Being a Digital Nomad in Bangkok: Your Guide To Living And Working in Thailand’s Capital

Every digital nomad in Bangkok knows what a roller coaster living in Thailand’s capital can be. Nonetheless, Bangkok’s digital nomad scene has exploded in the recent years.

The city, with its modern infrastructure, high-quality internet service, hundreds of cafes and hangout places to gather with friends and business partners, seems to offer everything a freelancer, remote worker or online entrepreneur could possibly need. But let’s take a closer look at it!

Thailand is certainly a country of incredible beauty with a fascinating culture and friendly people. All of this does not only make it a great vacation destination, but also puts in on the list of top digital nomad hotspots. The affordable living cost can help beginners and nomads on a budget make the transition to working independently or getting through rough patches.

becoming a Digital Nomad in Bangkok

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Digital Nomad in Bangkok – The Basics

💵 Cost of living: $1,385 / m

🏢 Coworking: $143 / m

☕ Coffee: $143 / m

📡 Internet: 29mbps

⛅ Weather average:  33°C / 92°F

Source: Nomad List Bangkok

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