Doctor Takes One Look At Pregnant Mom’s Flat Belly And Orders Her To Get An MRI


Stuck In The Middle

The doctor’s room was ice cold. Trisha rubbed her hands together. Her boyfriend Liam was standing with her, so there was no way that she could get out of it. She had to take the test.

They didn’t know the doctor, so perhaps she could get away with it. She would have to think of something fast. Her heart started racing as the tall gynecologist walked into the room.

Change Of Life


Trisha Black was a 23-year-old woman who loved to have fun and make a lot of noise. She was the life of the party, and everyone loved being around her. Life was a breeze in Vero Beach, Florida.

However, since she found out she was pregnant, she became very conservative. Trisha didn’t want anyone to touch her or rub her belly. What was she hiding?

The Quiet One


Trisha Black was known for being a bit of a mystery to those around her. She was always polite but reserved. Recently she had become very overprotective of her body.

Trisha never let anyone see her belly, not even her boyfriend, 25-year-old Liam Smith.

Liam found it strange and was always curious about why Trisha acted that way. He thought that she would be happier.

You Can’t Sit With Us


Trisha was always careful to keep her distance from others, and she didn’t want anyone to know too much about her.

When she became pregnant, she didn’t tell anybody until five months.

Liam was the only person she had allowed into her life, but even he couldn’t understand her. Trisha had her secrets, and she kept them well hidden.

Catching On


One day, Liam decided to confront Trisha about her behavior.

He asked her why she was being so secretive, but Trisha just shrugged it off and said that it was nothing, “You can trust me,” she said.

Liam wasn’t satisfied with her answer, but he didn’t push the issue. He figured that Trisha would tell him when she was ready. He would never guess what had happened to her.

Seeing Things


At first, Liam didn’t think anything of it. He just assumed that Trisha was being cautious about her pregnancy.

But as the weeks went on, he noticed that Trisha was becoming more and more distant.

Her behavior became more suspicious, and she wasn’t talking as much. She didn’t let anyone see her, and she always seemed to be hiding something.

On The Spot


One day, Trisha went for a routine checkup with her doctor. She was nervous.

She asked the doctor not to have any physical contact with her body. He found it difficult but agreed.

She made an excuse that he was a new doctor and she didn’t feel comfortable around him. He obliged; he didn’t think much of it.

Stressful Situations


Trisha was sweating. She hoped that the doctor wouldn’t notice anything. She tried to rush him along.

The doctor was getting flustered, “You have to sit still, miss, please.”

After the examination, the doctor told her that there was something wrong and that she needed to get an MRI scan done as soon as possible. What was wrong with the baby?

Saved By My Better Half


It was Trisha’s good luck that Liam interrupted just at that moment, “Can we wrap it up, doc? I think my girl’s getting a bit flustered here,” he said with a smile.

Trisha breathed a sigh of relief and mouthed ‘I love you’ to Liam. She was scared and didn’t want to do the scan.

She lied to Liam and told him that everything was fine.

Something Isn’t Right


Although he covered for her, Liam knew that something was up. He knew Trisha when she was under pressure. There was something else she wasn’t saying.

Liam was suspicious of Trisha’s behavior. He knew something was wrong, but he didn’t know what. He tried to talk to Trisha, but she wouldn’t open up to him.

Liam became more and more frustrated with Trisha’s behavior, and he didn’t know what to do.

Not The Same


As Trisha’s pregnancy progressed, Liam noticed that she was becoming more and more withdrawn. She stopped going out with her friends, and she spent most of her time alone.

He tried to call the doctor, but he could never get through to him. He wanted answers.

Liam was worried about her, but he didn’t know how to help her.

In The Open


One day, Liam decided to confront Trisha about her behavior. He asked her why she was behaving in such a strange manner and why she was avoiding the MRI scan. Trisha finally opened up to Liam and told him that she was scared that something was wrong with the baby.

Liam was shocked to hear this. He didn’t know that Trisha was so scared. He tried to reassure her and told her that they would get through it together.

Liam convinced Trisha to go for the MRI scan, but she found a way to get out of it again.

It’s Not Enough


As Trisha’s pregnancy progressed, Liam became more and more suspicious of her behavior.

She always made excuses for the checkups. She didn’t seem to be taking care of her health at all.

He noticed that Trisha was always wearing layers of clothes, and she never let anyone near her belly. Liam tried to touch her belly, but Trisha always pushed his hand away.

That’s It


Liam tried to talk to Trisha, but she always avoided the topic. He didn’t understand why she was behaving in such a strange manner.

It was supposed to be a joyful time for them, but she was being mean.

One night, while they were sleeping, Liam couldn’t help but feel curious. He decided to check under Trisha’s clothes to see if she really was pregnant. Would he uncover the truth?

I’ll Do It Myself


Liam decided to check under her clothes. He wanted to know why Trisha was always so secretive.

He slowly picked up her pajama top. There was another sweater underneath that.

It was difficult to check because she was wearing so many layers of clothes. However, after a few minutes of trying, he finally managed to find what he was looking for. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

Real Skin


Liam rubbed and pressed Trisha’s belly just to make sure. It felt soft and mushy. It felt warm and life-like. It’s no wonder she didn’t want anybody to touch her.

He pressed the sides all the way behind her back. There was a soft strap leading with a buckle.

It was firmly attached to her stomach. He tried to pull at it, but it was going to be tough.

Feels Like The Real Thing


Liam couldn’t believe it. He was shocked and angry that Trisha had been lying to him all along.

How could he have been so stupid? He trusted her blindly all these months.

He took the fake belly off her and left her sleeping there. Liam couldn’t bear to be in the same room as Trisha anymore. It was over.

Alone Again


The next morning, Trisha woke up to find Liam gone. She was confused and worried about what had happened.

She looked down at her stomach, and it was flat.

She looked down and saw that her fake belly was missing. Trisha realized that Liam had found out her secret. It was all out in the open now. What could she do to save the situation?



Trisha was shocked. She wondered how much of the real truth Liam knew.

She couldn’t believe that Liam had found out her secret. She felt embarrassed and ashamed that she had lied to him.

Trisha didn’t know how to face Liam or what to say to him. She tried calling him, but his phone was off. She had no clue where he was or if he told anyone else. He left her.

How Did This Happen


Trisha was ashamed and embarrassed. Her mother tried calling her, but she couldn’t answer. She didn’t know how to face Liam or anyone else.

She felt like a fraud and didn’t know how to explain her behavior. Trisha spent the day crying and trying to come up with an explanation.

How would she ever live this down?

A Terrible Extent


But for Trisha, the story wasn’t as black and white as many of her friends and family would think. She’d wanted, more than anything, to be a mom.

She wanted to have a child with Liam, to build a life with him, and grow old together. She only hated that all her wishes had driven her to this terrible extent.

Should She Come Clean?


She wondered whether coming clean to everyone was the best way forward. She’d once been a chirpy, trustworthy, always smiling girl, after all.

But the story behind the pregnancy was one full of so much pain that even she hadn’t come to terms with it. Still, she knew she owed everyone, especially Liam and her immediate family, an apology.

Her End Goal


Trisha decided she’d make amends for everything she’d done. Liam was among the best things that had ever happened to her, and she didn’t want this to ruin what they had worked so hard to build.

But she couldn’t deny that her lying had created a great rift between him and her. Why had she decided to take such a risky approach? What was her end goal?

Growing Into It


Well, Trisha hadn’t initially planned to get a fake belly. She hadn’t even planned on settling down or becoming a mom in the first place.

When it happened, she thought her life was over. But slowly and gradually, her heart warmed to the idea of raising a family. She didn’t know what all this would lead to.

She Never Meant For It To Happen


Trisha shared the news with everyone she held dear. Top of her list was Liam, the man that had stolen her heart.

She didn’t want to tie him down with the news. That had never been her goal. She only saw him as the perfect husband and dad and had always dreamt of getting married to him. She never meant for any of this to happen.

Expectations She Couldn’t Shatter


But one thing led to another, circumstances that demanded the extremest of measures. Trisha considered coming clean to everyone.

She wanted to tell them about what was happening. But she couldn’t. She had already raised everyone’s expectations, especially hers and Liam’s, very high. She couldn’t bring herself to shatter the perfect little world she’d built.

A Little Lie


The best way out had been to stay pregnant. But that meant she’d have to appear pregnant. In the early months of her fake pregnancy, she’d been alright with letting people close to her.

But as the months passed, and people expected to see her belly forming, she knew she couldn’t have them close. That’s where her lie started.

This Is Her Life Now


She’d shuffled into her bathroom every morning with tears in her eyes. She’d pick up the fake belly and strap it around her, sobbing as she did.

She was no stranger to pain and agony. She had been in two accidents before and lost one of her big brothers as a teenager. She’d cried before, hated her life before. But this was torture on another level.

It’s Working


Trisha would spend her days with the fake belly, ensuring she layered tops and sweaters over it to conceal its true nature.

Although the whole get-up was hot and uncomfortable, it was necessary. The belly served its purpose.

Her friends and family were convinced that she was truly pregnant. But the price for such a ruse was unlike anything Trisha had ever experienced.

Everything Has A Price


Among the worst of what she had to deal with was the reality that she wasn’t pregnant. This little lie meant to keep her sanity and name out of the mud had grown into such a mountain of expectations that she dreaded its aftermath every day.

What would she do when she had no baby in nine months to show everyone? The world would eat her alive for her actions. She couldn’t let that happen.

A Viable Way Out


Although this was a long shot, Trisha had even considered adoption. She’d need a baby at the end of her trimester, and adoption could have helped.

She’d still get to be a mom, and no one would ever know what she had done. The plan had been excellent on paper. She only needed to keep up the ruse for nine months.

Let Him Know


As the days counted, Trisha’s plan seemed viable. But she realized that if she was going to do this with Liam, she’d at least have to loop him in on what was happening.

She’d planned to tell him everything from start to finish. She didn’t know how he’d react and wouldn’t hold it against him if he left her. But she needed to let him know. There was only one problem.

The Big Issue


Trisha had already dove so deep into the rabbit hole that she didn’t know if Liam would be able to follow her. The first part of her truth was the most devastating, the second adding gas to an already raging blaze.

She hoped he’d never catch her off guard, although she lied to herself that she was prepared for that reality. Now that it had happened, she was beyond broken.

A Pile Of Lies


The thing with little lies is that they pile up one on top of the other. Before you know it, you have a monster staring down at you, threatening to destroy everything you are.

For Trisha, this meant losing the love of her life and the trust of her family and friends. She’d already lost enough and knew she couldn’t take any more losses. But now the worst had happened.



Drenched in tears, she wondered what to do. She’d already given so much. If people found out what she’d done, she would be a laughing stock in Vero Beach.

She was alone. No one could understand what she’d been through. None of her friends or family would understand why she’d resorted to such an archaic solution.

“Archaic,” she smiled sadly and picked up her phone. She needed to make this right.

Taking A Break


Liam didn’t speak to Trisha for a few days after that incident. She’d been calling and texting him but her ignored all her.

He needed time to think about what he had discovered. But then a miracle happened. He called Trisha.

When Liam finally did talk to Trisha, he was calm and understanding. Liam knew that Trisha had her reasons for lying to him, and he wanted to understand them.

The Bigger Person


Later that day, Liam returned to the apartment. Trisha was scared to face him. She was afraid of what he would say and how he would act. But she knew she had to face the music.

Trying to remain as calm as possible, she made him some food and got him a drink.

But he wasn’t interested in small talk. Liam had only one thing on his mind, and it wouldn’t bode well for Trisha.

Cold And Distant


Liam was cold and distant towards her. Plus, he seemed to be irritated with being in the same room as her.

But he had to be there for a reason, right?

He asked her to explain why she had lied to him about the pregnancy. Would he believe his lying girlfriend? Or would things only get worse from there?

There Is More To It


Trisha finally opened up and told Liam the whole truth.

She explained that she had been feeling insecure about her pregnancy and didn’t want anyone to see her.

But what did that have to do with the fake belly? Did she have a valid reason for wearing it? Or was she just leading him on?

What Was She Hiding?


Trisha had bought the fake belly as a way to hide her insecurities. The changes in her body were really getting to her, and they were starting to lower her self-esteem.

She thought that having it on would make her feel better about herself. But it ended up doing far more harm than good. She apologized to Liam for lying to him. But that wasn’t all there was to it.

No More Lies


LLiam listened to Trisha’s explanation, but he was still hurt and angry.

He didn’t know how to forgive her for lying to him. He couldn’t understand why things had to go as far as they did.

Liam told Trisha that he needed some time to think things over and left the apartment again. Was that the end? Would he be walking away for good?

There Had To Be A Way


Trisha was devastated. She knew that she had messed up, but she didn’t know what to do about it.

She didn’t know how to make things right with Liam.

Trisha spent the next few days trying to think of ways to fix their relationship. But was it even possible? Could Liam ever forgive her for what she had done?

The Real Truth


After a few more days, Liam was ready to see her again. He promised her that he still didn’t tell anybody the truth.

But was he ready to keep that promise? She’d know after she told him the rest of the story.

When Liam came over, Trisha finally opened up to him and told him the real truth. It was something that could either make or break their relationship.

Nothing She Could Do


Trisha explained that she had been pregnant, but she had lost the baby.

She was devastated by the loss, and she couldn’t bear to tell Liam. She didn’t want him to be hurt by her pain.

How would he take the news? Would he forgive her for keeping something so massive from him? Or would he see it as the ultimate betrayal?

A Tragic Loss


Liam was shocked by Trisha’s story. But he knew she wasn’t lying because she showed him the initial sonogram.

He couldn’t believe that she had gone through such a traumatic experience alone. The thought was enough to drive him to tears, especially after the way he had been treating her.

But what could he do? Was there a way for them to fix their relationship?

Riddled With Guilt


Liam felt guilty for not being there for her when she needed him the most. He wanted to make things right between them. He wanted her to know that he was there for her.

She wasn’t the only one who had lost a child. He had lost his child too. But would she give him a chance? Would he ever be able to make up for the pain he caused?

Making Amends


Trisha then brought out a letter that she had written, apologizing for her behavior and expressing her love for him.

Trisha hoped that the letter would help to repair their relationship.

She had no idea that Liam didn’t need any of that. He had already forgiven her and had felt the same way about their relationship.

Picking Up The Pieces


Liam was surprised that Trisha had recorded all her feelings about the ordeal. Trisha handed him the letter and explained how sorry she was for lying to him.

Liam read the letter, and he could see how sincere Trisha was. But there was still one thing that lingered between them.

Was their relationship strong enough to move past something so tragic?

Holding On To Hope


Liam realized that he still loved Trisha, and he wanted to forgive her.

He told her that he needed some time to think things over, but he also expressed his love for her.

Liam hugged Trisha and told her that he wanted to work things out. But would things really be that simple? Did the couple still stand a chance?

Love Is Stronger


Liam and Trisha talked for hours, and they finally came to an understanding.

Liam promised to be there for Trisha no matter what, and Trisha promised to be honest with him from now on.

They hugged and kissed, and it felt like a weight had been lifted off their shoulders. However, neither of them knew whether that would last or not.

Reliving Her Memories


Trisha told Liam how she had to keep buying bigger fake bellies so that he wouldn’t notice.

He tried to support her and understand how she must have felt.

But there was still a part of him that was angered by her lies. And he couldn’t help but wonder if that part would ever be able to forgive her.

Let’s Try Again


In the weeks that followed, Liam and Trisha grew closer than ever before.

They shared their fears and their hopes with each other, and they became each other’s support system.

Trisha realized that she didn’t have to keep everything a secret and that she had someone who cared for her deeply. That made her want to try again. Would it be a success this time?

Better Than Ever


A few months later, Trisha found out that she was pregnant again. This time, she was more open with Liam about everything.

They went to every appointment together, and Liam was always there to rub her belly and feel the baby kick.

But deep down, both of them were afraid that they would have to go through the same thing again.

Getting There


Trisha was happy that Liam was finally a part of her pregnancy and that their baby was healthy.

They were going to make the most of their second chance.

But they were still in the early stages, and they were uncertain of what the future would have in store for them. Would they finally have the baby they wanted?

Smooth Sailing


The first part of the pregnancy was easy. Everything was fine.

The baby seemed healthy, and the couple had passed the milestone that tore them apart the first time around.

But with each month that passed, they became more concerned. They knew that the highest risk always came in the eighth month, and that was what frightened them the most.

Strength And Support


Liam was there for Trisha every step of the way.

He took her wherever she needed to go and bought her whatever she wanted. But that wasn’t all he did.

There was one thing Liam wanted to avoid at all costs. And he tried his best to do it. Would he be successful? Or was the problem too ingrained?

Letting Go


What Liam tried to do was help Trisha with her self-esteem and the issues she had regarding her body.

He always told her how beautiful she looked and assured her that pregnancy wouldn’t change her that much.

And it seemed to have worked. Trisha was starting to let go of her fears, and she was embracing the changes.

Getting There


The months passed by, and Trisha kept growing bigger and bigger.

So far, everything was going fine, but that eight-month mark was approaching, and with it, the anxiety rose.

Their checkups became more frequent, and it was becoming clear that even the doctor was concerned. Would their worst fears be confirmed? Would they suffer another tragedy?

There Was A Risk


When the eight-month mark finally came, Trisha and Liam headed for one of their last checkups.

The doctor assured them that the baby was fine. But she also informed them that she had some concerns.

To air on the side of caution, the doctor put Trisha on bed rest for the duration of her pregnancy. But would that be enough?

Baby Boy


Less than a month later, Trisha gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Even though he was a little premature, the baby was happy and healthy, which was more than his parents could’ve asked for.

They finally had the child they had been waiting for, and this time things went a lot better than they expected. Trisha and Liam’s relationship was stronger than ever before.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.