Camera Captures Dog Entering Baby’s Nursery



She was stunned. Her lips were covered with her hands, and she was fixated on the TV with her wide-open eyes. Her spouse was equally as shocked as she was, and his hands started to perspire. He had to stop the video because he was unable to bear to watch it any longer.

As his wife shook her head and turned to face him, he noticed the sadness in her eyes, “I can’t believe this,” she mumbled dejectedly. They found it hard to accept that this had been taking place within their home. They were aware of what needed to be done.

Young And In Love


Anthony and Bree Mendez first met each other at Cornell University, located in Ithaca, New York. She pursued a degree in philosophy, while he pursued a degree in business.

It was love at first sight, and after dating for a few years, the pair got married. Shortly after, they learned that they were expecting a child! The couple accepted that the city was not the best place to raise a child, so they decided to move to a quieter neighborhood. Bree believed that living in the suburbs would be the wisest option for her family, but she was greatly mistaken.

Newest Additions

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Once the couple settled into their new home, they decided that it would be best to adopt a pitbull named Missy. After a couple of months, the couple welcomed their beautiful baby girl into the world. Mikaela immediately stole their hearts.

For 12 weeks, Bree spent every second with her daughter. She sensed a strong bond growing between Missy and Mikaela at this point. But she would have to go back to work soon enough. She was unaware that the tranquility in their new house would be broken in a few weeks.

Meet Kelly

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Bree knew that she needed to get back to work, so the couple agreed that it would be best to hire a nanny. Kelly appeared like the ideal candidate for their family when they first met her for an interview. They hired her right away.

Each morning she arrived early and took care of Mikaela while Anthony and Bree prepared for the day’s work. They were ecstatic to see how nicely she and their newborn got along. However, Missy started spending a lot of time in the nursery at this period, staring at the child. Bree should have given this more thought, but she didn’t.

Acting Strangely

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Bree quickly became aware of Missy’s strange behavior when it suddenly changed. Since Kelly began working for the household, Missy has steadfastly stayed at the child’s side. She would frequently be observed gazing at the baby for hours at a time while standing close to the cot.

She waited for Bree and Anthony to put Mikaela back in her cot between wash and nursing times near the nursery’s doorway. Bree worried because Missy had never been so anxious. Bree would uncover the horrifying reality in only a few weeks.

A Worsening Situation


She was well aware of the stigma attached to Pitbulls, such as being aggressive and dangerous. However, her husband reassured her that it largely depended on the circumstances in which the animal was being raised. Though she made every effort to avoid thinking about it too much, things continued to get worse.

It got to the point where Missy refused to leave the nursery. She would spend every day and every night in the nursery, and she was barely sleeping. Another point of concern was the fact that she refused to eat. Bree was certainly right to be worried.

The Best Course Of Action

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After a while, Bree became too frightened to let Mikaela and Missy be alone at night. She was aware that Kelly was watching over her child throughout the day, but she worried about what might occur while they were sleeping. She made the decision that it would be preferable to keep them apart.

She attempted to keep the dog out of the room one evening, but Missy remained outside and cried until she was let back in. Bree couldn’t help but wonder what her sweet animal was going through.

A Strange Sound

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After a long and exhausting night, Bree gathered her things and prepared to leave for work early in the morning. She heard something strange just before stepping out of the house. The sound was unfamiliar to her. Growling echoed in her throat as Missy stood behind Kelly in the nursery. It had been weeks since Missy had left the nursery, determined to remain close to the newborn.

Kelly moved to remove the baby from her crib, and Missy started growling louder. Bree rolled her eyes, called Missy’s name, and then turned to Kelly. “I’m sorry, I don’t understand why she’s acting this way.” Kelly dismissed it by saying that she was likely just hungry. But it wasn’t at all the case.


Caesar’s Way

Bree kept thinking about Missy’s strange behavior that morning while she was at the office. It baffled her because Missy had never previously displayed such erratic behavior. Kelly hadn’t exactly been a stranger; after all, she had been caring for the child for a number of weeks. She was growling at the caregiver and refused to leave the nursery, so why was she doing that?

She was filled with anxiousness. She told her husband about the interaction when she finally got home, and he thought it was unusual, too. Regarding this, something has to be done. The couple talked about taking Missy back to the rescue because they were concerned for their daughter’s safety.


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Anthony promised his wife that he would monitor the issue before making any hasty choices. He also became aware of Missy’s aggressiveness in the ensuing weeks, but something finally dawned on him.

Only when Kelly was there, particularly when she was interacting with the baby, would Missy grumble. Bree and he both agreed that something was fishy after he told her this information. They made the decision to put a concealed camera in the nursery at that time. They had no clue what was about to be captured on camera.

Discovering The Truth


They waited until the weekend before checking the footage. It was early in the morning, and Mikaela was still asleep. Bree sat next to her husband as he opened the recording on his tablet. They took a deep breath before he finally clicked on the video.

At first, everything seemed normal. It was right after they had left the house, and Kelly was feeding the baby. Just a few minutes after they had left, she placed Mikaela back in her crib and made her way to the couch in the nursery. She took a seat and immediately started scrolling on her phone, but what happened next made their blood boil.

She Was Yelling

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Mikaela had started crying. Bree expected to see Kelly rush to the crib and comfort the crying baby, but instead, she continued scrolling on her phone. When the crying got louder, Bree watched in disbelief as Kelly started yelling for the baby to keep quiet.

At this point, Mikaela was screaming at the top of her lungs. This set Kelly off as she got up from the couch and rushed over to the crib, yelling at the baby instead of comforting her. Anthony and Bree watched with wide eyes as the dog jumped up, barking and growling at Kelly as she kept screaming at the baby. Bree’s heart ached as she watched the footage. Her baby needed comfort, but the nanny was screaming and using vulgar language.

They Knew What They Had To Do

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Anthony paused the video and turned to comfort his emotional wife as tears welled up in her eyes. All along, Missy had been trying to protect their baby. She wasn’t leaving her side, scared that Kelly would harm the baby. The two concerned parents knew what they had to do.

They couldn’t let Kelly get away with this. All this time, they had trusted her to look after their baby while they were away at work. She couldn’t be trusted.

Confronting Her

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When Monday morning came around, they sat Kelly down and gave her a piece of their mind. Anthony told her about the recordings and watched as the color drained from her face.

She was horrified and embarrassed, she couldn’t believe that she had been caught on camera. They asked her to leave their home and never return again. No one was allowed to treat their daughter that way. Just days after Kelly was fired, Missy was back to her calm, friendly self.

The Dust Settled

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When the dust settled, Bree and Anthony decided to try once again. After weeks of searching, they found a woman named Betty. Betty was a retired pediatric nurse, and since the first time they had spoken to her, they knew that she was the perfect match for their daughter. To make things even better, Missy loved Betty!

They hired her soon after, and after years of caring for Mikaela, Betty became part of the family. Together, the three of them made sure that no one would ever harm their sweet girl again.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.