Dog Visits Police Every Day, Detective Decides To Investigate


An Unlikely Experience

The heat was beginning to die down now that the sun had set, and Cameron was thankful for it, considering he had been walking for nearly three blocks now. He had no idea where the dog was taking him and was confused when they finally arrived at a house he had never seen before.

The detective was startled when the dog barked, but suddenly the door opened. This was unlike anything he had ever experienced before.

Detective Cameron Davis


The officers from Tucson, Arizona, were grateful for the air conditioning that had been installed in the station. It was a breath of fresh air against the relentless Arizona sun.

Cameron Davis was a detective who seemed to be the happiest out of the bunch while he was seated at his desk. He was taken up with the task of finding any similarities between the evidence they had gathered from previous crimes. However, he had no idea whom he would see later in the day.

Previous K9 Experience


Cameron had started his journey in the Police Department as a rookie cop. He had worked long and hard for five years to become a police sergeant at the Tuscon Police Department.

He had gained experience working on the streets as a specialized K9 handler and loved German Shepherds. He had a soft spot in his heart for them and took the initiative to care for them. He knew that the tasks they were needed for required them to be in tip-top shape. However, he never knew how much that hard work would pay off.

A Change Of Roles

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Before he became a detective, Cameron had to work hard for another eight years. As much as he enjoyed his job, he had no problem changing from sergeant to another role. ( He much preferred a more methodical role away from the action.

Being a detective meant that he didn’t often leave his desk. Many go into the police force looking for action, but Cameron was grateful to be shielded from the summer heat. He was deep into his paperwork and enjoying the air conditioning when he was alerted that he had a visitor.

A Surprising Visitor

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The officers in the precinct were surprised when a dog walked inside, seemingly out of nowhere. And they weren’t alone – Cameron was just as surprised. But it was short-lived when he started thinking about the reasons behind the surprising visit.

He took in the dog’s thick coat and immediately felt for the poor thing. He must have been overheating in the Arizona heat, and he couldn’t blame him for seeking out some of the air conditioning. But there was more to it.

Odd Behavior

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The dog behaved oddly, and Cameron couldn’t help thinking he was trying to communicate through his stare. He had jumped up so that his paws rested on the front desk so that he could see better. He also tended to bark before he took to the ground and called into a ball.

Cameron’s experience as a K9 handler told him that there was a reason why the dog had come inside. But there was no way he could have prepared himself for what was coming.

No Sign Of The Owner

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Cameron decided to engage with the canine and bent down to pet him. As he petted the dog, he looked through the glass door of the front lobby. There was no sign of an owner, and the detective wondered where this dog had come from.

Maybe the owner was outside, so he decided to go and have a look, but he found no one. He scanned the cars in the parking lot and couldn’t identify one that wasn’t one belonging to him or the other officers. The detective in him told him that his investigation wasn’t over.

Eye On The Clock


Cameron decided to let the dog be so it could enjoy the cool air. He returned to his desk so he could get back to work and told himself that he would try and find the owner again if the dog was still there by the end of the day.

As he scanned the documents, he noticed his attention was constantly drawn to the clock. When 6 PM rolled around, he hastened his pace to check if the dog was still there. But he wasn’t expecting what he would find.

End Of Day


Cameron tidied his desk and packed his satchel with the documents he had been going through. His detective work didn’t stop when he stepped foot inside his home.

He found his jacket and went to the entrance, looking forward to seeing the dog again. But he was surprised to see that the dog wasn’t there.

A Second Encounter


As he stepped outside, he saw that the sun was setting. He welcomed the evening breeze as he walked to his car and packed his stuff in the trunk. He was looking forward to going home.

He approached the driver’s side door and saw the dog from before. He was watching the detective while wagging his tail. When he turned around, the detective decided to follow.

Following The Dog


The sun had just set over the horizon as Cameron followed the dog through dusty alleyways. Where was it taking him? He followed it for what seemed like three blocks before it arrived in front of a house.

The dog barked, and the front door opened. But detective Cameron could never have prepared himself for the situation that he had put himself into.

A Man

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Cameron watched as the man walked outside to investigate the barking dog. He noticed him and the dog standing outside of his house and did the unexpected. Cameron had a strange feeling about the situation.

He prepared himself for the worst, and his hand hovered over his gun. The man walked closer to him and squinted at the animal. But what he did next caught Cameron off guard.

Breaking Down

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The man stared at the dog silently for what felt like minutes before he finally broke down and cried. The man was sobbing on his knees right in front of a confused Cameron. The man eventually composed himself.

He stared at Cameron and said, “Thank you for bringing him to me. It means the world to me.” Cameron was still confused as ever, but then the man explained more.

His Brother’s Dog

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The man invited Cameron in, and they sat in his kitchen. He explained that the dog wasn’t actually his but his brother’s, who had tragically passed away a month ago. He hadn’t seen his brother’s dog until now.

“He must have run away after he passed.” The man told him. He said that it made sense that he was in the station.

The Precinct

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The man explained that it made sense for the dog to have gone to the precinct. He explained that his brother had a long rap sheet while he was alive. And would often be thrown into the drunk tank.

The dog must have thought he was there and gone to the station. Now he was at least reunited with a family member who would look after him in his owner’s place. But Cameron had no idea that he’d be a magnet for dogs in need of help.

A Good Deed


Officer Cameron felt good about what he had done. In his book, no good deed went unrewarded. And as a police officer, he was obliged to help those in need.

He went home afterward and had a small celebration by himself. He had a glass of whiskey to himself and made himself a steak dinner. But he had no idea that his work would be cut out for him.

Getting The Call


The next morning Cameron got a call he didn’t quite expect. He had only just managed to get his shift started before a 911 operator called in with an eerily similar event to the previous day. 

They explained that because of his good work the previous day, they also wanted to hand this call to him. It involved a dog again, but would he get there in time?

Arriving At The Scene


When Cameron arrived at the scene, he started asking questions. A crowd had gathered around and were filming the incident with their phones. He wanted a better idea of the situation before jumping in.

“Can you tell me more about what’s going on?” Cameran asked one of the bystanders. They explained what the operator had already told him. He looked around. He could see the car in question and knew he couldn’t just stand around.

Pup In Need


He slowly approached the car. Thoughts of the dehydrated dog ran through his mind from just the day before. He wouldn’t let this one down, either.

By the time his backup arrived, the pup had needed help desperately. The Arizona heat had reached as high as 80 Fahrenheit, and the car could even reach the 100s if left to back for too long. Things didn’t look good for them. 

Getting Inside The Car


The police officers didn’t hesitate. They didn’t have much time to wait. They had to do something, or it might soon be too late for the dog. 

Cameron never liked crowds. He felt they complicated things. But at least he had more knowledge about the incident at hand. All they had to do now was get the poor animal out. But that would be easier said than done.

The Situation

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Now that Cameron had some backup, they walked over to the car, and he gave the other officers the rundown on the situation. There was a dog locked in a hot car, and it was their duty to make sure it was safe.

But when they got to the car, they realized just how bad the situation was. They needed to act fast if they wanted to save the poor animal.

Getting The Dog Out

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Cameron and the other officers prepared to get the dog out any way they could. But they had no idea just how critical the situation was. The dog had already been in the car for a while, and the owner of the car was nowhere to be found.

They prepared water and got to work getting the animal out of the hot car. They didn’t care how they did it. The time for subtlety was over, and Cameron smashed the window himself. But it would be an uphill battle. 

Out Of The Frying Pan…

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The crowd was watching in silence while Cameron got the poor dog out of the car. Once he had it out, he gave it some water. The crowd started cheering. But what they didn’t know was that it was far from over.

The dog was in the car for no more than 30 minutes, but even that could be fatal if it was even slightly warmer. Now was the time for Cameron to try his best to save yet another dog.

Into The Fire


Cameron shook his head to himself and once again thought about how he hated crowds during operations like these. The crowd was celebrating, but a lot of work was still to be done.

The dog’s health was still critical, and Cameron had to work hard to make sure it would be alright. He would make sure that it would survive.

Giving Him The Best Care

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Cameron knew that he could only do so much. He decided that the best care the dog could get was from the American Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). There they would take care of it, and from there, it would be out of Cameron’s hands.

No owner would ever come forward to try and get their animal back. In Cameron’s opinion, if they left it in a hot car, they didn’t deserve to have an animal. The dog received great care and recovered well. There was just one more thing for it.


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The dog was now back to its former health and was a lovable pooch. There was no reason that anyone wouldn’t want to adopt him. It was a miracle that Cameron acted fast and arrived on the scene when he did.

Now the dog just needed a home. But no one could have anticipated that there was already a prospective owner looking.

A New Home

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One of Cameron’s colleagues, an officer on the scene, decided to adopt the pooch. Now that Cameron knew the pooch was part of the PD family, he was beyond happy. He knew nothing bad would happen to the dog again.

The grateful dog even got to visit the police station from time to time, where Cameron got to see how he was settling in.

Reassuring Words

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Cameron’s colleague even had some reassuring words to say about the dog now that he was in her custody. 

“This pup will never be neglected again!” the NYPD 19th Precinct said on Twitter. “A month ago, this sweet doggo was rescued after his owner left him in his hot locked car for hours; yesterday, one of its rescuers, Officer Maharaj, adopted him! Thank you, @ASPCA, for taking such good care of this lucky pup!”

A Following

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The officer in question soon realized how big her post had gotten. People worldwide quickly fell in love with the rescued pooch just as she did. Many people said that it was a heartwarming story that they loved.

Many also said that it restored their faith in police officers in general. People love animals, and a good way to find a trustworthy person is to see how they treat animals.

Posting More

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With the help of officer Cameron, the officer decided to start a Facebook page dedicated to the little pup and his exploits after the rescue. They regularly updated the dog’s public and even had photos of him visiting the precinct.

The pup went from being trapped in a car to the luckiest boy. The officers could feel proud of what they had done.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.