Debunking the Most Common Solar Energy System Myths That Exist Today


The solar industry is one of the fastest-growing businesses in all of the US. In less than 15 years since 2008, the amount of solar energy produced has increased by almost 300 times the amount.

But if you are considering installing a solar energy system in your home, and you have some doubts and worry about the downsides, we are here to help you sort the solar fact from solar fiction. 

Solar Energy System Myths

The technology may be spreading at a rapid pace, but for many homeowners, installing residential solar panels and building a more sustainable home is still a difficult concept to grasp. Especially when there are so many rumors about what solar can and can’t do:

The Price Is Too High

While it is true that there are additional fees to install solar panels and get your home set up, it is a much cheaper form of energy. Instead of spending money with your electricity company and the value fluctuating as they determine it, you can produce a large portion of your own energy needs.

In fact, there may be days where you produce more than you need and you can end up receiving credit from your energy provider.

Power Even in a Blackout

If you are just beginning your journey as a smart homeowner installing the latest technology, you may be interested in removing yourself from the grid.

If your power supply is independent from the main grid, you will be able to have power when the rest of the street doesn’t, but this will also depend on if you have power supply storage units installed to store any additional energy from your solar panels.

It’s Difficult to Install

Installation can be a relatively straightforward process depending on how your home is connected to the grid and the solar panels you purchase.

You should spend time researching both of these factors before attempting to install the units yourself. Alternatively, you can book professional solar with BRS and similar companies to remove any guesswork. Many installers have relationships with solar panel manufacturers and can get you the best deal.

Impact on the Resell Value of Your Home

OK, so this one is true… But it tends to increase the value of your property.

Installing solar panels takes an initial investment and when someone moves into a property where that has already been set up, the price tends to go up.

Solar Panels Will Damage Your Roof

On the contrary, correctly installed solar panels protect the areas of your roof they cover.

They prevent your roof from taking as much weather damage from the cold, heat, heavy rain or snow, and more.

Will You Make the Switch?

Installing a solar energy system can be a huge benefit in all of the ways above and much more. Send an inquiry to a local solar energy installer today and see how you could get your energy bill under control.

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