Digital Nomad In The Making? How Volunteering Might Be The Boarding Pass To Your New Life!

By Youmn April 20, 2018 View all posts (74)

Does the idea of traveling while making an impact and with minimal expenses sound appealing? Then these digital nomad volunteering opportunities will keep you on your toes!

A few days ago, we posted for all the wanderlusters out there a practical five-step guide on how to become a DN, and today, we’re adding another to the list! If you caught the travel bug and can’t wait to build your online business to jump on a plane to Portugal or Morocco, then you seriously need to consider volunteering.

Think of it as an exchange of skills: there are many NGOs, coffee shops, hostels and families who need help completing some tasks, and that’s where you come in! In exchange for a bed, a meal and sometimes even a bit of compensation, you can become their jack-of-all-trades. From teaching kids English in a school to maintaining a garden for a family, the digital nomad volunteering opportunities are endless.

Furthermore, you will also feel good about yourself. Social work can be as – if not more – rewarding as a regular job. And you will also build a solid network in the community you will be in, and overcome that striking feeling of loneliness that comes with being a solo DN.

Thankfully, some organizations have taken it upon themselves to make it easier for digital nomads and changemakers to help and get help! To kick-start your impactful journey, start with these 5 websites!

5.) WWOOF 

digital nomad volunteering

If you check the bio labels on your food (kudos to you!), love nature and can handle some physical labor, then this organization might be perfect for you!

According to its bio, WWOOF is a “worldwide movement linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non-monetary exchange, thereby helping to build a sustainable, global community.” Neat!

WWOOFers (the name given to the volunteers) will experience hands-on farm life at one of the host farms registered in the website. They will learn about the organic movement and sustainable agriculture while spending about half a day helping out. Host farms provide room and board during each visit. No money is exchanged between the Hosts and the WWOOFers.

Each website is different in their registration process, and for WWOOF, you will need to visit the WWOOF organization of your country destination (or check WWOOF Independents if there is none in the area you’re targeting), sign up with them, search for your host and get in touch with them.

digital nomad volunteering

Website: WWOOF