Manager Denies Service To Woman In Wheelchair, Regrets It When He Finds Out Who She Is



In utter silence, she listened to the man’s warning.

Her life in Kansas had never brought her something so outrageous.

It was a mistake for the man to think he would get away with banning a woman just because she was riding a mobility scooter. Despite being old, she bared her teeth.

A Love For Life


A 93-year-old woman who loved life, Mrs. Callaway was enthusiastic and youthful.

Having experienced so much in her life, she could be bothered by such insignificant things. The two most precious people in her life were her loving daughter and granddaughter.

No one could have predicted how much trouble they would have with the little habits they adopted.

In Good Shape


Despite her age, Mrs. Callaway was in relatively good shape.

Of course, she, from time to time, experienced muscle aches and creaking joints. That wouldn’t be nearly enough to stop her, however.

One problem remained, however. Despite her best efforts, she could not change the one thing that came with her advanced age.

The Issue


As a result of Rheumatoid arthritis, Mrs. Callaway’s condition was regressing far more rapidly than it should have.

Having been diagnosed in 2014, she was unable to walk independently only two short years later.

Her granddaughter, Amelia, enjoyed accompanying her on her trips throughout the city since she needed a mobility scooter for this reason.

Every Single Wednesday


Five years ago, Amelia started visiting her beloved grandma weekly.

Grandma always picked her up from kindergarten on Wednesdays, and they would travel around town together.

However, they had one thing in common, and they made it a ritualistic habit to do it every Wednesday without fail.

A Typical Day


Every Wednesday afternoon, it was their go-to activity.

From kindergarten, they would go to the local diner to share a portion of famous chicken nuggets.

It would be no different this time around. Mrs. Callaway believed that, at least. A huge surprise awaited her. The problem would be so large that she would not be able to let it slide.

Their Favorite Diner


As usual, the day began as it always would. After getting ready, Mrs. Callaway left for the kindergarten at 11 am to pick up Amelia.

They immediately set off for the local diner on her mobility scooter.

In their blissful ignorance, catastrophe lingered close behind.

Driving Through


When Mrs. Callaway turned into the drive-through, she didn’t realize she was being watched.

It wouldn’t take long for her to discover the truth, and once she did, nothing would ever be the same again.

It was a mistake to cross her boundaries. Their behavior would not be tolerated by Mrs. Callaway.

Nothing Out Of The Ordinary


Initially, it appeared that nothing was amiss. As usual, the special Wednesday went on smoothly and without a hitch.

However, beyond the obvious, things were quite different this particular day.

There was something about to happen that the poor old grandma never imagined would happen on this fateful day. What would be her response to this situation?

The Usual


She got out of the car and ordered two large nugget meals from the speaker by the side of the road.

Her granddaughter deserved a special treat, so she ordered more than she typically would.

Someone was trying to ruin her meal; if only she had known.

Making The Payment


After placing her order, Mrs. Callaway proceeded to the next window, where she paid for their meals.

She made a few jokes with the staff members as she always did and went on her way.

But there was someone lurking in the background, and if it wasn’t for her delightful mood, she might’ve realized that they weren’t too pleased with her appearance.

Waiting For The Food


Mrs. Callaway was having a fat chat with her granddaughter as they waited for their food to arrive.

But after a rather lengthy wait, Mrs. Callaway was starting to wonder about what was going on.

Why on earth was their food taking so long to come out? It usually took a few minutes, but the drivers behind them were already starting to complain about them blocking the way.

The Manager Approaches


Just as Mrs. Callaway was trying to get one of the staff members’ attention, she saw a man approaching her.

He had her order in his hand, but he didn’t look like any of the other people working in the restaurant.

Instead of wearing the signature t-shirt, he was wearing something more formal. He looked more like a businessman than a server.

A Stern Warning


The man introduced himself as the manager of the establishment, and he was delivering the food personally because he had something to say to the old woman who was using his drive-thru.

The manager told Mrs. Callaway that even though he allowed it this time, she was not allowed to use the drive-thru. And if she did, she would receive a lifetime ban.

She Couldn’t Believe It


Mrs. Callaway couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

She was so shocked that she actually asked the man to repeat himself, but he said exactly the same thing.

He told her that she could either walk into the restaurant or she didn’t have to come back. If only he knew who he was really dealing with.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.