Digital Nomad Guide Sydney: Live And Work Remotely Down Under

Being a Digital Nomad in Sydney is the perfect choice for every remote worker and digital entrepreneur. Digital Nomads need little more than a stable internet connection to make a living while traveling. Read our Digital Nomad Guide Sydney to see if your dream destination lays Down Under.

More and more people jump on the work-from-anywhere train and make the world their home: Digital Nomads need little more than a stable internet connection to make a living and more often than not use that luxury and move to dream destinations all around the globe. Could your next stop be Down Under? Read our Digital Nomad Guide Sydney to find out!

For some reason, Australia is still off the radar for many nomads. And that’s a big mistake in our eyes! To convince you that being a Digital Nomad in Sydney is the perfect choice for every remote worker and digital entrepreneur, read our comprehensive little guide!

Are you tired of famous, but overcrowded Digital Nomad destinations such as Bali and Thailand, but still tempted to move to the other side of the globe and to turn a new leaf? Then this is your chance!

Digital Nomad Guide Sydney Australia Work Remotely

After reading this article, it will not surprise you that people are coming to this country in pursuit of their dreams. But be aware: Not every nomad will be able to afford living here, so read the following article carefully!

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Digital Nomad Guide Sydney – The Basics

💵 Cost of living: $2,139 / m

🏢 Coworking: $306 / m

☕ Coffee: $2.98

📡 Internet: 25mbps

⛅ Weather:  15°C / 59°F

Source: Nomad List Sydney


Getting to Sydney Australia — Visa Arrangements

Digital Nomad Guide Sydney Australia Work Remotely

Australia has reciprocal working visa agreements with many different countries, allowing people to work in the country for up to a year – under the condition that the applicant is under 30 years of age. Some of the countries included are the UK, Japan, Norway and Hong Kong.

To see if you’re country is included, check the Australian immigration website. If you’re not eligible, you can always go with the regular 3-month tourist visa, which of course doesn’t allow you to work for local clients or take on a job in Australia.

Getting Creative with a High Cost of Living in Sydney

Australia, and especially Sydney are pricey destinations. However, it’s possible to live comfortably on $2000 per month, especially, when you’re planning to stay for longer and are renting a room in a shared flat.

Otherwise, expect to pay $20 per night for a dorm room and about $90 for a hotel room. Food is not cheap either and decent restaurant entrees cost on average $15, although a fast food meal can be found for $11. Even better: Cook your own meals and you’ll end up saving a lot of money!

Taking all of this into account the suggested daily budget is somewhere between $40 and $60.

Ready to commit? Find affordable places to live on Gumtree and Flatmate Finders.

Sydney’s Best Coworking Spaces for Digital Nomads

More and more digital nomads are choosing to work from a coworking space. And Sydney has plenty of options to pick from, depending on your needs and budget: Cost, location, work culture, and amenities. All these factors vary greatly.

I love to pop into a coworking space now and then, especially on days when I miss working with colleagues or just need to leave the house. Another reason why you’ll want to consider joining a coworking space in Australia: Coffee shops often close early, at 3pm – the time of the day that remote-workers with flexible schedules are sometimes just getting started with their work day.

💻 Best coworking space: Fishburners

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Getting on the Internet in Sydney

Digital Nomad Guide Sydney Australia Work Remotely

Australia is a big country that offers all the comforts of the modern world. But when it comes to the internet connection, the quality can vary greatly depending on your location. You’ll be alright in and around the big cities.

I’d recommend you to buy a phone plan to make sure you’re never running out of data. In bigger cities, you’ll find Wi-Fi hotspots everywhere. This comes in handy, especially since not every coffee shop has its own wifi – as I was surprised to find out.

Cultivating a Community of Sydney Digital Nomads

More than 4.1 million people in Australia are Digital Nomads. As a Sydney Digital Nomad you’ll never have to work alone, if you don’t want to. A large community of freelancers and digital entrepreneurs is made up of people working in IT, design, sales, marketing, and writing.

Being part of such a big community is not only good business-wise, but also great when it comes to the other aspects of the Digital Nomad lifestyle. Choosing the best coworking space or café and getting tips on setting up camp in a new town, will be much less of a hassle.

Digital Nomad Guide Sydney Australia Work Remotely

The Best To Do’s in Sydney

Where to start? There is a wide range of activities to do in and around Sydney to keep you busy and help you to get to know your new home a little better. You could head out to the reefs, spend the day at the beach, head out on a road trip through the outback — there’s so much to do in each of the neighborhoods of Sydney. Hop on the public transit and head off to a new neighborhood on your day off, you’ll find plenty to do.

An awesome day out in Sydney doesn’t have to require huge amounts of cash. Urbanlist has gathered ideas for 50 things to do in Sydney for under $50.

The Perfect Weather of Sydney Australia

Coming from Europe, the East Coast of North America and many other destinations, you’ll find that the weather in Sydney is great year around. Summers are hot but breezy, immediate relief is always close. The beach is no more than 30 minutes away should you be living in prime location such as Bondi Beach.

Winters are mild in comparison to what you might know from back home, but you should pack a sweater or two, a warm jacket and actual shoes. I wish someone had told me that, before I got on my flight from Bali to Sydney in the midst of the Australian winter.

Caution! Keep in mind that in the Southern hemisphere, seasons are reversed. Summer falls from December to February, while winter lasts from June to August. With exception of fall (March to May), rain is pretty minimal and only falls about eight days per month.

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