Doctor Bans Grandma From Delivery Room After Hearing Her Ringtone


The Delivery Room

This was supposed to be a happy moment for her and her husband. After fourteen hours in labor, she was glad it was finally over.

She couldn’t even think straight, exhausted and worried that her son didn’t make it.

She had no clue that the hardest trials awaited her outside the delivery room.

Just One Win


But for Erica, this was supposed to be the win she needed that year. After the countless hurdles she and her husband Marcus had to jump over, they deserved something that didn’t bring them pain and suffering. 

But her mother-in-law had long been on her case, making absurd demands and treating her like she didn’t matter.

Erica thought her newborn baby would change the woman when he would catalyze even more disaster. 

A Cursed Life


Erica Bing had been through enough. By the time she was twenty-five, she’d been divorced, left to fend for herself and her six-month-old daughter, and forced to move to a new state. 

She’d never believed in curses before, but she became a believer after all these things happened to her in the last two years.

She hoped life would finally let up. 

A Place To Start Fresh 


Midway, Utah, was a change of pace from what she was used to in bustling Brooklyn, New York City. The roads were emptier, the air cleaner, and the streets quieter. 

The pristine alpine town calmed her racing heart and mind, promising a better future where New York had only given misery.

Erica and her daughter had found a place they could finally start anew. 

Settling In 


The first thing she did after finding an affordable apartment to stay in was look for a job. Since she had a degree in management, finding a position in any business establishment would be her best bet. 

She only wanted a way to make ends meet. Yes, she was still reeling from her nasty divorce.

But she couldn’t watch as her little angel starved to death. She should have known that fate had her sights on her.       

Looking For Work 


Finding a new job was difficult, especially in a small town where Erica didn’t know anybody. She’d leave Kelly, her baby, at the local daycare before spending the whole morning going from business to business.

She visited hotels and restaurants and went to amusement parks and movie theaters. But no one seemed interested in hiring her.

Well, that was until she found this small bakery in the heart of the town. 

The Bakery


The place took Erica’s breath away from the moment she stepped through its doors. The walls were a mixture of arctic blue and blush pink, the air filled with the warm scent of freshly baked pastries. 

But more than anything was the staff inside. They welcomed Erica with a hug before offering her a hot cup of coffee and some muffins.

It was clear she’d found her new home. 

A Great Fit!


Erica presented her expertise to the owner and head chef, Mrs. Letty, who was more than willing to have her on board. “We’ve long needed a manager for everything!” the forty-year-old said with a bright smile. “I think you’re a great fit.”

She should have told Erica about the strapping young man that usually came in with his daughter every Tuesday afternoon for lemon cakes.

But some things are better kept a secret. 

He’s Here 


Erica wasn’t in the bakery for a week before he stepped through the establishment’s doors. At first sight, he was tall and imposing, taking measured strides that meant business. 

His daughter led before him, waving at Mrs. Letty before running to hug her behind the counter.

Erica expected him to be rude or nonchalant. She was in for the shock of her life. 

Marcus Townsley  


The man, Marcus Townsley, was anything but rude. His business-like demeanor seemed to melt away as soon as his gaze landed on Erica.

The sharp planes on his face softened as his lips curled. 

Approaching the counter, he stretched a hand to her and said one thing, a single word that would thrust him and Erica from the bakery’s counter to their town church’s altar. 

Love At First Sight 


“Hi,” Marcus said, a simple greeting that almost had Erica falling over. “A new face,” he continued, oblivious to how difficult she was finding it to make coherent responses. 

His intense eyes seemed to devour her where she stood, his conversation about leaving work every Tuesday afternoon because his five-year-old daughter had a sweet tooth capturing every brain cell in her mind.

Even Mrs. Letty knew this was love at first sight.

Knowing Him 


She wasted no time explaining who Marcus was: a single dad and the town’s resident dentist. Although tall and burly, he was the sweetest man Mrs. Letty had the pleasure of watching grow. 

Since he came in every Tuesday, it was only a short time before he and Erica became friends.

But that friendship gave birth to something more, pledging a life of happiness.

His World


Like Erica, Marcus came into the relationship with baggage. After losing his daughter’s mom, he’d become completely closed off. His daughter and mom were the only people that mattered to him before Erica.

His daughter, Macy, was the sweetest girl Erica had ever met. The fact that she saw Erica as her own mom was among the reasons why Marcus fell in love with the Brooklyn native.

But it would be soon that trouble came knocking. 

His Mom 

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In three months of dating, Erica was yet to meet Marcus’ mom.

Although the woman lived five hours away on a ranch deep in Utah’s untamed wilderness, Erica knew all she needed to know about her. 

Mrs. Letty had shared everything, telling Erica about how protective the woman was over Marcus and Macy. But that was only half of it. 

Her Love For Her Family


She explained that despite having seven grandchildren, Marcus’ mom treated Macy like she was the only one. She constantly bought the girl gifts and drove her across the state. 

She’d even converted one of her ranch’s guestrooms into Macy’s room, a luxury the other kids in the family didn’t enjoy.

But all these things wouldn’t deter Erica from giving herself to Marcus. She should have known better. 

Moving In Together 


Erica and Marcus moved into Marcus’ house on the outskirts of town with their daughters, Kelly and Macy. Marcus quickly introduced Erica and Kelly to his mom, who was all smiles and compliments at the time.

She even asked Erica to visit the ranch over the weekend, saying she wanted to spend time with her and her daughter.

But slowly and gradually, she’d make her true colors known. 

At The Ranch


Erica was at the ranch when she noticed something was off. Despite Marcus’ mom having other grandkids, she only had Macy’s pictures in her house. Every framed photo was of the little girl, be it on a dresser in some room or any wall. 

The woman had Macy as her laptop and phone screensaver. Erica initially dismissed it, thinking it was a loving grandma doting over her granddaughter.

But things were about to get weird. 

A Request 

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Erica had heard that Marcus’s mom wasn’t afraid of playing favorites when it came to her grandchildren. From the many that she had, she only had eyes for Macy.

Her attention bordered obsession, which created problems for her other children and grandkids.

It wouldn’t be long before she extended her antics to Erica and her baby.

Bed Time 

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Macy and her dad arrived later that evening, and after a seemingly delightful dinner, everyone prepared to go to sleep. Macy suggested that Kelly could sleep with her in her room.

Erica didn’t see a reason why not. Macy and Kelly got along so well and were practically sisters.

But Marcus’s mom had different thoughts on the matter.

Earn Her Way In 

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She reprimanded Macy for even thinking about such a heinous thing. That room was only meant for Macy and no one else. If Kelly wanted to sleep there, she’d have to earn her way in.

Erica’s mouth fell open. What did Marcus’s mom mean by Kelly earning her way in? She wasn’t even five years old!

But it would only get worse from there.

The Full Truth

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Kelly asked the woman what she meant by that statement. To her surprise, Marcus’ mom didn’t hold back. “That room isn’t just for anyone,” she smirked.

“It’s for my little ray of sunshine. Your daughter will have to prove herself to sleep there.

It will be even tougher for her because she’s not my blood.”

Stating The Obvious 

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Marcus had to reprimand her before she continued. “What?” she asked with a light chuckle. “I’m just stating the obvious. This is why you don’t go for women with burdens.”

“Excuse me?” Erica called, stepping up to the woman. “Erica, please,” Marcus came before her. “Let’s just leave it at this.”

There was concern in his eyes, “Please.”

Should She Marry Him?


Erica turned around, leaving the room with Kelly in her arms. She lay awake through the night, wondering if she was making a mistake with Marcus. Marrying someone came with its problems.

Most of the time, these problems usually stemmed from the significant other’s family. The sun came up with her still pondering the matter.

She didn’t know that Marcus’ mom was already hatching a plan to destroy her.



The first thing the woman did when she found Erica making breakfast was apologizing for her behavior the previous night. Erica thought it was a good start.

She’d always adored the power of communication and believed it could help her and her soon-to-be mother-in-law connect more.

But soon enough, trouble started rearing its ugly head again.    

Having A Needed Conversation 


During their lengthy conversation, she realized Marcus’s mom was trying to one-up her. The woman seemed to have a better or more depressing version of an experience Erica had.

Her past was more traumatic, her trips across Europe more exciting, and her experiences with diseases and accidents more painful. But she was only getting started.

She kept correcting Erica at every turn, whether on grammar or something she did in the kitchen. This became more prevalent when Marcus and the kids showed up for breakfast. 

It Gets Worse


The woman went as far as insinuating that Erica was a bad mom to Kelly and would surely ruin Macy’s life. Could things get any worse than that? Marcus’ mom kept leading conversations to focus on herself.

She painted a picture of a woman who’d conquered everything life threw at her.   

She continued putting Erica down, especially when Marcus was paying attention. And to Erica’s surprise, he didn’t seem to notice. Erica should have taken this as a sign to reassess everything. She didn’t.

More Signs 


After the visit, Marcus informed Erica that his mom approved of her. “She’s very picky,” he said with an awkward smile. “I’m glad she likes you because I really like and wouldn’t want to lose you.”

As the last born of the family, it was clear that he was his mom’s favorite. He also lived in the state, unlike his three siblings, who’d moved away because, according to them, their mom was overbearing.

This should have been another sign for Erica. 

Love Is Blind 


But Erica didn’t heed the signs. After years of abuse and suffering, she’d finally found somewhere she felt loved, appreciated, and seen. These blinded her to the danger constantly looming, convincing her she was where she was meant to be.

“Everything happens for a reason,” she’d long told herself. After a failed marriage in New York, she’d finally found someone who treated her right.

But just as everything was falling into place, disaster struck.  

In The Darkness 


It was a warm summer night a month after her marriage to Marcus when it happened. Erica had laid Kelly, who was seven months, in her crib. The little angel usually slept for five hours before coming to. 

But today, it was different. Her wails didn’t wake Erica up at night.

The young mom thought Kelly was sound asleep, not knowing it was something far worse.

What Happened 


“Sudden infant death syndrome,” the doctor said over the weeping mom in the emergency room. Erica couldn’t believe it.

She blamed herself for Kelly’s passing, almost losing her mind because of the guilt and pain.  

Of course, Marcus’ mom came to the hospital as soon as she received the news. But her intentions weren’t pure. 

Her View

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Pulling Marcus aside, the woman said she needed him, Erica, and Macy to move into the ranch. To her, Erica wasn’t fit to be a partner, let alone a mom.

She used Erica’s loss and troubled past as ammunition, explaining that such a ‘broken’ woman shouldn’t raise her granddaughter. 

Marcus couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Although he didn’t tell Erica why, he banned his mom from visiting the hospital or their home. It was time he drew the line between his family and her. 

Seeing Things Clearly

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But the mom didn’t give up. She still showed up uninvited, bringing Macy gifts and insisting on being let in. She tried to use the gifts as blackmail, even feigning sickness to access the house. But Marcus was no longer the mommy’s boy he used to be. 

He was beginning to understand why his brothers’ maintained that their mom was overbearing.

He told her not to visit his home again unless called and made it clear she’d regret stepping at his door without an invitation. But how did Erica feel about all this?

Coming To


Erica, lost in her head after losing her baby, woke up to a fighting mother and son. She couldn’t understand why Marcus was suddenly so cross with his mom. They’d had the best relationship before she came into the picture.

Was it because of her? Marcus would not say. He only insisted that the measures he’d put in place were for Macy and Erica’s good.

It was then that they discovered they were going to have a child.

They’re Pregnant


Erica was having her routine check-up at the hospital when the doctor returned with a pregnancy report. Erica was three weeks pregnant, having conceived just a week before losing Kelly.

She called Marcus immediately, shaking as she shared the news. A loving husband, he skipped work to spend the afternoon with her.

After everything that had gone wrong in their lives, they needed this. But Marcus’ mom had her view on the matter. 

Why Should I Care?


Erica was still in a daze when Marcus told her he’d revealed their pregnancy to his mom. His mom responded, “Well, why should I care? Not like you’re going to let me see it, anyway!”

Marcus also shared why he’d barred the woman from visiting them. Emily couldn’t believe it.

As someone who had children and must’ve known the fear of losing one, how could her mother-in-law be so insensitive?

Due Date 


Erica’s dislike for her mother-in-law grew throughout her pregnancy. When her trimester ended, she and Marcus drove to the hospital, ready to welcome their son. But Erica didn’t allow her mother-in-law into the delivery room. 

She knew how challenging and private giving birth was. She was still recovering from the woman’s scathing comments about her past and losing Kelly.

The doctor knew the whole story and was keen to ban the mother-in-law from the delivery room. If only she knew the decision would land them all in court. 

I Don’t Understand It 


Erica had only allowed a few people into the delivery room. These included Marcus and one of her best friends from New York, who also worked as a midwife was present. 

Marcus’ mom couldn’t get how a random woman from New York was granted entry into the delivery room while she wasn’t.

As soon as she heard the delivery was successful, she started screaming that something was wrong with her chest. 

Cry For Attention


Marcus thought she was trying to steal the thunder from Erica’s successful delivery. She’d always loved the attention that came with being dramatic.

But his mom fell to the floor limp, and wouldn’t answer when he called to her.

The nurses rushed in to help, wheeling the woman to the emergency room. Marcus found himself at a crossroads between going to his mom or staying with Erica. 

Making A Choice 


He chose to stay with Erica and their newborn baby but told her about his mom’s situation.

Despite the divide between Erica and her mother-in-law, she wanted to go and check on her.

But given that she’d just delivered a baby, she still needed rest. She had no idea she’d wake up to her mother-in-law’s lawyer serving her court papers. 

The Man In A Suit


Erica couldn’t believe what she was looking at when she came to the following morning. A man in a crisp blue suit was waiting outside her room, chatting with Marcus, who looked upset. 

When the man realized Erica was awake, he tried to brute force his way into her room, but Marcus wouldn’t let it happen.

Eventually, Erica convinced him it was alright to let the man in. 

A Quick Conversation 


The man introduced himself as Mr. Halsey, Marcus’ mom’s lawyer. He recounted the previous day’s events, stating that Marcus’ mom was still undergoing treatment after what had happened to her. 

Although he wouldn’t disclose exactly what happened to the woman, he presented a folder from his suitcase, plopping it on Erica’s bedside table.

With a smirk, he stepped back to give her room to open the file. 

Emotional Distress 


Erica tore the file open and looked inside, finding that Marcus’ mom was suing her for emotional distress.

The papers stated that Marcus’ mom had suffered a stroke after enduring an emotionally tense moment caused by Erica and Marcus. 

Her condition had made her miss out on returning to the ranch and running everything. But that wasn’t all. 

See You In Two Weeks 


Since she’d incurred bills while at the hospital, the part of the damages she was seeking was meant to cover that portion. 

In fact, she wanted Erica and Marcus to cover everything, from the money she was losing by not being at the ranch to the hospital bill.

She gave them two weeks to get their affairs in order before meeting her in court.   

Ten Thousand Dollars 


Erica was lost for words. She couldn’t understand why Marcus’ mom was upset about not being in the delivery room. Didn’t the woman put herself in that position with her endless harmful comments? 

Erica was looking at ten thousand dollars in damages. She hadn’t worked as much due to her pregnancy and would have to dip into her savings to settle the amount.

But what did Marcus think about the situation?

A Son Vs. His Mother 


Marcus didn’t appear worried in the least. But Erica could tell he’d had enough of his mom’s antics. He went to see her in the afternoon and, after a few hours, informed Erica that they would be taking the issue to court. 

All he cared about was the birth of their son, the fact that Erica was recovering wonderfully, and their two daughters waiting at home. To him, nothing else mattered. 

To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.