‘Dexter’: C.S. Lee’s Top 5 Favorite Masuka Moments

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Since the show’s inception, C.S. Lee has served as the comic relief on “œDexter.”While others characters were dealing with dark passengers and catching bad guys, Lee’s sex-obsessed lab technician Vince Masuka was more likely to be laughing at his own NSFW jokes. As fans brace themselves for the last season of “œDexter,”Lee shares some of his favorite parts of working on the Showtime drama.
5 The Friends

The Miami Metro Homicide gang is friends in real life, too.

“œThe whole cast showed up at my wedding!”Lee said. “œI invited everyone in the third season and everyone showed!”

4 The Laughs

Masuka is known for his guttural, “œRevenge of the Nerds”-style laugh. It’s so popular that there are YouTube mashups of it. At the 2011 Comic-Con, a fan requested that Lee teach them how to do the laugh. He happily obliged.

“œIt was quite fun to hear 5,000 people do the Masuka laugh,”he said.

3 The Storylines

Masuka never had much of a dating life, but the perverted lab geek did get to have a hot intern for a while in season six.

“œBrea Grant was the blond actress that was on for part of the season and that was really fun to have her in the office because it was really jarring to Masuka,”Lee said.

2 The Gags

Fans love the scene in season seven where Dexter fantasizes of killing Masuka with a pen in a staff meeting.

“œHe has a fantasy of stabbing his pen into my neck and there’s one-second shot of me standing with blood on the side of my neck,”he said. “œI think we actually had more blood that we showed.”

1 The Dialogue

Masuka’s vulgar language is always useful for zingers. Lee is particularly proud of a line in season three where he told an adversary “œscience is one cold-hearted bitch with a 14-inch strap on.”

That was fun because I know the actor as well,”Lee said. “œAnd I sort of tweaked that line. I added the 14-inch. It was just to make it more specific and I think it made it funnier.”

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