Top 11 Fun and Eye-Catching Engagement Photo Poses

It is rare to meet a woman nowadays who doesn’t have an entire Pinterest board completely dedicated to her future, with engagement photo poses lined up next to wedding invitation ideas. If you’re lucky, you’ll come across someone who is so dedicated to the future, that he or she has separate boards set aside for specific items, like “Future Wedding Day,” “Photos to Take,” “Engagement Ring Ideas,” “Bachelorette Party,” “Wedding Favor Ideas” and so on. And for any woman or man who likes to plan, there are binders and websites and apps designed just to optimize your future wedding experience.

And some of those resources are important, because as difficult as it already is to find an incredible photographer for a reasonable price who can provide a seamless, entertaining and beautiful experience, it can be even more intense to find a photographer who has a trained eye to capture flattering and timeless photographs without having to direct him or her from behind the lens. So, let us help you on the suggestion side of things. With a team of wedding professionals, we have dug up some of our absolute favorite engagement photo poses from some incredible photographers. So peruse this compilation, and hopefully you’ll get inspired for your upcoming nuptials. Although the beauty of these photographs is so intense, these poses could be fitting for any occasion, really!

1.) Cozy Up with a Blanket

Whatever atmosphere you happen upon during your engagement session – winter, spring, summer, fall, indoor, outdoor, in public, at home – there is a cozy, beautiful way to show off your relationship. Think scarves, beach towels, blankets, etc. Then, take one of your favorite pastimes – admit it, you love to cuddle – and try it on for size in a different setting. Sharing a layer expresses the vulnerability and light, sweet, rarely seen side of your relationship.

For a fun alternative, bring a Mexican-style blanket to the shoot, then continue to use it for bonfires and other fun events with your sweetie!