What Are the Most Suitable Destination Wedding Dresses?

If you're a bride who has to have a romantic wedding on a tropical island beach or picturesque vineyard you need one of these destination wedding dresses.

What could be more romantic than getting married to your sweetheart somewhere on a tropical island, sandy beach or with a background of beautiful nature? Destination weddings are pretty popular today as more and more couples want to exchange vows in some unusual and beautiful places. You’ll want to have an interesting wedding dress to match; something that just screams, “Destination wedding dress.”

If you are one of the romantics mentioned above, then you will have to make a great number of decisions in order to make your wedding perfect. In order to make your life a bit easier, we’d like to share some ideas of destination wedding dresses. We think you’ll love the prices, too! So, let’s go.



Flowing Destination Wedding Dresses

Destination Wedding Dresses flowing


Price: $160

Light and flowing wedding dresses are ideal for beach and country ceremonies. Such gowns are very convenient and allow the bride to move freely. Also, light fabrics are the best option if you are getting married in late spring or summer when the temperature may be pretty high. Flowing dresses are a good option for a wedding on a tropical island as well.

Very often, flowing wedding dresses are made of chiffon or charmeuse as these materials beautifully flow and allow the skin to breathe. Also, A-line destination wedding dresses that come with tulle skirts look romantic and beautiful. The bodices with such gowns may be minimalist or could be adorned with lace or beading.

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Sheath Wedding Dresses

Destination Wedding Dresses sheath


Price: $144

Sheath wedding dresses are loved by many brides for their easy transportation. Such gowns don’t occupy much space and, sometimes, can be transported in a simple suitcase. Moreover, they are usually rather lightweight.

Sheath bridal gowns are available in a great number of designs. They can be rather simple; for example, you can wear a satin wedding dress with spaghetti straps. It can also be a lace wedding dress as well as a heavily beaded one. The combination of lace and satin, or any other fabric, is also a widespread option.

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Lace Wedding Dresses

Destination Wedding Dresses lace


Price: $280

Lace wedding dresses are always in trend. They add a romantic and feminine vibe to the bridal look and are suitable for almost every type of ceremony, including destination weddings. Moreover, you can find a beautiful lace wedding dress for any budget.

Lace bridal gowns look incredibly nice in sheath and mermaid silhouettes, which help to accentuate beautiful body curves. However, lace gowns in A-line silhouette or with a drop-waist are also very feminine. Moreover, A-line dresses are flattering for the majority of body types.

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Bohemian Wedding Dresses

Destination Wedding Dresses bohemian


Price: $180

Bohemian wedding dresses are one of the major trends in wedding fashion. What we like them for is the nice combination of simplicity and intricate details. Sheath, empire waist and A-line silhouettes are the most common choices among the fans of boho style thanks to their convenience.

Very often, bohemian gowns feature lace or beading. A boho dress may also have a bodice with intricate beading or embroidery. Moreover, these dresses often feature cute details. For instance, it can have a cape, flutter or bell sleeves, a ruffle, an open back or high slit.

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Short Wedding Dresses

Destination Wedding Dresses short wedding dress


Price: $90.99

In truth, many modern brides prefer to get married in short wedding dresses. Usually, such a choice is explained by a casual wedding format or a simple civil ceremony. However, short wedding gowns are also a great option for a destination wedding as they are convenient no matter what location you choose and, of course, they can be transported in a suitcase.

A short wedding dress can be different. Thus, knee-length dresses are the most popular choice as they suit almost all girls. Slim beauties may wear more revealing mini dresses. If you want to add a vintage vibe to your bridal look, pay attention to tea-length wedding dresses. Just like long wedding gowns, the short ones are available in various styles from flowing chiffon dresses to tight-fitting lace ones.

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High-Low Wedding Dresses

Destination Wedding Dresses high-low wedding dress


Price: $109.99

If you can’t decide whether you want to have a long or short destination wedding dress, consider the high-low style of wedding gowns. They are shorter in the front and longer in the back. Moreover, they may even feature a train.

Unfortunately, the selection of high-low wedding gowns isn’t so big. However, you always have an opportunity to order a custom dress or make alterations to a long one. These dresses look the best with flowing fabrics and A-line or empire waist silhouettes. You may also find some high-low sheath variants for sale.

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Casual Wedding Dresses

Destination Wedding Dresses casual


Price: $84

Many brides opt for a casual style for their destination wedding dresses. Such gowns can be put on without anyone’s help and are easily transported. A casual wedding dress can be long, short or of high-low length. The silhouettes may also be different.

Moreover, the color of the dress can be different. While the majority of brides opt for a white dress, there are more and more girls who seek alternative variants. For example, champagne, gold, nude and blush are all beautiful light colors. Pastel hues of blue, mint and peach look gorgeous.

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Two-Piece Wedding Dresses

Destination Wedding Dresses two piece


Price: $75

If you have a slim figure, you can consider the option of wearing a top and a skirt. Such an outfit is a wonderful alternative to a traditional bridal gown. Moreover, it looks sexy and is suitable for destination weddings, especially the ones at beaches or tropical islands.

Very often, such two-piece dresses feature a lace or beaded top and a simple skirt made of tulle, satin or chiffon. At the same time, the pieces can be made of the identical materials. For example, both top and skirt can be covered with lace.

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Illusion Wedding Dresses

Destination Wedding Dresses illusion dress


Price $149

Illusion wedding dresses are a great opportunity to make your bridal look intriguing and unusual. Usually, brides opt for illusion bodices, which are adorned with lace and create the illusion of a bare body. However, you can opt for a full illusion wedding dress, especially if you have a beach wedding ceremony.

While the gowns with illusion bodices come in all possible silhouettes, the full illusion ones are often of tight-fitting silhouettes. Thus, sheath and mermaid silhouettes are the best. However, illusion parts may also work well with A-line silhouettes.

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Now you are ready to start the preparation for your destination wedding. You can see that the choice of destination wedding dresses is pretty large and every girl can find the one, which will be perfect for her body and wedding location.