Digital Nomad Guide to Dahab, Egypt: The Sea Lover’s Hotspot!

Since Egypt’s 2011 revolution, tourism has declined dramatically, making it a very cheap destination to travel. If you’re a sea lover, it’s hard to skip by Dahab without wanting to stay forever. This is why it’s a hotspot for expats (particularly European).

Dahab, a small town on the southeast coast of the Sinai Peninsula, was formerly a Bedouin fishing village but is now well known as a diver’s paradise. It’s busy enough to warrant tourists, expats and a variety of restaurants but isn’t a place that feels crowded and overwhelmed by tourism. Ifyou’re a digital nomad, it has everything you need – cell phone reception, wifi, a good view and plenty of activities for your downtime. With year-round sunshine and a chilled vibe that is contagious and enticing, Dahab makes it all too easy to fit right in, and difficult to leave.

Co-working Locations

Co-working is slowly becoming more prevalent in Dahab, so, at the time of writing, there are only two places that are specifically dedicated to co-working.

  1. CoworkInn: A place dedicatedto bringing digital nomads together, CoworkInn has daily, weekly and monthly rates for use of the space, wifi, tea, coffee and drinking water. Accommodation rates are quite expensive, but if you have the funds for it, it does make traveling to work pretty damn easy. CoworkInn also holds various events such as movie nights and offers free Arabic lessons on Tuesday nights.
  2. Mojo co-work cafe: This cafe (pictured below) has recently been revamped under a new German co-owner and is open at 8 am and closes somewhere between 9 and 11 pm. Wifi is reliable and fast, there are power boards for charging your equipment and air-conditioning when the heat gets too much. Mojo doesn’t charge for using the space, though it is expected that you order food or drinks there – it is a cafe, after all. Drinking water is free, food is freshly made and delicious andthe coffee is probably the best you’ll find in Dahab.

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