Funny Dogs Begging For Food You Can’t Resist

Check out this collection of 25 funny begging dogs photos. Would you give them your food?

Dogs are our best friends. They love to walk with us, play with us, cuddle with us and eat with us whether we like it or not. Dogs love food; there’s absolutely no denying that. If there is any food around, on the table or in your hand you can guarantee that a dog will be close by, ready and waiting patiently for any scraps going their way.

Dogs have a way of getting what they want, and they have us humans wrapped around their little paws. You’d have to have a heart of stone to be able to say no to a begging dog. However, not all dogs are triumphant with their begging technique; that’s why we’ve rated each begging style out of five for its success rate.

Check out this collection of funny begging dog photos.

The Laidback Approach

begging dogs - wrestling style

Majestic Bunny

This dog tricks its owner into thinking they are playing a simple wrestling game, then sneakily goes for the bowl of food. This is certainly a clever distraction tactic with tasty results. This owner won’t be making that mistake again.

  • Begging style: Laidback
  • Success rate: 4/5

I Can Almost Reach

If I keep scratching, then the food will come to me, right? I can almost reach, keep scratching, never give up!

  • Begging style: The Scratch
  • Success rate: 1/5

Standard Saturday Movie Night

begging dogs - pack of dogs

Majestic Bunny

Begging dogs working together. This pack of huskies isn’t actually watching the movie; they’ve only got their eyes on that tasty pizza.

  • Begging style: Pack Hunt
  • Success rate: 3/5


begging dogs - teamwork


You have to applaud this pair for their creativity. The balance, the teamwork, their cute little faces. Give them the food already!

  • Begging style: Acrobat Act
  • Success rate: 5/5

I Doughnut Share

begging dogs - boxer and donut


If I just keep staring at the doughnut, then surely I’ll get a bite! Come on, owner, how can you resist this adorable hungry face?

  • Begging style: The Stare and Share
  • Success rate: 2/5

As Soon As a Bag of Cheetos Is Open…

begging dog asking for Cheetos

@angelmelanie.angelshelby.melba / Instagram

The rustling of the packet, the opening of the bag, the tasty smell of Cheetos in the air. Look into my big puppy dog eyes. Come on, please share!

  • Begging style: Puppy Dog Eyes
  • Success rate: 2/5

Throw Your Paws Up In The Air

begging dogs - paws in the air


Who wants a hotdog? Oh me please, me, I’d love a hotdog! I’ve not just got one paw in the air, I’ve got two, I definitely want a hotdog.

  • Begging style: Paws in the Air
  • Success rate: 4/5


begging dogs - peek-a-boo

Majestic Bunny

Peek-a-boo I see you, come to me, scrumptious pizza! This little fellow is completely mesmerized by that pizza slice.

  • Begging style: Peek-A-Boo
  • Success rate: 3/5

A Subtle Hint

begging dogs with food bowl


He’s totally being subtle about it, but I think this dog may be hungry. Excuse me, my bowl appears to be empty…

  • Begging style: Hint-Hint
  • Success rate: 4/5

It Looks So Goooooood!

begging dos - it looks so good


Look into my eyes. This dog looks like it is trying to hypnotize its owner into giving it some delicious spaghetti.

  • Begging style: Look Into My Eyes
  • Success rate: 3/5

My Face Is On The Plate!

Begging Dogs - dog's face is on the plate


I mean, this dog’s face is literally printed on the plate. How could you say no? His face is on the merchandise!

  • Begging style: The Merchandise
  • Success rate: 4/5

Don’t Look Directly At It

begging dogs - side-eye


If I have a nonchalant approach and don’t look like I’m begging, then I’ll be in with a chance. I’m not begging, honest.

  • Begging style: The Side-Eye
  • Success rate: 2/5

Through The Looking Glass

begging dogs - dog looking through glass table

Majestic Bunny

A table isn’t going to stop this little guy begging for food. If there is food on the table, you can guarantee this dog will be there, always watching.

  • Begging style: Through the Looking Glass
  • Success rate: 3/5

Stretch, Tongue, Stretch!

begging dogs - corgi trying to get food


The sheer determination can be seen in this dog’s eyes. I’m almost there, just a little further… come on, tongue, stretch, STRETCH!

  • Begging style: Stretched Tongue
  • Success rate: 3/5

Through-the-Legs Stare

begging dogs through the legs


Look how cute I look between your legs! So cute. You should totally share that sandwich with me. Oh, and my friend, too, they are also hungry and cute.

  • Begging style: Through the Legs
  • Success rate: 2/5

Grin and Bare It

begging dogs- glass table


I want that food so bad but I will not show it. Be strong, you can do this, I will not beg.

  • Begging style: Grin and Bare It
  • Success rate: 3/5

Please, Sir, Can I Have Some More?

begging dogs - please can I have some more?


This dog may think it’s a hooman; it took a seat and brought its own bowl to the table.

  • Begging style: The Oliver Twist
  • Success rate: 4/5

Hunting In A Pack

begging dogs - hounded by dogs

Majestic Bunny

If we all beg together, then she’ll have to give us food. Come on, focus everyone, work as a team, we’ve practiced this. She’ll give in eventually and we will be victorious!

  • Begging style: Hounding Owner
  • Success rate: 1/5

Ex-Squeeze Me

Do you have room for a little one? Don’t mind me, I’m just going to squeeze right in here and then I’ll be part of the pizza party. Pass me a slice of pepperoni, please.

  • Begging style: Room For a Little One?
  • Success rate: 2/5

Get the Cats Involved

begging dogs with begging cats


These begging dogs weren’t getting anywhere on their own, so they got the cats involved, too. All those eyes looking at you longingly, never looking away. How could you resist these four-legged friends all working together?

  • Begging style: Get The Cats Involved
  • Success rate: 4/5

The Pre-Begging Activity Begins

pre begging activity

All doggos love to beg, especially when they can just see the food.

  • Begging style: Sitting On Owner
  • Success rate: 3/5

Two Dogs and a Baby

two dogs and a baby

Getting the baby involved may work to get the food. Two days and a baby are too cute.

  • Begging Style: Get the Baby Involved
  • Success Rate: 4/5

AND I’ll Be Missing You

every meal you make

The dog might be singing this when he is watching his owner cook.

  • Begging Style: Musical Number
  • Success Rate: 2/5

Pizza, Please

dog with pizza

It’s almost like the dog is showing off that he was a success with their sneaky ways.

  • Begging Style: Rubbing It In Your Face
  • Success Rate: 5/5

Can I Have Some More, Sir?

dog begging at the grill

“Please sir, can I have some more?”

  • Begging Style:
  • Success Rate: 4/5

Would you give these begging dogs your food?

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