Dog Refuses To Let Officer Leave Diner, Then Waitress Realizes Uniform Is Fake


Something Was Wrong

Everything had seemed normal in Annie’s life up until the moment the police officer came into the restaurant. He walked with a bag on his chest and a pistol on his hip, but something was wrong.

The air around just seemed off, and Annie couldn’t put her finger on it. She knew that being a cop was controversial in certain parts of Chicago, but she saw him as a human being.

Taking His Order


The owner of her restaurant had a special just for men of the law. Since putting it up, she’d seen a handful of cops come and go, but this guy seemed different.

She smiled at him and asked what his order would be. “A Greek salad… no, make that a bacon waffle. Just don’t tell my wife.” He said with a candid smile. But Annie didn’t know what she was in for.

Taking Advantage


The policeman took advantage of the special, getting a whopping 30% discount on his meal. But that wasn’t the last Annie would see the man.

He started making it a habit to come in regularly for the discount. She knew he was taking advantage, but she had no idea what he hid behind his wolfish grin.

A Dog


Annie started to get sick of seeing his face. But that was only half of it. One day, a stray dog came into the cafe. The owner looked favorably on him and banned anyone from kicking him out.

But as soon as the dog saw the police officer, things got tense. Something was very wrong, but would Annie be about to see it?

Trying To Tell Her Something


The pooch looked at her with sympathetic eyes. He was trying to tell her something, but what was it? Her eyes naturally fell back onto the cop, who was still standing there with his food in his hands.

That’s when something changed. Annie looked at the man in a different light and started feeling uneasy. Was he really who he said he was?

Annie Birkin


Annie Birkin didn’t have your typical normal aspirations like most of her classmates. She hated math, history, and other boring subjects. But she loved art and music.

She had quite the knack for drawing and wanted to become a famous artist one day – as hard as that might be. But in the meantime, she kept grinding for her passion.

An Adult


After graduating from high school, Annie knew she needed to find a job in order to fund her passion for drawing. She wasn’t a big name yet, and not many people asked for commissions of her art just yet.

She looked around until she found an opening at a local cafe. It wasn’t huge, but it was at least something.

A Waitress


Now that Annie was a waitress, she devoted most of her time to her job, working 9 to 5. She drew in her own time and just hoped that it would pick up one day.

But as she kept working at the cafe, she started noticing strange rules and specials that the owner had set up. What kind of place was this?

A Strange Special


The first time a police officer arrived at the restaurant, Annie was confused, but then the manager told her about the “special.”

She had no idea that the owner had set up a special for police officers. It offered a 30% discount for policemen and policewomen. But they didn’t really take advantage of it.

Not Too Many


Even with the hefty discount, while Annie was on shift, she didn’t see too many officers come in. By the time she had worked there for three months, she’d only seen a handful.

But that was going to change soon. She had no idea that someone was about to walk through the door and change everything in her life.

A Rule


Besides the police discount, there was a strange rule that Annie had noticed. Once again, the owner has set it. There was a stray golden retriever that often waltzed into the shop.

She wanted to shoo it out, but then she learned about the rule. The owner had taken a liking to the dog and demanded that it be let in whenever it wanted to.

Coming In Occasionally


The golden retriever would come in occasionally and sniff around the floor. He was no doubt looking for any scraps. She felt sorry for the pup and was at least glad he had a dry place to come to when it was wet.

But that wasn’t even the weirdest thing to happen in the cafe. One morning, she heard the sound of boots coming through the door, but it wasn’t who she expected.

A Police Officer


Annie looked to the door and saw him standing there scrutinizing the place. It was a man in uniform. He slowly walked towards the counter before locking eyes with Annie.

Even though other officers had come into the cafe before, she had a bad feeling about this one. He flashed a wolfish grin before greeting her.



She would be fired if the officer put in a bad word. She needed to serve him properly, even if something about him made her feel uncomfortable.

She smiled at him and asked what his order would be. “A Greek salad… no, make that a bacon waffle. Just don’t tell my wife.” He said with a candid smile. But Annie didn’t know what she was in for.

Wolfing Down


The cop sat down and wolfed down his meal with greed in his eyes. He asked for a soda halfway through to whet the rest of his appetite.

Afterward, he finished his meal and put down the plate. He got up and asked for the bill before saying, “I get a discount, right?” Before belching loudly. Annie winced and could only do one thing.

Giving Him The Discount


Annie looked at the badge and the equipment. He qualified in her mind, so she gave him the discount before telling him to have a nice day.

The officer tilted his cap and walked out of the store. It was just another police officer, but Annie had no idea that he would be back sooner than she expected.

A Normal Week


The next week was normal, she saw the stray a few times, but nothing else notable happened. Then, that Wednesday, she heard heavy boots again.

Her ears pricked up as she recognized the sound and looked towards the door. She immediately recognized his uniform. It looked different to the other officers that had been in the cafe before.

Who Was He?


Was he part of some special task force? His black uniform looked special among the others. But at the same time, the way he walked and the look in his eye unsettled her.

She didn’t really want him back in the cafe, but she knew she’d have to serve him no matter what. This time, his order was a little bit bigger.

Bigger Order


The cop ordered a deluxe breakfast which was considerably more than what he had ordered the week before. He wolfed down his meal and asked for the bill.

He wanted his discount again. This was something that she couldn’t deny him – he still looked the part. She gave him the discount, and he left through the door. But he was going to be back.

A Routine


Over the next few weeks, the cop came in more and more frequently. Each time, he’d buy something slightly bigger. It was becoming a routine.

Each time, Annie started feeling more and more uncomfortable and fed up. She knew very well that he was taking advantage of the system. Additionally, there was still something strange about him.

The Dog Comes In


Annie heard the door chime and turned to see the cop again. He had come in three times that week. She couldn’t let him do this again. She was preparing herself for a confrontation, but someone else came through the door.

It was the golden retriever. He had his normal happy-go-lucky demeanor. But as soon as he saw the officer, he stopped dead in his tracks. Something wasn’t right.

A Look In His Eye


The retriever went from the lovable pup Annie had seen on so many occasions to one with grave concern on his face. He didn’t like the cop, to say the least.

Annie curiously watched as the golden retriever circled around him and sat between him and the counter. The cop tried ignoring the dog, but as he got closer to the counter, the unexpected happened.



The golden retriever growled at the cop, something he’d never done before. The cop was taking a back and said, “Won’t you get rid of this stray mutt?” But Annie simply smiled and said, “Sorry, rules say I can’t.”

She couldn’t believe the dog was actually making sure the cop couldn’t exploit the system anymore, but it was about to get far worse.

Trying To Leave


The cop got agitated and demanded he be served. That’s when Annie decided to muster up the courage and ask the fateful question. “If you really are a cop, then I’m curious; what’s your badge number?”

She had expected him to recite it to her with arrogance, but her words had the opposite effect. He went as pale as a sheet.

Didn’t Have To Answer


“I don’t have to tell you that!” He shouted at her. This was the first time he had dropped the nice guy act. Was it because he was getting nervous?

The dog continued to make sure he couldn’t get any closer. He decided to turn and leave, but things wouldn’t go as he expected.

Couldn’t Leave


As the cop headed for the door, the dog bolted past him and sat by the door, protecting it. The cop jumped back and turned to Annie. He begged her to let him leave.

Annie couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. She knew that she had to take advantage of it while she could. She told him she’d get the dog away, but she needed something else.

The Truth


“I’ll get the dog away, but I need the truth first. So tell me, are you actually a cop?” She said with scrutiny. The officer, getting more shaky by the second, was finally about to tell her everything.

The sweat beading on his forehead was the only sign she needed, he was about to crack, and it was all thanks to the golden retriever. But what would he say?

Not A Cop


“Okay! The truth is that my history as a police officer is somewhat complicated. I’m not technically on active duty anymore; I was put on administrative leave and then fired a few months ago.”

Finally, Annie had the truth. She was ready to kick him out of the door, but he wasn’t finished just yet.

Heartbreaking Truth


The cop continued his story. It turns out that after he lost his job, he also lost his wife and even his home. He had been staying in a cheap motel and getting the discount to make his money last longer.

Things changed drastically, and Annie felt bad for the man, but he couldn’t take advantage of the system anymore. So she made a deal with him.

An Envelope


Annie made a deal with the cop. She told him that he could still use the discount, but only for reasonably sized meals and not more than twice a week. She wouldn’t tell her manager he was no longer a cop.

After the cop got back on his feet, he no longer needed the discount and actually came by one more time. He ate a meal there and left an envelope for Annie. But she couldn’t believe what was inside it.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.