40 Easter Eggs That Will Put Your Plastic Ones To Shame

Easter is a major holiday in Christianity. However, with the introduction of the Easter bunny, candy and egg hunts, that day has also been adopted into the secular world. Easter marks the day Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead. But others, especially children, view it as a time to decorate, hide and hunt for Easter eggs. And every year, the American president celebrates the Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn — bringing families together for some spring fun.

But how did Easter eggs become a big part of the holiday? Well, there are many reasons eggs have become a symbol of Easter. Before Easter became a Christian holiday, there are some stories that say that eggs were to celebrate the spring equinox. But then back in 1290, Edward I distributed dyed and gold-leaf-covered eggs to “the royal entourage.”

In the late 19th century, the Russian elite used to give jewel-encrusted eggs to each other during Easter and brought rise to the well-known Fabergé eggs. And for the Christian spin on it, eggs used to be on the do-not-eat list during Lent. So once Easter rolls around, they would be able to enjoy them as treats.

And while there aren’t as many blinged-out eggs exchanged during the spring holiday these days, people have been getting really creative with their designs. Some have gone straight for the paintbrush or fine-tipped markers to doodle on these delicate shells to create masterpieces.

Since Easter is only a few weeks away, we wanted to give you some inspiration for your own holidays. Whether they are actual eggs or ones made out of chocolate, these will get your creative juices flowing. So toss those plastic eggs out and give one of these designs a try.

40.) The Pysanky Easter Egg

Staying true to the holiday, this design is inspired by the Ukrainian tradition of decorating Easter eggs — Pysanky. Not only do they have the religious aspect with the cross but they also are displayed on a sweet little stand.


39.) Blue Dot Egg

If regular chicken eggs are too difficult to paint on, maybe you should give goose eggs a try instead. They are much bigger, soo there’s more surface area to actually put your design. And this continuous pattern of blue dots seems simple enough to replicate.


38.) Black Lined Design

If you’re not that skilled with a paintbrush, maybe you want to use a pen instead. Pick up a soft fine-tipped black pen and just go to town on your hard boiled eggs. And if you want to do more than a black and white design, then grab an egg coloring kit from your local grocery store and dip the eggs before you start. Then you’ll have a variety of colors, along with designs.


37.) Metallic Eggs

If you want something with some extra sheen, cutting out pieces of metallic materials and gluing them onto the shells makes for more glamorous Easter eggs.


36.) Red and White Pysanky Eggs

Instead of being a little haphazard with your designs, sometimes it’s good to stick to one design and run with it. These red eggs with white markings look simple yet elegant.


35.) The Cute Animal Face

How can you not love these adorable little faces?


34.) The One With an Egg on Top

Here’s the first of many chocolate eggs on the list. Although it’s pretty simple, the sunny side up egg on top of the egg shell is a cute touch.


33.) Black on Brown

Even though this could have been done with paint, the precise yet delicate pattern makes it look like henna was done on the eggshells.


32.) The Happy Eggs

There’s nothing wrong with taking a Sharpie and drawing some funny faces on a clean eggshell. These can brighten up anyone’s day.


31.) When Eggs Get The Crochet Treatment

If you’re handy with knitting or crochet needles, then maybe you can cover your eggs in their own little costumes instead. That way you can have both baby chicks and bunnies over on Easter Sunday.


30.) These Eggs Like To Party

Although egg cups are meant for eating three-minute eggs the right way, this is also a great way to display your new egg friends. And adding party hatsis a nice touch to your Easter brunch.


29.)The Egg with The Lightning Scar

If you have Harry Potter fans coming to Easter lunch, then this chocolate egg may be the type of thing you want to put on display. Not only is it big enough to feed everyone at the party but it also has that magical quality.


28.) The Perler Egg

Remember the days you can put those plastic beads into a pattern and then iron over it to make a new decoration? Well, it looks like this person found a new use for Perler beads. And all you need is some glue and probably tweezers to pick up each one.


27.) Pressed Flower Eggs

Here’s a new way to use those dried flowers you’ve been keeping inside your books.


26.) Marble Eggs

The swirls in this marble design give the egg an elegant touch.


25.) New Baby Egg

If you have a new baby in the family, this might be a new and cute way to introduce the bundle of joy to everyone.


24.) The Masterpiece

Although this was done by an 80-year-old craftsman from Kashmir, anyone who knows his or her way around a paintbrush can create something like this.


23.) The Cactus Egg

Bring in the green dye and a black marker and you can have your own cactus egg. And if you put it in a small ceramic pot, it can make for a nice decoration for your desk.


22.) The Content Egg

Add a string to your eggs and it’ll be more than something you hide in the bushes on Easter.


21.) Gentlemanly Eggs

Sleek and simple.


20.) The Centerpiece Egg

Think you can actually eat this one?


19.) The Black and White Look

Nothing wrong with a little monochrome.


18.) Humpty Dumpty

Let’s just hope this one doesn’t have a great fall.


17.) The Vintage Egg

This classic design is a great decor element throughout the year.


16.) The Country Home

And so does this one.


15.) The Beaded Egg

If you’re into beading, this one is for you.


14.) Lacey The Egg

Prim, proper and ready for tea time.


13.) The Easter Bunny Remix

Not sure what’s happening here but we like it!


12.) The Sunflower Egg

Who’s feeling the Van Gogh vibes?


11.) Botanical Eggs

Adding a simple botanical print makes these Easter eggs oh-so-pretty.


10.) Literary Eggs

Forget color. Let’s just go with letters.


9.) The Classic Pattern

These look like the eggs that they used to give out in the 19th century.


8.) The Stained Glass Pattern

Now that’s a work of art.


7.) Fairy Tale Eggs

For anyone looking for the whimsy.


6.) The Black and Floral Pysanky

This traditional design is fit for a museum.


5.) Minion Eggs

These will always bring the fun.


4.) The Chocolate Painting

Is this chocolate or a piece of art?


3.) The Patterns

There’s nothing wrong with a little (or a lot of) color in your life.


2.) The Thinker

This one will make you take a moment and ponder.


1.) Naptime Egg

And finally the one that will always signal when it’s time for bed.

What’s your favorite way to decorate Easter eggs? Let us know in the comments!

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