Green Thumb Not Necessary: 5 Easy Herbs to Grow at Home

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So, maybe you’re one of those people who waters a plant and it wilts. Maybe you tried growing tomatoes, only to find the vines all shriveled up and brown after four days of diligent care. You don’t have a green thumb – it happens. Not everyone can be Martha Stewart and not everyone wants to either. But say you love to cook, and running to the store to pick up basil or rosemary is starting to get old. It is actually pretty simple to grow herbs, inside and outside of your house. If you are one of those people whose plants die a quick death, don’t worry – here are five easy herbs you can grow at home! You’ll save money and look all crafty when people come over and see you snipping a sprig of this and a leaf of that from your lush herb garden. If there’s good sunlight, keep it near your kitchen for easy access.

5 Tarragon

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This is a delicious herb that people don’t use nearly enough. Add it to roasted potatoes or chicken – there’s even tarragon ice cream that’s delicious. It’s also great with eggs. Easy to grow indoors and great for winter dishes.

4 Thyme

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Pick any variety of thyme you like – they all pack a huge punch when it comes to flavor. It is great in sweets as well as savory dishes and you can even add it to tea, so there are plenty of uses. Grow according to the directions and keep it trimmed for the best results.

3 Lemongrass

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Another super easy herb to grow, so brush up on your Thai cooking skills. Lemongrass is amazing in soups and curries, and even though you probably use something like basil all the time, it’s not an easy one to kp at home. You can find stalks to buy at your local store or maybe even a Thai market. Make sure the base is intact and that the stems are plentiful. Just trim the top and put the stalk in water, and it will start to grow roots and new shoots in no time.

2 Mint

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If chive grows like crazy, mint grows like a raving lunatic. If you plant some outside it pretty much grows itself, but indoors it requires a little care, unless you want to live in a sea of mint leaves. It’s best to keep mint separate from other herbs since it might overtake everything else. Unlike chives, it’s better to start this one with seeds – don’t be scared, you can do it! Put the seeds in a small pot full of soil and wait for the magic to happen. Water when it gets dry, and keep it in shady with a tiny bit of fun. Then – mojitos!

1 Chives

Chives don’t need much sunlight and they grow like (delicious, pretty) weeds, so they’re a great plant to start with. It’s best if you start with a plant that’s already growing, instead of dealing with seeds and trying to create a whole plant. You can get one at a local nursery or sometimes a grocery store like Whole Foods will carry them. Just pull out the whole plant (roots included of course) and replant it in your home herb garden. Put it in a pot that’s filled halfway up with soil, and then cover the roots with more soil once it’s in. To stimulate growth, trim about one-third off the top of the plant – easy!

So you see, even if you don’t have a green thumb you can easily grow these five herbs inside and impress your friends. Do you have other tips for growing herbs inside? Let us know!

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