40 Easter Eggs That Will Put Your Plastic Ones To Shame

Easter is a major holiday in Christianity. However, with the introduction of the Easter bunny, candy and egg hunts, that day has also been adopted into the secular world. Easter marks the day Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead. But others, especially children, view it as a time to decorate, hide and hunt for Easter eggs. And every year, the American president celebrates the Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn — bringing families together for some spring fun.

But how did Easter eggs become a big part of the holiday? Well, there are many reasons eggs have become a symbol of Easter. Before Easter became a Christian holiday, there are some stories that say that eggs were to celebrate the spring equinox. But then back in 1290, Edward I distributed dyed and gold-leaf-covered eggs to “the royal entourage.”

In the late 19th century, the Russian elite used to give jewel-encrusted eggs to each other during Easter and brought rise to the well-known Fabergé eggs. And for the Christian spin on it, eggs used to be on the do-not-eat list during Lent. So once Easter rolls around, they would be able to enjoy them as treats.

And while there aren’t as many blinged-out eggs exchanged during the spring holiday these days, people have been getting really creative with their designs. Some have gone straight for the paintbrush or fine-tipped markers to doodle on these delicate shells to create masterpieces.

Since Easter is only a few weeks away, we wanted to give you some inspiration for your own holidays. Whether they are actual eggs or ones made out of chocolate, these will get your creative juices flowing. So toss those plastic eggs out and give one of these designs a try.

40.) The Pysanky Easter Egg

Staying true to the holiday, this design is inspired by the Ukrainian tradition of decorating Easter eggs — Pysanky. Not only do they have the religious aspect with the cross but they also are displayed on a sweet little stand.


39.) Blue Dot Egg

If regular chicken eggs are too difficult to paint on, maybe you should give goose eggs a try instead. They are much bigger, soo there’s more surface area to actually put your design. And this continuous pattern of blue dots seems simple enough to replicate.