Tell Us Which Disney Princess You Are and We’ll Give You a Disney Dress to Wear

By Youmn September 5, 2018 View all posts (74)

I’ve watched all the Disney movies. Countless times. I lost count of how many times I rewatched Frozen. The stories, the animation, the songs… and the dresses. No normal human being can watch these movies without goggling at the details of each Disney dress.

How many children around the world wished to dress as their favorite princess on Halloween (or on any normal day, really)? Judging from the Disney aisle in major stores, I would say a whole bunch of kids. And how many adults would like to borrow the elegant style and spirit of these timeless outfits? I can’t be too sure, but I know that I, along with several of my friends, are high on the list.

If you’re one of us and wonder which modern dress would channel your inner Disney princess, this list is for you!

Check out these grown-up Disney dresses:

14.) Tiana: When Fun Meets Fashion

disney dress tiana

Fit and flattering, this dress will hug your curves without being too tight. The flowery pattern is nothing short of classy.

Whether you’re on your way to rock a work-related meeting or want to go to brunch with your friends, this dress will rise to any occasion.

Shop this Disney dress here: New York & Company