Dealership Staff Learn Costly Lesson When They Shortchange Delivery Guy


Being Cheap

They thought they could get away with it. They were being cheap to the delivery guy and to make it even worse, they were being rude about it too. They were acting as if he owed them something when it was really the other way around.

But little did they know that he had something in his pocket and this something would lead to their demise. They would regret not having noticed it sooner.

The Parties

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This all happened a few days ago in Massachusetts. There were two parties involved in what would turn into a story of humiliation and revenge.

One of the parties was the staff of F&R Auto Sales, a car dealership in the city, the other was Jarrid Tansey, a delivery worker for a pizza restaurant called Palace Pizza. Neither of them knew that they would get involved in a dispute that would go viral on the internet.

Providing For His Family

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Jarrid Tansey had always been a hardworking man, he worked late hours at his second job and it was all in an effort to provide for his little family. Delivering pizza wasn’t as easy as it seemed, but it helped pay the bills.

In his time as a delivery driver, he had learned how to deal with difficult customers, but he had never experienced anything like this before. That night, the people at the store were on a power trip, and he was their target

Second Job


Most people would have given up if they were placed in Jarrid’s position, but he wasn’t prepared to do that. His wife had just given birth to their first child and he had to provide for them on his own until she was able to go back to work.

If he didn’t have a second job, his family would go hungry. He wasn’t going to let that happen. He always thought about what his father had taught him.

Make Ends Meet

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His father had taught him that nothing good in life ever came for free. That was why, when his daughter was born, he was happy to take a second job to make ends meet.

He knew that he had to expect the long hours, but he had never expected to get bullied and belittled by a group of customers. So how did this happen?

Open Conflict

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Jarrid had been forced to deal with difficult customers before, but they were tame compared to the people at the car dealership. The situation escalated so fast that it concluded in open conflict; and it wasn’t pretty to see.

But, what the staff at the dealership didn’t know was that they would regret messing him Jarrid. They assumed he was just another harmless pizza delivery driver.

Usual Evening

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It was a usual evening at work when Jarrid received a call from his manager, he informed him that a local car dealership had ordered pizzas and drinks and that Jarrid had to deliver their order.

Packing the order onto his motorcycle, Jarrid raced through jam-packed traffic and even took a shortcut to get there. He was hoping that if he got there sooner than expected, they would give him a good tip.

Making The Delivery


He finally stopped in front of F&R Auto Sales in Westport, Massachusetts, and got the pizzas from the storage container, carefully placing the receipt on top of the boxes.

The order cost $43 in total. He made his way into the reception area and handed them to a man who had been waiting there for him. Jarrid had no idea that this would be unlike any other delivery he would ever make.

$50 Bill

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The man dismissively handed Jarrid a $50 bill and took the food and drinks from him, not saying a word.

Jarrid thought that it would be okay for him to thank the man and go on his way. But he had no idea that this story was far from over. The employees at F&R Auto Sales weren’t done with Jarrid.

Getting Back

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When Jarrid returned to Palace Pizza, he thought he would never hear from the people at F&R Auto Sales again, or at least not for the rest of that night.

But he was wrong. Just after he got back, his manager called for him and wanted to speak to him. Someone had called from the car dealership, and they had some complaints.

They Wanted The $7

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Apparently, the spare $7 wasn’t meant to be a tip. So they were demanding that Jarrid drive back to the car dealership and give them that change back.

Jarrid was appalled by this. Were they really being that petty about $7? Were they really so cheap that they weren’t willing to tip at all? But there was not much else he could do about it. At least for now.

He Went Back

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So he got on his bike and drove back to the car dealership; of course, with the $7 that they were demanding back. He still had a hard time believing that he had to get through all this.

Little did he know that things were about to get worse. But fortunately for him, in the end, he would be the one to get the last laugh.



Despite Jarrid’s protests, his manager ordered him to get back on his bike and return the $7. The customer was always right, he argued, and Jarrid had better make sure that he returned the stolen cash. (Valium)

And he didn’t care if Jarrid had to use his own gas to make the trip. Jarrid, fearing for his job, complied. But what was waiting for him at the dealership wouldn’t be worth all the money in the world.


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Jarrid arrived at the car dealership with the $7 in question. The whole staff was waiting for him, and Jarrid felt threatened. But still, he felt like he had to say something.

He gave them back to one of the workers and then voiced his frustration. And that would be the cause that led to a heated dispute.


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“It just doesn’t make sense why you’d hand me a bill that you were just gonna have me drive back here to give you back anyway,” he complained. “I’m not mad; I just had to waste my resources coming back here.”

“So listen,” said one member of the staff. “The manager apologized once to you. Do you want him to apologize again?” That was rude. But it didn’t end there.

A Situation Unfolding


Suddenly, a woman appeared out of nowhere. She began to get aggressive with Jarrid. Emboldened by their coworker’s move, the other people in the office began to swear at him, too.

What was wrong with these people? He hadn’t stolen their money! Jarrid thought carefully about how best to defuse the situation. He took a deep breath before saying what was on his mind.

Stating His Case


By now, Jarrid was seeing red. “Look, I didn’t steal your money!” He yelled. “I gave your $7 back. The world is better now,” he sniped. Big mistake.

Obviously, he was feeling annoyed and insulted, he thought that maybe, if he tried to reason with these people, they’d understand. Unfortunately, some people can’t be reasoned with.

Taunts And Threats


The rude woman paused for a few seconds. What he’d said had only enraged her further. She looked at her coworkers — as if trying to score points with them. Then, she looked Jarrid straight in the eyes and made a threat.

She screamed at him to get “Out the door, before I put my foot in your a**.” All the staff laughed.


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Jarrid felt like he wanted the earth to open and swallow him whole. Now was the time to leave. But he wasn’t fast enough.

He turned to leave, but then the director yelled: “Get the owner and the manager on the phone. I want him done. I want him fired!” Little did they know that the delivery man wasn’t done with them. He had something in his pocket.

It Was All Recorded

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He had been hiding his phone in his back pocket for the whole conversation, and he recorded it all on audio. When he arrived back at the pizza parlor, he showed his manager what had happened.

His manager had received a call from the car dealership, and he was considering disciplining Jarrid. But when he listened to the recorded conversation, he changed his mind. Still, things wouldn’t end there.

Someone Called Him

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He soon received a call. It was someone who was there at the car dealership when the disagreement took place. But he wasn’t a member of the staff in the strict sense.

He was a contractor that handled the computer services of that particular dealership. And he had something in his hands that he thought might be interesting for Jarrid.



He had video footage of the whole incident. He was in charge of the security cameras of the car dealership, but he wasn’t an employee there; so he immediately took sides with Jarrid.

Jarrid added his recorded audio to the video that the man had sent him and shared it on the Internet. And soon enough, it went viral, and he started getting thousands of messages.



The interaction between Jarrid and the employees at the car dealership was all caught on camera. The video clearly showed the “big shots” at the dealership bullying the pizza delivery guy.

And it wasn’t long before the footage was leaked to millions of internet users. The video quickly went viral and, in a surprise turn of events, netizens didn’t like what they were seeing.



Everyone who saw the video couldn’t understand how someone could be so petty and mean-spirited about a $7 tip. Netizens were outraged!

They quickly rallied together and identified the car dealership Then, they set out to get sweet justice. They took to Yelp and other review sites, but their quest for revenge didn’t end there.

Netizens Step Up

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A former waitress named Amanda Marie Rogers was especially appalled by the video and upset by how the pizza delivery man had been treated.

She now had a mission: “For them to call him back over the money he should’ve received anyway. I decided to take it one step further,” she told CNN. Then, she called Pizza Palace and got Jarrid’s name.


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Amanda set up a GoFundMe account for Jarrid, and posted the video on the page. “I believe Jarrid should be rewarded for dealing with such crappy people. Please watch the video and donate,” she wrote.

“Even if it is $1, it will make up (maybe a little) for him having to deal with idiots like this.” Meanwhile, Jarrid had no idea that his GoFundMe account was even live.



Tens of thousands of donations began to pour in — in $7 increments. People felt so strongly about what Jarrid had gone through that they wanted to make sure he never had to deliver pizza to those bullies again. And it wasn’t long before the GoFundMe page had accumulated over $36,000 for Jarrid and his family!

But that wasn’t all the internet did for him.

On His Side

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“This is because of how awesome you were and handled yourself so well dealing with such cruel people,” wrote Carol Wentz along with her donation. “I am outraged by the cruelty demonstrated by employees of a business who rely on commissions to pay their bills,” wrote another.

People were not taking kindly to the way the employees at the car dealership treated Jarrid. But F&R Auto Sales was also about to receive a healthy dose of karma.

The People Have Spoken


The car dealership’s website received hundreds of bad reviews from strangers who felt for Jarrid. It didn’t take long for their website to reach 0/5 stars!

The threatening comments got so bad that the manager called the police. Now, the manager of the dealership was forced to address the behavior of his employees. F&R Auto Sales issued a public apology, and the woman who had harassed Jarrid was promptly fired.

Completely Unexpected

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Jarrid, who had no idea that the internet was rallying behind him, burst into tears when he found out about how much money had been raised for him.

He plans to set the money aside to pay off his mortgage and open a college fund for his daughter. Let that be a lesson for anyone who bullies and belittles anyone in the service industry!