Doctor Takes One Look At Newborn And Tells Mom To Give Up Baby


Not A Pleasant Experience 

Her life had been turned upside down in the space of six hours. Despite that, she was confident that her efforts had been worthwhile. During the last nine months, preparations and suspense had built up to this point.

In reality, this was supposed to be the happiest moment of her life, but it turned out to be one of the most traumatic.

In a few hours, she would be able to enjoy waves of bliss after the excruciating pain was gone. A glance at her baby, however, shattered her world.

What Was The Problem? 


Suddenly, something that would haunt her for years appeared in front of her as she looked over at the doctors.

They looked horrified. Angry, she demanded to know why this was happening.

However, before she could even see her baby, the nurse snuck him out of the room. Clearly, something wasn’t right.

She Deserved Answers 


The baby’s mother demanded answers. But the doctors remained silent in shock.

Again, she repeated herself, startling one into stammering, “Everything is fine. We just need to do some testing.”.

They didn’t sound very convincing. Upon discovering the truth about her baby, her entire world would come crashing down.

She Wanted A Family 


Jacqui Lyra lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and was just an ordinary woman. The importance of family was something she placed high on and she always wanted to start one. As soon as she met her dream man, she became more motivated.

As if fate had intervened. When she dropped her bag crossing a busy city street, a man found it and returned it to her.

Nevertheless, fate can be cruel as well.

Love At First Sight 


A bright-eyed man named Renato Oliveira returned Jacqui’s bag to her. He tracked down her address based on her I.D. The fact that he found it wasn’t by accident.

It was love at first sight for him from the time he saw her ID photograph.

However, things would become more difficult down the road.



It wasn’t long before the couple got engaged, just two years after getting together.

Jacqui finally found someone who had the same priorities as her – family – and they could not imagine life without one another.

It was just as exciting for Renato as it was for his newlywed wife to start a family with him. As they would find out, life can be unpredictable.

Getting Professional Help 


Despite months of trying, Jacqui couldn’t get pregnant. Despite their dismay, they knew that medical professionals were the only ones who could provide more insight.

Their nearest clinic referred them to an obstetrician specializing in pregnancy. Her sympathetic approach to their dilemma made her seem like a respectable doctor.

Despite this, they had no idea how dark it was.

Feeling Anxious 


In spite of their best efforts, the couple couldn’t hide their nervousness. Neither of them knew what to expect from the obstetrician.

Maybe their genes or their lifestyle were to blame?

Regardless, they headed to the hospital for their appointment. The fate of their future was unknown.

The Examination


As soon as she reached the obstetrician, she asked Jacqui to lie down.

After going over her body carefully but thoroughly, she made sure that nothing was missed.

When she finished, she looked at them and said, “You’re fine, but let’s examine your husband now.”

His Turn 


Renato was eventually able to get onto the bed thanks to the doctor. In order to be sure it wasn’t him, he had to be examined as well. Like any Brazilian living in Sao Paulo, he felt awkward doing it.

The examination began, and he laid down with the support of his wife. His nerves were running high as he hoped they wouldn’t be stopped by him.

His anticipation was high when the doctor finished.

The News


The doctor looked at the couple after the examinations and told them what she had found. They could feel their hearts pounding in their chests as she opened her mouth. “Everything seems to be normal with both of you.”

She then proceeded to give them some advice on how to get pregnant.

With this new advice, they would surely succeed, wouldn’t they?

Trying Again


The couple tried again for months with the advice they had gotten from their doctor. Hopefully, with the knowledge they now had, they would be sure to get pregnant in no time.

It was the next step in the married couple’s lives. They needed this. If they couldn’t get pregnant, their marriage could potentially be ruined.

But after three months, Jacqui started feeling peculiar.



One day, Jacqui felt sick and started vomiting for no apparent reason. They both knew this was a sign that she was pregnant.

They had a pregnancy test ready and excitedly waited for the results.

That was when the truth was revealed to the couple. They looked at the readout on the test. They were pregnant!

Over The Moon


The couple was over the moon. They couldn’t believe that it had finally happened. Nothing could put a damper on their mood, but they were unaware of how cruel fate could be.

The next nine months would be a long and hard road, but the couple knew it would be worth it.

They had no idea how wrong they were when it came down to see the baby she had been carrying.



Jacqui knew exactly what she had signed up for. She had read many prenatal books and knew it wasn’t an easy journey. But she knew what the payoff was – a beautiful baby boy or girl to take care of.

Renato was by her side the entire time. He would make sure his wife was well looked after while she carried their child to term.

But would it all be worth it?

A Strange Feeling


After four months, Jacqui could swear that something wasn’t right. She called it a mother’s intuition.

Renato called it paranoia. But he couldn’t very well tell that to the mother of his future child.

He decided to play along, and the two of them went back to their doctor to see how things were coming along.

A Check-Up


The couple once again visited the doctor for a check-up. They needed to see how she was getting along.

Jacqui was looking for anything that would explain why she didn’t feel comfortable.

But after a sonogram and a thorough examination, the doctor gave her good news. Her baby was developing well.

Calming Down


With the doctor’s opinion being positive for the baby’s health, Jacqui felt reassured and calmed down about her suspicions.

Renato assured her it was just jitters for the new chapter in their life.

She nodded and agreed. This was just her being irrational due to hormonal imbalances in her body. But she should have trusted her gut instincts.

Another Five Months Pass


The next five months were uncomfortable, to say the least. Jacqui had doubled in size due to her baby growing inside of her.

She had taken off from work for the last few weeks, and some days were spent in incredible pain.

But then, without warning, her water broke. The baby wasn’t waiting around any longer, and she’d have to hurry to their doctor.

Rushing There


Renato drove his pregnant wife to the hospital on a Tuesday night at 8:00 PM. Thankfully there was little to no traffic, and he would end up there in no time.

Once there, Jacqui was put on a gurney and rushed to the delivery room.

The nurses and doctors were on standby and rushed into action immediately. But the mother had no idea how difficult things were about to get.

A Difficult Delivery


Jacqui had no idea that she was about to be in for a difficult delivery.

None of the prenatal books and fellow mothers’ experiences were going to prepare her for what she was about to go through.

Even the doctors would say that it was on the longer and more difficult side of pregnancies they had ever seen. But that was only the beginning.

Finally, Over


It had been the most painful six hours of her life. But finally, her baby was delivered, and she was sure that it had paid off.

Nine months of preparation and suspense had all culminated at this moment. 

But what was supposed to be the most joyous moment of her life ended up being one of the most harrowing.

Expecting Bliss


The excruciating pain was now gone, and she expected waves of bliss. But the people who were supposed to help her shattered her world when they took one look at her baby.

Jacqui thought that everything would be fine now, she smiled at the doctors, but they didn’t smile back.

In fact, she saw something that would haunt her for years. 

The Look Of Horror


No one in the room was smiling. In fact, The doctors’ and nurses’ faces had the look of pure horror on their faces. 

She demanded to know what was going on. But the nurse quickly snuck her baby out of the room before she could even look at him.

Something was very wrong, and she demanded to know what.

Needing To Know


The mother of the baby demanded to know what was going on. But the doctors didn’t have any answers for her. They just stood there with their mouths hanging open. 

She repeated herself again and startled one snapped out of his trance-like state and quickly stammered, “Everything is okay.

We just need to run some tests, Ma’am.”

Wasn’t Convinced


They didn’t sound convincing at all. She worried about the truth about her baby. Her world was shattered when a few moments ago, she was in pure bliss.

All she could do was scream after them as they started taking her baby away.

Tears started streaming down her eyes as she heard a doctor shout, “Sedate her!” But her husband wouldn’t let that happen.

The Baby


Renato ran after the nurse taking his baby away. He wasn’t about to let them get away with this.

But as he reached the door they left through, an electronic lock clicked. They were locked in the room.

Jacqui was sedated, and security was called to escort Renato out of the building. What was so wrong with their baby that they had to escalate things so much?

Barely An Explanation


After Renato was taken out of the building, a doctor offered an explanation to the sedated Jacqui. “Your son is… different. We need to keep running some tests.”

“Different? Jacqui screamed at the doctors. She needed to know what he meant by that, but he wouldn’t say another word and left the room.

That wasn’t good enough for Jacqui. She was going to get to the bottom of this.

Breaking Out


A few hours passed, and most of the sedatives had worn off. The hysterical mother knew that this was her moment to spring into action.

She pulled herself off of her bed and walked towards the door.

She was going to see her baby whether or not they said she was allowed to. But what she was about to witness was something no mother ever should have to.

Look At Her Baby


She stumbled through the door into a hallway and looked around. She managed to find the door to where they kept the babies and walked around. She didn’t see her baby anywhere until she saw a strange machine.

Walked towards the contraction at the end of the room and peered through the glass. She saw her last name attached to the plaque. She just couldn’t believe that what she was looking at was her baby.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.