Elite Retreat: 5 Theories on the Bilderberg Conference

Each year, a gathering of more than 100 of the world’s most powerful people takes place, and somehow, almost no one knows anything about it. Known as the Bilderberg Conference, it started nearly 60 years ago as a summit between the elites of the United States and Europe that was meant to prevent the coming of a third World War.

Since 1954, the conference has taken place annually and has never once allowed a media presence inside, thus keeping its secretive nature in tact. So the question remains, what exactly are so many of the world’s most prominent figures doing with their time at Bilderberg?

5 Straight Chillin’

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While most of us envy the type of people that receive an invite to something as exclusive as Bilderberg, there’s no denying that they all face a tremendous amount of pressure in their everyday lives. So isn’t it possible that Bilderberg is just their Club Med (that’s still a thing, right?)? Perhaps the gathering is nothing more than a chance for them to relax and feel like normal folks for a weekend with the hosting hotel offering a myriad of activities that include an 80s movie marathon, beer Olympics and the chance to make your own customized cell phone case at the always-popular craft corner.

4 Draft Day

The Bilderberg Conference is a gathering with a notoriously male-heavy attendance list. So sure, it may have started as a gathering to prevent the coming of another World War, but in modern times, is there any chance this conference hasn’t devolved into the planet’s most elite fantasy football draft? Come on, with that many men in one place and modern technology right at their fingertips, it seems nearly impossible that at least one day during the long weekend isn’t now devoted to the world’s only billion-dollar fantasy league.

3 Mega Orgy

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It seems like a ridiculous notion, but is it possible that all of these powerful people are getting together once a year to just let their collective hair, and pants, down? With invitees including infamous horndogs like former president Bill Clinton and former CIA director David Petraeus, it’s a question that’s only fair to ask. Maybe Bilderberg is nothing more than the world’s most prominent key party; a long weekend that allows world luminaries to channel their significant sexual energy in one place, in hopes of minimizing future scandals.

2 Rigging Future Elections

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With this many influential people gathering at one time, many have theorized that Bilderberg is the very place where the political landscapes of the world’s most powerful nations are shaped. But could these yearly gatherings really be a way to plan for the future leaders of the free world? It’s hard to say for sure, but if Ryan Gosling suddenly gets an invite to Bilderberg somewhere down the road, it’s fair to say the conference may very well be the engine behind the Gosling 2036 presidential campaign.

1 Orchestrating Catastrophe

Whenever something is kept tightly under wraps, it inherently brings out suspicion. And since Bilderberg is the one of the world’s most closely guarded gatherings, it has inspired more wing-nuts than ‘Paul is Dead’ adherents, the faked moon landing insisters and the purple Teletubby cultists combined. Some say Bilderberg orchestrated the recent financial crash, or that the attendees are secretly holding back a cure for cancer, or even that they’re responsible for the successful career of Taylor Swift. While these theories all seem fairly unfounded, if any were true, they would truly make Bilderberg the home of monsters.

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