15 Stunning Easter Dresses for Easter Brunch (That You Will Wear All Spring and Summer!)

Easter brunch is right around the corner, and we can’t wait to gorge ourselves with deviled eggs, sheet tray pancakes, and yummy quiches—all while looking classy in an Easter dress.

Easter brunch is one of those times when the family comes together and enjoys some quality time together. Some are Easter parties pros and hit up all family members, including long-distance ones. Some others prefer some quiet downtime with their spouse and children instead.

This longstanding tradition is not only the perfect occasion to reconnect with family members and indulge in finger-licking-good treats, but it is also an excellent time to feel good about yourself. Whether you’re the awesome host to an Easter party or the fun guest to one, dressing up for the occasion is always a nice touch.

Flaunt a floral breezy, pastel striped, or silky Easter dress. You’ve been haunting your favorite shops in search of the perfect dress to enjoy Easter brunch. You want it to be pretty enough to look gorgeous on pictures and yet allow you to move freely throughout the day.

We got you covered. Here are 15 dream Easter dresses that will get you ready to enjoy the Easter brunch spread and company!

15.) Botanical Bae Yellow Floral Print Long Sleeve Dress

easter dress easter brunch lulus floral long sleeve


Add sizzle to your Easter brunch outfit, and make a statement with this sunny dress.

Floral prints come in all colors and patterns, and we can’t get enough of the pink-and-magenta-flowers-on-yellow combination.

The V-neck, ruffle trims, and elastic cuffs add a touch of feminity to this bold dress.

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14.) Lilly Light Pink Floral Print Tie-Sleeve Mini Dress

easter dress easter brunch lulus pink floral


Wanna sprout some compliments over Easter brunch? This pink floral print dress is the way to go!

This dress is 100% cotton and 100% pink energy. You will love sitting in your garden on Easter day and enjoy a fresh drink while basking in the morning sun. This A-line mini dress is light and breezy, so keep a shawl nearby in case you want to warm your shoulders.

The flirty A-line skirt flares, delicate pink buttons, and tie-cuffs frame the body nicely.

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13.) Dollface Green Gingham Print Ruffled Mini Dress

easter dress easter brunch lulus ruffled print


Picture this: you wearing this striking green dress and holding a basket full of beautifully marbled Easter eggs. Big mood.

With its lightweight woven fabric, a summery green (or orange) and white gingham print, this dress is everything we want.

The large tortoise buttons decorating the front of this Lulus dress and ruffly flirty hem both set the tone: spring is here, and we are enjoying every bit of it!

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12.) Lilja Cream Floral Print Maxi Dress

easter dress easter brunch lulus floral maxi dress


For all those who want to have their Disney princess moment, let this Easter dress take you to wonderland.

The colorful fabric will get everybody’s eyes glued on you: the soft orange, coral red, pastel green, and bright blue flowers are all intertwined together and offer a sight to behold.

The dress also has a fitted waist and an elastic at the back for fit.

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11.) Floral Gauze Dress

easter dress easter brunch ralph lauren

Ralph Lauren

If a summer breeze were a dress, it would be this Ralph Lauren Floral Gauze dress.

We’re digging everything about it, including the feminine floral pattern, the long puffed sleeves, and the elasticized split neckline with its elf-ties. This dress is dipping straight in our Bohemian dream style.

The dress is also cut in three sections, making it flowier and much less bulky.

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10.) Eyelet T-Shirt Dress

easter dress easter brunch white dress ralph lauren

Ralph Lauren

You can dress up or down this Ralph Lauren dress to infinity. It will be perfect for all your activities throughout Easter day.

Wear it by day with flat sandals to move freely around the house and the garden during Easter brunch. Pair it with sneakers, a belt, and a hat to run last-minute groceries or grab a coffee with friends out. The possibilities are endless.

Our favorite dresses are versatile ones, and this one fits the bill perfectly well.

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9.) Floral Georgette Dress

Easter dress easter brunch ralph laurenblue

Ralph Lauren

Classy, commanding, and yet spring-ready. We’re in love.

Ralph Lauren hit the spot with this ultrafeminine floral dress. You can wear it on your Easter brunch as well as on a workday. The straight fit, soft tones of the print, and belt all make it super chic.

This Easter, we’re treating ourselves in the best ways possible!

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8.) Lynsey

easter dress easter brunch cupackes and cashmere lynsey

Cupcakes & Cashmere

Any Boho style fans around? If you are one (and even if you aren’t, TBH), this dress is made for you.

In the sea of floral print dresses of the season, embroidered florals (like the ones on this dress) are one of the chicest. The V-neck and embroidered cut in the middle of the dress flatter the body.

Can you excuse us while we do that twirly dramatic turn to see the bottom part of the dress flow around us? Thank you.

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7.) Mitzi

easter dress easter brunch cupackes and cashmere mitzi

Cupcakes & Cashmere

Coco Chanel once said: “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” This dress is one of those pieces that will help you achieve true elegance on its own.

The sweet ruffle detailing and flattering waist tie achieve a feminine and refined look.

It doesn’t need large or loud jewelry because it stands out on its own. You can wear it with nude heels and a delicate necklace or earrings.

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6.) Puff Pastry Printed Satin Dress

easter dress easter brunch bailey 44 floral dress

Bailey 44

This midi dress would be perfect for the Easter church service, brunch with your family, and a relaxing afternoon with your friends.

And it will get you more than one compliment in every step of the way. Thanks to its little front bow at the chest, shoulder straps, and body fit, it has an extremely feminine flair.

It’s in our cart!

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5.) Party Seersucker Shift Dress

easter dress easter brunch vineyard vines multi color pastel

Vineyard Vines

Ready to be the life of the party? This limited-edition piece is taking our breaths away, in the best way possible.

Go for this swing dress to add a pop of color in your OOTD. The pastel colors form a perfect combo to make this dress a must during Easter.

These colors can be paired with almost anything. Throw a denim jacket and wear white sneakers for a casual look. Wear a faux-suede jacket and knee-length boots for an evening walk.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match!

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4.) Sandbar Stripe Bow Dress

easter dress easter brunch vineyard vines blue stripes

Vineyard Vines

Add this Easter dress to your wardrobe spring/summer essentials.

Its 100% cotton fabric will keep you refreshed throughout the day. Whether you’re running during Easter egg hunting or when whipping up Easter treats, this dress will not let you down.

We can’t get over how cute the bow on the right shoulder is. The delicate ladder lace and embroidery along the hem add an extra feminine touch to the whole ensemble.

A must if you’re going for the cute-casual look.

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3.) Fondant Ponte Dress

easter dress easter brunch bailey 44 pink dress

Bailey 44

This is one of the dresses that you will want to flaunt on more than one occasion.

It can be a soft yet classy dress. The bateau neckline, the laser-cut scalloped bottom hem, and the slim cut all make it a fancy Easter dress that will make you love your reflection on the mirror even more.

Bonus? Its black version is absolutely stunning!

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2.) Floral Pin-Tuck Midi Dress

easter dress easter brunch banana republic floral

Banana Republic

Help your wardrobe blossom to its full potential with this dress.

This is the basic floral dress that you can pair with a-ny-thing. It is super trendy and will help you nail the winter-to-summer transition.

If you’re feeling a tad fancier than usual, rock it during Easter brunch with high-heeled sandals.

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1.) Soft Satin Maxi Dress

easter dress easter brunch banana republic pink

Banana Republic

OK, we’re having a major princess moment over here.

Everything in this dress suggests delicacy and refinement. The design, the fabric, the fit, the flare. We can’t believe this gorgeous Easter dress went under our radar for so long.

Confession: This dress will make more than a few appearances on our IG this summer (and even in the first weeks of autumn).

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Which one of these dresses are you rocking this Easter? If you need more Easter fun, click next about homemade decorations to put around your home.

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