Man Demands Divorce Less Than 24 Hours Into Marriage After Wife Says Two Words


The First Night

The new bride was sitting on the edge of the bed. She tried not to move the mattress too much, she tried to make too much noise.

As she lay down on the pillow, she heard a slurred voice right behind her head, “Finally, where were you?” Her eyes widened in shock. Her heart was pounding. What could she do? What could she say?

A Perfect Wedding


The moon hung low in the night sky, casting a silvery glow upon the tranquil waters of the harbor. It looked so beautiful it was almost too good to be California.

A gentle breeze rustled the sails of the luxurious yacht, which had been the centerpiece of George Dickinson’s extravagant wedding.

It was the kind of beauty you would say “It would be the perfect wedding photograph moment,” and it was, he had it.

Whatever I want


George, a man of fifty-two, had just exchanged vows with his latest love interest, the beautiful Laura Smith, a woman fifteen years his junior.

The celebrations had been grand, the champagne flowing freely, and the laughter echoing through the air. George was the kind of man who got anything and everything he wanted. He loved to enjoy life.

Here For The Show


All the guests were surprised that George was getting married so soon. His last wedding was only a year ago. Apparently, his last spouse cheated on him. But nobody really knew George, only his money.

The night was filled with a tantalizing mix of joy and exhaustion. The expensive wedding on the grand yacht had been a dazzling affair, a celebration of George Dickinson’s latest union.

The More The Merrier


As a wealthy businessman in the import industry, George had amassed a circle of influential friends over the years. He loved to impress and throw events; his weddings were no exception.

His new 40 ft yacht was his latest prize and he wanted to christen it by having his wedding on the deck. The vessel stood as a symbol of his opulent lifestyle, a testament to his success as a wealthy businessman in the import industry.

That’s Life


George had a series of failed relationships, but he never gave up on love. He knew that some people found him quirky but he didn’t care. He had money. Lots of it.

This marked his fourth walk down the aisle, and his charismatic charm never failed to attract a crowd. But now, as the night drew to a close, a sense of weariness hung heavily upon the newlyweds.

Making Every Moment Special


They made their way to a lavish hotel that overlooked the pristine beach, where a room awaited them—an oasis of romance and tranquility. They took a walk on the beach to get there.

After an evening of laughter and revelry at the reception party, George and Laura found themselves retreating to a luxurious hotel room on the tranquil beach. Would they have the perfect wedding night?

The Best Bridal Suite


35-year-old Laura gasped as she saw the extravagant room with romantic decorations. The room exuded romance, with soft lighting and breathtaking views of the moonlit ocean.

George stumbled through the doorway; his steps unsteady from the excessive indulgence in alcohol. His words slurred as he professed his undying love for Laura, his latest bride. Could he keep it together?

The Best For You


Laura had never been to a fancier hotel. “I love the bridal suite,” she gushed. The new bride walked over to the mirror and started taking her jewelry off. She looked at herself as the new Mrs. Dickinson. Did she like what she saw?

George, in his drunken state, stumbled towards the bed, expressing his undying love for Laura as he slurred his words. He was watching her as she took her long wedding gown off.

The Down Time


Laura, exhausted from the demands of the day, sighed wearily as she attempted to remove her elegant wedding gown. The fabric clung to her like a second skin, refusing to let go.

George looked creepy as he stared at her. Watching her struggle. He didn’t even offer to help her take it off. He was a very funny person. But Laura knew that she looked past it.

We Did It


She stood before the mirror, her reflection illuminated by the soft glow of the bedside lamp. She was looking for something long enough to pull the zipper down at the back. She tried a hanger but gave up halfway.

The beautiful bride looked at her gorgeous upstyle. It had to go. Her hands delicately began the task of unraveling the intricate maze of bobby pins that adorned her hair, each one holding a memory of the extravagant celebration.

A Married Woman


Laura admired her beauty and resilience as she took her hair out. She was weary from the day’s events and struggled to remove the 70 bobby pins that adorned her hair.

She longed for a moment of tranquility, a respite from the whirlwind that had consumed her. But she would never be alone again. George would always be there, lurking.

All The Effort


Laura wiggled around in her dress, she pulled at the hanger once more. It worked and the zipper came down. She just needed to relax her body.

As she finally managed to slip out of her wedding dress, George’s inebriated attempt at romance grew more persistent. He was calling Laura over to their wedding bed, but she needed to go to the bathroom.

No Reward


“I’m just busy with my hair, George,” she said nervously, “you can’t expect me to sleep like that.” “You know I hate waiting, don’t keep me waiting Laura, come over here,” he said.

As Laura finally freed her locks from their intricate confines, she turned to find George sprawled across the bed, his eyes drooping with the intoxication of the night.

Playing Games


The new bride hurried into the bathroom. She couldn’t keep him waiting any longer. She had been thinking about this night for a long time and she couldn’t avoid it.

With a tired smile, she slipped under the covers, seeking solace in the embrace of sleep. But George, fueled by a concoction of alcohol and desire, had other ideas. She knew what he wanted.

It’s About Time


In the dimly lit room, George’s hand reached out, his fingers tracing a path along Laura’s arm. His touch, once gentle, now felt intrusive and unwelcome.

“Finally, we get to be alone, my love,” he said in a spooky croak. Laura giggled nervously and moved towards the edge of the bed.

She thought that she would have been in a better mood after the beautiful wedding, but she just wasn’t feeling right.

Husband And Wife


Laura recoiled slightly, her exhaustion intensifying as she mustered the strength to gently push his hand away. She pleaded; her voice barely audible above the rhythmic crashing of waves.

All it took was two words to wake George up. He loved a challenge. All of a sudden, he was up, barely awake, but wanted to win his lady’s love. What would he do next?

The Same Man


Laura was playing shy and meek. She hoped that he would just give up trying and go to sleep. It was the best thing to do. Laura acted like she was sleeping.

But George, his judgment clouded by his inebriated state, persisted. His actions grew bolder, his intentions clear. “That’s not a reason Laura!” he slurred at her, “I am your husband, give me what I want now,” he said.

The Man Inside


He leaned in closer, his breath reeking of alcohol, his movements increasingly forceful. “You married me, you belong to me,” he chuckled.

Laura’s heart raced, panic rising within her. She struggled to push him away, her pleas for him to stop echoing in the stillness of the room. What had she gotten herself into?

No Turning Back


Fear gripped Laura’s every fiber as she fought against George’s unwelcome advances. Her mind raced, searching for a way to escape this nightmare.

“You think you can scare me away Laura?” he taunted her, “I know all of your styles and tactics, don’t think I don’t know why girls like you marry men like me,” he laughed.

For A Reason


He was taking a dig at her, but it wasn’t the first time either. “Everyone knows why you married me, Laura! Come on, grow up man! You should be happy after a dream wedding like that.” the drunken George said as he lit a cigarette.

Adrenaline coursed through her veins, lending her strength she didn’t know she possessed. With one final surge of determination, she managed to break free from his grasp.

Internal Explosion


It was best that she didn’t respond to his anger. “I’m tired, George,” Laura murmured, her voice barely audible over his intoxicated ramblings.

But George lost in his own world of entitlement and frustration, erupted into a fit of anger. He shot up from the bed, his eyes ablaze with fury. “I will do everything for you! You’re ungrateful!” he bellowed, his voice reverberating through the room.

The Pressure


Laura, taken aback by his sudden outburst, stood frozen in disbelief. She had hoped for a night of peace and connection, not this explosion of rage. She tried to hide her face in the shadows.

George’s words pierced her heart, tearing at the foundation of their short-lived marriage. At that moment, the facade crumbled, revealing the true nature of the man she had married. What did she do?

No Respect


Was she really going to spend the rest of her life like this? With tears welling up in her eyes, Laura mustered the strength to speak. “If that’s how you feel, George, then perhaps a divorce is the right choice.”

Her voice trembled, a mix of fear and determination seeping through her words. Did she just ruin her future?

A Fools Game


George, still consumed by anger, scoffed at his new bride. “Is this how it’s going to be? You still treat me like everyone else? I disgust you hey? Don’t I?” Laura sobbed on the bed.

For a moment it looked like there were tears in George’s eyes. ”I can buy a million of you, he said and stormed out of the room.” George left Laura alone with her shattered dreams.

So Much For That


The next day, their friends and family, unaware of the turmoil that had unfolded, wondered what had gone wrong. Some breathed a sigh of relief, whispering good riddance to George, who had always carried an aura of foulness and cruelty.

Laura found herself questioning every decision that had led her to this point in life. Doubt crept into her mind, weaving its way through her thoughts. But when the divorce papers arrived, she realized what needed to be done.

A Choice To Make


The days that followed were filled with an eerie sense of emptiness. Laura grappled with a mixture of grief, relief, and uncertainty. She leaned on her loved ones for support, seeking solace in their words of encouragement.

Finally, with a heavy heart, she signed them, acknowledging the end of a union that had barely lasted twenty-four hours.

With each passing day, her resolve grew stronger, and she began to rebuild the pieces of her life that George had shattered.

Twenty-Four Hour Relationship


The two weeks it took for the divorce proceedings to conclude felt like an eternity. Laura faced each day with a mix of apprehension and hope. It was a hard choice, but the money was not worth her self-respect.

When the final papers arrived, she studied them briefly, her hand trembling slightly. With a deep breath, she signed her name, forever severing the ties that bound her to a man she had thought she could love.

While It Lasted


As she closed the envelope containing the signed documents, Laura felt a strange mix of freedom and sorrow. The ordeal had left its mark, but she knew she had made the right decision.

The sun began to peek through the clouds, casting a warm glow on her face as if reassuring her that brighter days lay ahead. She was single now.

Her Own Woman


And so, Laura embraced the next chapter of her life, determined to learn from her past and build a future that was defined by her own strength and resilience.

The echoes of George’s rage faded into the background as she stepped forward, ready to reclaim her own happiness and leave the shadow of their short-lived marriage behind. It was going to be tough, but she was an independent woman and was about to prove it.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.