Funny Dogs Begging For Food You Can’t Resist

Dogs are our best friends. They love to walk with us, play with us, cuddle with us and eat with us whether we like it or not. Dogs love food; there’s absolutely no denying that. If there is any food around, on the table or in your hand you can guarantee that a dog will be close by, ready and waiting patiently for any scraps going their way. Dogs are natural scavengers; that is the main reason why they get themselves into the trash and will eat just about anything. It’s also one of the reasons why dogs beg for food. Well that and the fact that we let them get away with it.

Dogs have a way of getting what they want, and they have us hoomans wrapped around their little paws. I mean how can we resist their darling faces and sad, twinkly eyes? You’d have to have a heart of stone to be able to say no to a begging dog.

We’ve put together some of the funniest and cutest dog photos for your viewing pleasure. From adorable puppy dog eyes to creative team acrobatic acts, we’ve got them all.

However, not all dogs are triumphant with their begging technique; that’s why we’ve rated each begging style out of five for its success rate. Check out this collection of funny begging dog photos.

Would you give these begging dogs your food?

The Laidback Approach

begging dogs - wrestling style

Majestic Bunny

This dog tricks its owner into thinking they are playing a simple wrestling game, then sneakily goes for the bowl of food. This is certainly a clever distraction tactic with tasty results. This owner won’t be making that mistake again.

  • Begging style: Laidback
  • Success rate: 4/5