Daytime Staples: the Top 5 Shows to Watch when You Call in Sick

By TK Kelly February 27, 2013 View all posts (145)
Daytime TV gets a bad wrap, but there’s more to it than just cheesy soap operas and reruns of Law and Order you’ve already seen thirty times. So what do you watch when you’re stuck inside for the day? These are the top five shows to watch when you call in sick.

5 Judge Anything

When all else fails, you can always find a daytime court show playing on some channel at all times. Whether it’s Judge Judy, Joe Brown, Mathis or repeats of old Judge Wapner’s People’s Court, you’re sure to be at least briefly entertained by the mother who’s suing her son for using her basement to shoot a porno or the man who’s suing his ex-wife for pawning his entire Bee Gees vinyl collection for fifty bucks. In fact, it’s high time some more court shows were added to the daytime slate. Why not give a show to Judge Reinhold? Or even the fictional movie character, Judge Dredd? There’s just no such thing as too much small claims court TV.

4 Family Feud

In each of its incarnations, Family Feud has always been a fun show. Any time you get to see family members fighting among themselves over whether more of the 100 people surveyed were scared of “snakes” or “death” as children, it’s going to be a good time. And now, just as icing on the awesome cake, the show is hosted by comedian Steve Harvey, a man who can’t seem to hide it when he thinks a contestant’s answer is completely idiotic. It makes for great TV. Just check out the clip of the “Best Answer Steve’s ever heard”

3 Dr. Phil

If you’re a fan of a high quality mustache or a flawlessly delivered insult veiled as helpful advice, then you’ll want to tune in to see the one and only Dr. Phil. Like your straight-shooting Uncle after he’s had a few highballs, Dr. Phil always tells it like it is, whether his guests want to hear it or not. Plus his show covers a wide range of interesting topics, such as “It’s me or the pet,” “Siblings at War,” and the slightly higher stakes of “Got away with murder or falsely accused?” So yeah, they deal with it all.

2 Maury

While it may not be the most intellectually inspired programming, Maury is still a “can’t miss” daytime show. After all, what could make you forget about your tummy ache faster than watching a man dance all over a talk show set, overtaken by unbridled joy after getting the news that he is “not the father”? At some point in the late nineties, what was The Maury Povich Show became just Maury, and was rededicated roughly four times a week to conducting DNA tests to establish the paternity of children whose lovely mothers were less-than sure of what the results might say. That’s just fun TV.

1 The Price Is Right

Sure, it may not be exactly the same since America’s favorite grandpa, Bob Barker, left his role as the show’s host, but don’t kid yourself, Drew Carey does a great job and this is still the go-to show when you’re home sick in bed. You get to sleep in until late morning, then you flip on CBS and watch people lose their damn minds when they’re called as “the next contestant on The Price Is Right!” Then they bid on a dinette set, and hopefully get the chance to play one of the show’s iconic games like “Cliff Hangers” or God willing, “Plinko.” Plus, there is no moment in daytime television more intense than the “Showcase Showdown.”

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