5 Easy Ways to Have the Healthiest Pregnancy Ever

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Obviously when a women gets pregnant, the thought of ‘eating for two’ seems too good to be true – and it is. At your ‘most pregnant,’ you will only require about 300 extra calories when it comes to energy requirements, but you can eat more if you do it right (juicing, food combining, lots of vegetables, high alkaline diet). There are other ways to keep your pregnancy super healthful while enjoying delicious foods and pampering yourself. You may find that during your pregnancy you feel the more vibrant and healthy than you ever have before. Here are some helpful tips to up level your pregnancy.

5 Keep Having Sex

This sounds pretty strange for a pregnant woman, considering her body will be changing quite drastically in the coming months, but you may find yourself surprised at your sex drive and even that of your partner. The fact that your baby is growing in your belly is a beautiful connection for a couple and brings lots of love into the physical act. As you get bigger ladies, it may require some creativity, but it can happen and it’s completely safe for baby. The endorphins released during orgasm are beneficial for mom, dad and baby, as when mom feels great, everyone feels great – baby on a physiological level and dad on a mental and physical level.

4 Reduce Stress

It sounds obvious, but many women don’t do this. When you become stressed you release more cortisol which is harmful to the baby’s developing brain. Make sure you deal well with stress by listing the things that cause you stress and take back control by asking yourself how you can deal with these things. Your partner should help you more than ever before on all tasks. Support like this will keep you feeling safe on a fundamental level.

3 Exercise

Walking is sufficient if you didn’t exercise much before pregnancy. Blood flow will help tremendously with energy levels, oxygenation of your tissues and even with digestion which may grow slower during the last trimester. It keeps stress at bay as well as depression and anxiety. If you were a fitness buff before getting pregnant, keep it up – there is no evidence of harm in exercise unless you exercise more than you did pre-pregnancy.

2 Eat Well

This goes without saying. Make sure you let lots of fruit in the morning and lots of vegetables in the evening. Get Omega-3’s from walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds and a bit of fish. Get iron from spinach (and a supplement if you so wish) and B-12 from spirulina, eggs and calf liver (if you are vegan, you may have to make an exception here if you are feeling drained). In the last trimester, eat as well as you can, as this will set the stage for your child loving to eat well, as well.

1 Leave the Baby Alone

During the first half of your pregnancy the baby’s ears are not yet connected to her brain, therefore you don’t need to play music to your belly, speak any other languages or anything else. Just eat well and leave her alone to grow, staying warm and staying safe.

The dread of pregnancy is completely unfounded, unless you’re a fast-food loving couch potato in a bad relationship with a lot of stress in your life that you don’t take care of. It is a time in a woman’s life to take time out, relax, be well supported and treated like a princess, to move and eat well and feel the beauty of a new human coming into the world, full of hopes and dreams. Be sure to treat yourself and your partner with utmost respect and love at this time so that you feel wonderful, your partner feels wonderful, and your baby is cozy, safe, and well-provided for in your belly.

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