19 Worst Singers Who Are Famous and We Don’t Know Why

You may be grooving to your favorite singers’ tunes every time they come on the radio, but despite what it looks—or even sounds—like, their voices aren’t actually always that unique.

Even if they are booking out arenas and selling millions of albums, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can hit every single high note or perform perfect melisma. All it takes is a single live performance or appearance on a late night show to confirm that these singers have actually pretty average voices.

Is it surprising, though? Don’t get us wrong; there are still brilliant singers and exceptional voices topping the charts. However, with the magical effects of musical engineering and the infamous auto-tune, even you and I can turn our voices into a musical masterpiece.

These nine singers may have moved the crowds with their catchy lyrics and beats—and they may even be some of your favorite artists!—but it’s time to face the facts: there are others who can do much better.

19.) Taylor Swift

worst singers taylor swift

Lisa O’Connor / Getty Images

If we could give another two-word phrase for a synonym to pop star, it would without a doubt be Taylor Swift. The young lady’s fan base is simply crazy big. She has surprisingly amassed over 316 awards so far, and her relatable character made her a model that young teenagers (and even older moms) look up to. But how much does her vocal talent play into the equation? If you ask us: not that much.

Taylor Swift may not be a great singer, but she’s a business genius. She has tapped into the market of teenage girls who like country music and has worked her butt off to promote her music. But that’s where the catch is: when she was in her register, she sang pretty well, but as soon as she switched to pop, the transition didn’t go as well. She sometimes sings off-key and can’t hit accurate pitches. Like what happened on her hit song Shake It Off.