Dr. Emily Morse’s Top 5 Tips for Having a Successful First Date

Dr. Emily Morse
Entering the dating world may be intimidating for some people but with the help of Bravo TV star and sex and relationship expert, Dr. Emily Morse, knowing the do’s and don’ts will make dating a bit easier. Voted as the No. 1 dating expert to follow on Twitter as well as the No. 1 dating and sex expert by DatingAdvice.com, Emily continues to answer questions on her website, Sex With Emily, that most might be too embarrassed to ask in person. There she discusses topics varying from proper first date etiquette to how to spice things up in the bedroom. Besides helping both men and women approach the opposite sex, Dr. Emily gives helpful advice on how to make sure first dates goes as smooth as possible. Here are Dr. Emily’s top 5 tips for a successful date.

5 Be Present

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Don’t play out your future relationship with the person in your head. This is a first date. You are not in a relationship so don’t act like you are in one. This isn’t a good time to mention that you want to have their babies in the next year. On the other hand, don’t go into a date thinking that it is doomed. Try to enjoy the company of another person and analyze later. Worst case scenario, it’s a chance to tell all the funny stories your friends are sick of hearing.

4 Don’t Be Glued to Your Cell Phone

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I realize that pretending to check your cell phone is a great way to avoid awkward silences, but resist the urge. Stay engaged. Make eye contact with your date instead of with your phone, and ask them how many siblings they have or if they’ve seen Gravity yet.

3 Talk About What You Love

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People are more attractive when they talk about things that they are interested in and love to remember; you don’t have to brag about your accomplishments to show them what you’re about. It’s good to talk about what you do at your job, but even if they seem interested in the launch campaign for the deodorant you’re selling, they’re probably not. Give them a slice of what your job is about and leave some mystery.

2 Don’t Say Negative Things About Yourself or Other People

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It makes you look insecure and pessimistic. It’s okay if you make a couple harmless self-deprecating jokes, but don’t go overboard. Instead, showcase the positive things happening in your life. If the conversation takes a dreary turn, say something like, “the past is the past, my bad experiences have shaped my life and I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.” Then direct the conversation to something you are passionate about.

1 Go Somewhere Casual and Fun

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A fancy restaurant with violins playing in the background puts a lot of pressure on the date. Instead of picking the trendiest place in town, pick someplace laid-back where you can have a good conversation. Start off at a funky coffee shop or your favorite bar with appetizing snacks. The more relaxed the destination is, the more comfortable you will feel on the date.

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