Grandma Sleeps With New Dog Every Night Until Daughter Checks Cameras


She Couldn’t Believe It

Gloria stared at the screen as a wave of mixed emotions passed through her. At that point, she didn’t know what to think or believe.

When she adopted the puppy, the staff warned her about it. And now she finally understood why they did what they did. Was her mother in danger? Was the puppy a threat?

How It All Began


It all started a couple of months prior to the incident. Even though she had suffered a tragedy, the children thought she would be okay.

But they were gravely mistaken. Nancy wasn’t doing well on her own at all. And if they didn’t do something about it, things would take a turn for the worse.

After The Kids Left


The reason the kids thought she would be fine was because she never had these kinds of problems. After her only child, Gloria, left the house, she was still incredibly happy.

She had retired with pride and made the best of each day she was given. But sadly, that joy only lasted a few years. And that was where the problems began.

They Were Happy


Nancy and her husband Heinz were happy. Even though they were getting old and gray, they still had each other, and that was all that mattered.

If only the children knew how deep that statement truly went. The only reason Nancy was so happy and willing to move forward was because of her husband. But what did that mean?

Enjoying Retirement


Nancy and Heinz had a blast after they retired. They traveled the world, attended Gloria’s wedding. And they were preparing to welcome their first grandchild.

Even though they were already in their sixties, they made the best out of their lives and retirement. But that changed when tragedy struck a few years after the wedding.

Tragedy Struck


There was a terrible accident. Heinz’s vehicle swerved off the road one rainy night. And even though the doctors tried their best, there was nothing they could do.

The damage was too severe, and in the end, Heinz lost his life. That was when things started going downhill, and it was happening incredibly fast. Nancy just couldn’t handle it.

She Started To Spiral


At first, Gloria thought her mother was fine. They were speaking every day, and they saw each other every weekend. But after about two weeks, she realized just how wrong she was.

She could see her mother deteriorating. Nancy was spiraling out of control. And the loneliness was really starting to get to her. It was the first time in forty years that she was all on her own.

What Could They Do?


After seeing what had become of her mother, Gloria sat down with her husband, Tim. They spent the next few hours discussing what they could do to help Nancy out of the rut she was in.

They considered putting her in a home so she could have people around her. But neither of them was actually comfortable with the idea. What else was left, though?

Thinking It Through


Over the next few days, the couple kept thinking and talking about it. If they had no other option, they would consider a home. But they had to try every other alternative first.

They knew where the problem began. Nancy was lonely. So what could they do to stop the loneliness? Would they let her move in with them?

A Brilliant Suggestion


Gloria mentioned the idea to Nancy, but she was completely against it. She didn’t want to leave her home. She didn’t want to leave the only link she still had to her husband.

Upon hearing that, Tim came up with a brilliant idea. What if they got Nancy a pet? That way, she could stay where she was and have the company she needed.

Looking Into The Options


Gloria was delighted by the solution. It was so simple yet so perfect. She couldn’t believe they didn’t think of it before.

That very night, the couple started looking into the options that were available to them. But their decision was a bit difficult since neither of them had ever owned a dog before. What would they get Nancy?

Nothing Too Dangerous


As they were going through the list of available breeds, they realized that they would have to put a lot of thinking into this.

They didn’t want to get something that was dangerous and could pose a threat to Nancy. If only they knew that anything could be dangerous when the conditions called for it.

Nothing Too Timid


Another thing they needed to take into consideration was that some dogs were far too timid. And even though Gloria didn’t mind that at all, Tim had a valid point.

If the dog were too timid, it would offer no protection in a time of serious need. And that was yet another thing they had to take into consideration.

A Perfect Balance


They needed a dog that acted as a companion to Nancy. But at the same time, they needed it to be able to protect her if it had to come to that.

What they didn’t know was that the dog they would end up choosing would come with problems they never took into consideration because it was something that no one ever experienced before.

Offering Protection


In Tim’s mind, the biggest concern was the protection aspect. Nancy didn’t live in a dangerous neighborhood, but he knew that bad things could happen at any given time or place.

He wanted his mother-in-law to get out of the rut she was in, but he also wanted her to be safe and sound. That was one of the main reasons he suggested that she move in with them.

Being A Companion


Gloria, on the other hand, didn’t want to get anything too big because whether there was love involved or not, the dog could become a threat to the frail old woman.

However, she did want her mom to be safe. So the two of them decided to meet in the middle and get a dog that could do both. But they never expected things to go as far as they did.

A Few Good Breeds


Having their minds made up, the couple sat down and researched breeds that met their requirements.

What they found was that there were a few breeds that made it to the top of their list. But there was one that stood out above the rest. This breed was well known, so it settled their minds in many ways.

Their Choice


The couple decided to go with a German Shepard. It was a hearty breed that had tons of love and affection to give. But at the same time, it also acted as a great guard dog.

In a perfect world, it was everything Nancy needed. But they weren’t living in a perfect world. And just like with humans, each dog is an individual.

Visiting The Shelters


With their minds made up, the couple started scouring the local animal shelters with the hope that one of them would have the dog they were looking for.

The first few attempts were total failures. But when they got to the last shelter on their list, they found that they were in luck. The shelter had just received a German Shepard, and it was a puppy.

One Stood Out


Even though that was everything the couple wanted, the shelter staff were reluctant to show it to them. They took them around the shelter first, hoping one of the other dogs would convince them to change their minds.

But as soon as they saw the little puppy, their minds were set. They wanted her, and there was nothing the shelter could do to stop them from taking her.

Tiny Tammy


The puppy’s name was Tammy, and she had been dropped off just that morning. But she was no stranger to that particular shelter.

Even though she was only 15 weeks old, she had come and gone multiple times. But why was that? She seemed innocent and sweet enough. Why didn’t anyone want her? Was there something everyone missed?

Fair Warning


In a final attempt to dissuade the couple, the shelter staff gave them a warning about the pup. They told them that she had never stayed at a home for more than a week and that she was rather eccentric.

But the couple didn’t understand what that meant. She was just a puppy. Surely she couldn’t be that much trouble. If only they knew what they were signing up for.

The Pup No One Wanted


There was a reason why no one wanted the puppy. But the shelter staff couldn’t tell the couple why that was because they simply didn’t know.

Every person who had ever returned her gave a vague, illogical reason for the return. So the truth was never actually uncovered. This pup and her antics would remain a mystery. Or so they thought.

Giving Her A Chance


The couple wasn’t too worried, though. Tim was a firm believer when it came to training dogs, and he knew every trick in the book. Even stubborn dogs would bend to his needs eventually.

And Gloria wanted to give the sweet little pup a chance. She wanted to prove that the big-eyed little fur ball wasn’t as bad as everyone thought she was.

Everything Seemed Fine


So they scooped the little pup up, put her in a tiny box, and headed to Nancy’s house. Nancy was delighted when she saw what they had brought her, and it seemed like everything was going to return to normal.

Gloria and Tim visited every weekend so the dog could get trained. And from what they saw, everything was fine. But that was just the beginning.

Checking In


A couple of weeks down the line, Gloria decided to check in on her mom and the new pup. She stopped over for some tea, and what she saw left her utterly confused.

The puppy was playing in the backyard, and Nancy was shaking. Has something happened? Has the dog revealed its true colors? There was only one way to find out.

A Startling Confession


After some prying, Nancy eventually opened up. She told Gloria that the pup had been sleeping in her bed every night. But that night, something strange happened.

Nancy woke up to the feeling of something cold and wet in her hand. She leaped out of bed as the sensation startled her. What was it that she felt?

What Was It?


Nancy didn’t know what it was. When she woke up, she was in such a state of panic that she didn’t want to check. She was honestly afraid of what she would see.

Since then, she hadn’t managed to fall back asleep or to go back up to her bedroom. Shocked, Gloria pushed out of her seat and made her way upstairs.

She Didn’t Know


Gloria searched the entire room, but there was nothing there. All she could see was that there was, in fact, a wet patch on the bed.

She had no idea what caused it or what happened to the thing after Nancy woke up. But she was determined to find out what was going on and to ensure her mother’s safety.

Deciding To Act


With that thought in mind, Gloria called one of her friends who worked in IT. Within an hour, they were in the house, installing security cameras.

One way or another, she’d get to the bottom of this. But was she ready for what she would uncover? Was she ready to learn why the tiny pup had been returned to the shelter so many times?

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.