Tell Us Which Disney Princess You Are and We’ll Give You a Disney Dress to Wear

Countless grown-up girls watch Disney movies and adore the details of each princess dress, wishing they could pull them off. But don't worry, you really can make your dream come true: We scoured the internet for modern-day dresses that match the spirit of your favorite Disney dress!

I’ve watched all the Disney movies. Countless times. I lost count of how many times I rewatched Frozen. The stories, the animation, the songs… and the dresses. No normal human being can watch these movies without goggling at the details of each Disney dress.

How many children around the world wished to dress as their favorite princess on Halloween (or on any normal day, really)? Judging from the Disney aisle in major stores, I would say a whole bunch of kids. And how many adults would like to borrow the elegant style and spirit of these timeless outfits? I can’t be too sure, but I know that I, along with several of my friends, are high on the list.

If you’re one of us and wonder which modern dress would channel your inner Disney princess, this list is for you!

Check out these grown-up Disney dresses:

14.) Tiana: When Fun Meets Fashion

disney dress tiana

Fit and flattering, this dress will hug your curves without being too tight. The flowery pattern is nothing short of classy.

Whether you’re on your way to rock a work-related meeting or want to go to brunch with your friends, this dress will rise to any occasion.

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13.) Aurora: Don’t Sleep On This Dress!

princess aurora disney dress

Aurora is the true embodiment of grace and poise. If she’s your spirit princess, you need a dress that matches her finesse, just like this rose-hued ruffled mini dress.

The ruffles add a feminine flair to the look, the V-shaped neckline is tasteful and the wrap is flattering to the silhouette. Pair it up with a gold necklace and bracelet, and you’re good to go.

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12.) Belle: Yellow Has Never Looked So Good

disney dress belle

Ruffle, ruffle, little star, how wonderful in that dress you are! Major princess vibes are coming from this bright yellow dress.

The off-center slit and flounce trim take it from a basic maxi dress to a bold fashion statement. You will turn heads whenever you wear it, and channel your inner Belle while you’re at it.

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11.) Cinderella: A Dress You Get to Keep After Midnight

disney dress cinderella

We’re smitten by the twist-front detail of this dress. This is the kind of dress that will get you noticed in seconds.

The ultra-flattering neckline, mini skirt lining and light fabric make it a complete outfit on its own. Glass slippers are great, but keep the outfit simple and pair it with sandals to keep a breezy, clean silhouette.

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10.) Elsa: Don’t Let This Fab Dress Go!

princess elsa-inspired disney dress

Rock the effortless, glamorous look by throwing on this dress any time of the day.

Maxi dresses come in all colors and cuts, but this one is unlike the rest. With its formal-looking-yet-relaxed vibe and keyhole details, this dress has distinct flirty accents and feminine flair.

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9.) Jane: Ready for an Adventure?

Disney dress | Jane from Tarzan

You don’t need to travel all the way to a jungle to channel your inner adventurer. Choosing the right outfit will drive your confidence through the roof, and this dress will the job perfectly.

This softly tailored shirt dress will keep you cool with its light fabric and “cool” with its clean cut. (Sorry for the lame pun.)

Shop this Disney dress here: New York & Company

8.) Jasmine: A Dress from the 1,001 Nights

disney dress jasmine

A whole new world is waiting for you! Paired with the right shoes, this dreamy blue dress can belong to a tale of the Arabian Nights or at a Sunday brunch with friends.

The waist cutout and tasseled self-tie strap are what sell it for us. Why isn’t payday closer?

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7.) Ariel: A Disney Dress from the Depths of the Seas

disney dress ariel

With a fabric swift as a wave and light as a summer breeze, this dress is a gentle reminder of the sea. Its dusty blue color and flowy silhouette are perfect for a nautical look. Total steal.

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6.) Merida: Fearless and Passionate Above All

Merida-inspired grown-up Disney dress for adults

Seize the day one dress at a time. They said that simplicity was the ultimate sophistication, and we couldn’t agree more. Pair this dress with a denim jacket and All-Stars for a sporty chic look or a leather jacket and black heels for a rock star feel.

Oh, and the color? Hunter green. Perfect Merida dress.

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5.) Moana: A Dress That Will Float Your Boat

disney dress moana for women

For the free-spirited and boho souls out there, this dress will make you want to run through the fields.

Take the vibrant rusty red of this dress and add a pair of flat sandals to it, and you’ll be ready for an epic beach bonfire.

Shop this Disney dress here: Forever21

4.) Mulan: Getting Down to Business, With Class

disney dress mulan

Alright, we’re gonna cheat a little bit here. This isn’t technically a dress; however, this jumper is the most fashionable outfit we would like to wear to defeat the Huns… with elegance.

Wear it with high heels and pride.

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3.) Pocahontas: Light, Breezy and Fashionable

disney dress pocahontas for women

We’re here for the lace-up detail, bare-shoulders cut and ruffled hem. The soothing olive/pistachio color is perfect to anchor the slight bohemian feel of the dress.

With fall so nearby, go with a light knee-long coat and ankle boots combo, and get ready to see the likes on your Instagram rolling.

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2.) Snow White: Fair and Lovely

disney dress snow white for grownups

Now, if you want to have the perfect Disney princess look, nothing will top this taffeta woven skirt. Yes, it’s a skirt, not a dress, but it spoke to the child in us and we couldn’t keep it off the list.

For a Snow White look, match it with a blue top and a red headband. The birds might start singing when they see you.

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1.) Rapunzel: At the Top of Your Game

disney dresslike Rapunzel for women

Bodice embroidery? Check. Chiffon skirt? Check. Overflowing elegance? Check!

Rapunzel had a flowy dress that allowed her to jump and run, and though this one would probably let you do that, we would prefer to see it coupled with a pair of trendy heeled sandals.

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How about you? What’s your favorite Disney dress? Which Disney dress do you think fits this season? Let us know in the comments, and for more dress inspo, check out our summer dresses in the next article!