Daycare Worker Never Misses Work, Then Owner Tells Her To Follow Him Outside

Running Late Again

Work isn’t a place that tends to give a lot of chances when you run late almost every day.

When confronted about her tardiness she told the owner that he must hire someone new that wouldn’t be late. His response left her in tears.

Difficult Times

Solis loved her job working at Kids’ Kollege Learning Center in Texas. She was a passionate cook that had fallen on difficult times. A recent diagnosis at the hospital left her reeling.

She knew she would have to tell her boss that she was fighting a dread disease.

Other Ideas For Her

Alex, the owner and Solis’s boss, believes that when someone is loyal and hard-working that they should be rewarded. He loves his business and respects his employees.

So when Solis said he should find someone new he had other ideas.

Good News And Bad

Solis underwent treatment and she finally walked away with a clean bill of health. She had beaten cancer, but she was still clocking in late to work nearly every day.

That’s when Alex knew he’d had to have the talk with her.

A Strange Reaction

On the phone, Alex told her “It’s really important to not be late to work as it is our responsibility to be to work on time” which caused Solis to burst into a flood of tears.

Why did simply being told that she must be on time have such an effect on her though, Alex could never know.

Her Conundrum

Until she told him everything. Solis did not have a car, in fact, she carpooled with her mother every day but that would soon be coming to an end.

Her mother had moved out of state and it was any guess how Solis would get to work now.

The Ruse Begins

Setting up a camera crew in a ruse to fool Solis, Alex began to record. He stood outside his business and explained why he had to do what he was doing.

“Why I’m doing this is I’ve been blessed in my life.” He believes in paying it forward.

Employee Of The Year

Alex tricked Solis into thinking they were filming a commercial for the daycare. It began with him asking why Kids Kollege was the best! Solis didn’t hesitate.

She was proud to tell the world that she loved her job. Then, he took her out to see her new gift.

No More Excuses

Alex jokingly told her she had no more excuses for being late as he pointed to her new car. He reminded her that she had told him to go ahead and hire someone else — someone who would be able to reliably get to work.

He wasn’t interested in doing that. Instead, he wanted to look out for his own.

Pay It Forward

“It is not every day that we can do something like this for other people, but right now that I am able to, why not do it for someone that cares for you and takes good care of your business?

It’s because we love her, and she has inspired my life to never give up and always work hard.”

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