Things Youtubers Wished They Never Caught On Camera

People find some amazing things while out exploring the world. Now we can share in their creepy adventures as they video everything.

Victoria, Australia

In November 2018, YouTuber, Lukie Mc made a truly creepy discovery while exploring an abandoned wildlife park in Victoria, Australia. Traveling through the park in the dark they came upon what seemed to be a secret storage space that had been forced open.

A huge tank comes into view containing a 5 meter long great white shark preserved in formaldehyde. Maybe real life is weirder than fiction… or is it?

Brazilian Graveyard


In a supernatural setting, atop an unmarked tombstone in a Brazilian graveyard, YouTubers came across baby vampire doll complete with a bottle full of red liquid.

The dolls eye follow you where ever you turn and some scary suggestions were made about it but it turns out it was just the creation of a nearby sculptor. Which are creepier, caves, or graveyards?

Washington State


Popular YouTuber, Exploring With Josh, made a very creepy discovery in 2016 while exploring a cave in Washington state. The cave is the longest continuous lava tube in the continental United States. The cave became so narrow that they wanted to turn back, but something kept them pushing through the tiny cracks.

Frightened by the sound of distant crying their light illuminates a young girl who doesn’t know a word of English. We don’t know who was more frightened, the explorers or the poor girl.

Krabi, Thailand


The unknown creature spotted in Railay Bay in Krabi, Thailand made Kayaking YouTubers stop in their tracks. Some thought they were aliens while others were convinced they were a cave-dwelling species that had never been seen before.

Luckily it was neither. They were only costumed actors who were part of a staged performance by the local group. A weird performance and next is hopefully a weird prank. We can only hope.

Holiday River


Uploaded to YouTube was the case of the creepy cooler box. Mysteriously sealed with duct tape and floating down the river that they were relaxing next to. Unable to curb their curiosity one man drags it to shore.

When they opened it the man jumps back in fear. Lying there was a newborn baby, or so they thought. On closer inspection, it was just a seriously creepy doll. What lurks in era’s gone by though?

Great Britain


Abandoned war bunkers in Great Britain are all over YouTube. People find these abandoned bunkers a lot since they are of no use to anyone else anyone. But one unusually large bunker that was recently found still had running electricity and supplies from the war left lying about.

Lots of strange things are found in rivers, but none so grotesque as the next find.

Beaver Dam

Washington Post

When you go swimming in a river the last thing you think you are going to find, and perhaps the thing that would scare the daylights out of any swimmer would be to come across a severed leg.

Luckily as they got closer (why would you want to get closer?!) they realized it was actually a prosthetic leg, not a real human limb.



Another creepy upload from Exploring With Josh is the randomly abandoned plane. A 737 plane couldn’t conceivably land in such a small cleaning and even weirder was the fact that it seemed to be on display… But to who?

Well, to a very nice and accommodating older man that upon a revisit actually invites the YouTubers inside to have a look around. From invisible floors to a suit of armor, they really found the strangest house of them all.

Bohol In The Philippines


In the depths of Bohol in the Philippines, scuba drivers came across a sunken statue of Mother Mary. It looked like it was brand new and hadn’t deteriorated at all.

The reason behind it was this. The statue had actually been placed there to stop people dynamiting the reef, and so far it has worked.

The Unknown

Daily Motion

When out in the woods with your metal detector you expect to come across some strange objects, in fact, that’s what you are looking for. But a YouTube explorer came across a whole lot more.

He found a trap door, which he opened, but was too scared to go down and look around. So we may never know what strange things creeped him out so much.

The Sewers Beneath

Youtube / Top Extract

In a creepy video posted by YouTuber Timothé Elchebou, we watch a group of teenagers walking single file into an uncovered sewer tunnel. They continue walking, slowly making their way down into the deep cave-like passage. Suddenly, they come to a sharp turn and stop dead.

A creature rushes out around the corner, running right towards the boys who turn and run, screaming all the way to the exit. No one knows what could have possibly been lurking in the sewers beneath us.

Underground Station Mystery

Youtube / Top Extract

This one I found the most chilling, even more so because the person filming didn’t even see what happened until after he got home and watched the video the next day.

Uploaded on 2016 by YouTube Game Stars and recorded in the Walthamstow underground station in London, the camera pans along the corridor coming to rest on an empty space. A tile is lifted up from below and you can clearly see two eyes look out from the gaping tile in the floor for a few seconds before going back down below. Tell me whether those eyes look human because I beg to differ.

Ghostly Noise Heard In Mine

Youtube / Top Extract

In 2016, the Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places YouTube channel posted this very unsettling footage. A man, known only as Frank was exploring the abandoned Waldeck Mine in Wiluna, Western Australia when he managed to capture some very creepy sounds coming from deep inside the tunnels. What makes this such a creepy find is that it is so different from any other video he has posted before.

Not a guy into ‘shock and horror’, he leaves as soon as he gets scared. To be honest it did sound like something out of a horror movie. “I’ve heard some weird stuff in mines but that is definitely creepy. I don’t know what that is so, let’s get out of here!” he mutters as he turns tail.

Dragon Spotted In Cave

Youtube / Top Extract

In a video uploaded by YouTuber, Abraham Abraham, we can see a person exploring a dark, unknown cave. The explorer pans their flashlight over the ground and notices something strange. It looks like a hatched egg but what makes it so creepy is that its way too big to be anything known to mankind.

He picks the object and looks around just in time to see a creature dart out from behind a nearby rock. From the footage, it looks like a scaly beast with four horns atop its head.

Mysterious Underground Cinema

Youtube / Top Extract

In 2004, police discovered a mysterious cinema hidden deep within the catacombs, 60 feet beneath the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, France. The cinema, which included a restaurant and bar was discovered by local police while on a routine training exercise. The cinema included a full-sized screen, projection equipment and an extensive collection of films.

The police returned to the site three days later only to find that everything was gone except a note lying in the middle of the floor saying “Do not try to find us.” It was later discovered that the mysterious underground cinema was actually the work of the UX (Urban eXperiment). A secret organization that restores forgotten areas of Paris.

Pantheon, Paris

Youtube / Top Extract

In 2007, the group Urban eXperiment received more attention when they secretly restored the famous clock in the Pantheon located in the Latin quarter of Paris. Once they completed their work, they notified the administrator of the Pantheon who immediately called the police.

A police unit was formed to track the group through the catacombs of Paris and charges were eventually laid against the members responsible for restoring the clock. However, after 20 minutes of deliberation, the judge ruled in UX’s favor and the case was thrown out of court.

Giant Alligator

Youtube / Top Extract

In 2016, Florida resident Louis Camacho went to check the mail when he suddenly felt a strong vibration coming from beneath his feet. Thinking it was an earthquake, he stepped down to street level and heard a loud hissing sound coming from the drain.

Grabbing his camera, Camacho peered inside and was horrified to see an 8-foot alligator staring back at him. You can hear the beast hiss once again, warning Camacho to back away. Common enough in Florida, but not something I want to chance upon.

Sinister Clown In Sewer

Youtube / Top Extract

This creepy photo was captured on Google Street View. At first glance, there doesn’t appear to be anything out of the ordinary. That is until you notice the sinister-looking clown peering out of the sewer.

While it’s possible that this photo could just be a prank it would be extremely difficult to pull off. The clown would need to be waiting in the sewer for the Google Street View car to come by, hoping that the camera is perfectly positioned. What do you think? Prank or Pennywise?

Underground Encounter With A Monster

Youtube / Top Extract

In 2011, YouTuber, Shimmyjimhog claimed to have been hearing strange noises coming from the sewer near his home so he decided to grab a camera and investigate. He makes his way into the sewer when he suddenly hears a screeching sound coming from further inside. As he heads deeper, he is confronted by some sort of bizarre creature.

It looks thin and gaunt and the light reflects off its eyes making look as though they are glowing. Suddenly the monster lets out a cry. The boy runs for his life as the creature gives chase. The poster claimed that he ran home as fast as he could and barely managed to escape the beast.

Extraterrestrial Sphere


On March 26th, 1974, 21-year-old Terry Matthew Betz was examining the damage of a bush fire at his home in Fort George Island, Florida when he discovered a strange metallic sphere buried in the ground. Thinking that it was possibly a piece from a fallen satellite, Betz decided to take the mysterious metal ball home. A few weeks later, he was playing his guitar when the sphere began to vibrate.

The Betz family also discovered that if they pushed the ball, it would roll as though it had a mind of its own, often returning to its original position. They also claimed that when the ball was placed on a table it would roll right to the edge, stop, and then roll to the other side, almost as though it was trying to find a way back down to the ground safely.

Sewer Creature Spotted On Camera

Youtube / Top Extract

When this video first appeared in 2011, it immediately caused a stir. It was reported that the footage was captured during a routine sewer inspection by a UK water company. What they caught on tape is the stuff of nightmares.

As the camera moves forward, some sort of creature can be seen peering around the corner. The glare of the camera light reflects off the beast’s eyes making them appear to glow in the dark. The camera edges forwards again as the creature disappears behind the wall. A few seconds later, it reappears. Almost as though it is curiously inspecting the camera. The camera rolls forwards once again and the creature darts behind the wall. What has this water company captured lurking in the suburban sewers?