keeps the ring upright so, open or closed, your gem is sure to shine. This box would go well with most gems and stones, so if you’re looking for a classic touch, look no further!

2.) Tree Stump

engagement ring

Fancy a romantic stroll through the woods with your partner? You could also just bring the forest to her instead by presenting your ring in this rustic engagement ring holder – ideal for anyone who shares a love of the great outdoors. You can create your own by taking a piece of wood and hollowing out the center to place the ring inside. Plus, it’s amazing if you’re looking to add a personal touch – because nothing says “I love you” more than carving your initials together. If you and your love enjoy nature, then look no further than this tree stump holder.

3.) Heart Book

engagement ring

Your significant other may not appreciate you tearing up their favorite book, but if you’re with a bookworm, this holder might be the perfect way to tip the odds in your favor of them saying “yes.” This crafty DIY project exudes romantic and whimsical charm – and it’s easy to make, we promise. All you need to do is cut a heart into a nice book or journal. Is there a passage from a book that encapsulates your love for each other? Print out that passage and frame it – the perfect backdrop for your rock. This heart book is the perfect background to get a positive response from your four-word question.

4.) Wooden Square

engagement ring

True love grows over time. It has a solid foundation in which to blossom into something truly unique and beautiful. Show your SO how in tune with Mother Nature you are by presenting your ring in this sleek box with a contemporary yet earthy feel. Take a wooden square box and line it with multicolored pebbles for the rings to lie on. If that isn’t enough – and you should go the extra mile, since you’re only going to be doing this once, right? – then print out a quote that reflects your undying love. In case you’re out of ideas, gain some inspiration from these love quotes.

5.) Geometric Shape

engagement ring

Triangles are one of the strongest shapes, and pyramids are made up of lots of them. That means that this three-dimensional pyramid-shaped holder is going to last – just like your love. The chic and modern design appears in the shape of a diamond, giving it a timeless feel. Bringing in elements of playfulness is the hanging hook in the center of the box. This draws the eye immediately to the object of desire, the ring, as it dangles handsomely. This beautiful geometric box is sure to win over the object of your desire and convey a message of strength in your relationship for years to come.